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Mounjaro Weight Loss Updates and New 2024 Tirezepatide Info

Sharing everything from Mounjaro weight loss updates to Tirezepatide tips, news and info to help keep you in the know.

This post on Mounjaro for weight loss was written before the new Eli Lilly approval passed for Zepbound. All information in regards to Mounjaro is applicable tirzepatide weight loss information for those using Zepbound or a compound.

We are so excited to see this community grow and more want to learn about the benefits, tips, and information to achieve a healthy lifestyle using tirzepatide.

Mounjaro for Weight Loss

Since the FDA approval of tirzepatide in the summer 2022, the popularity of Mounjaro as both a type 2 diabetes and weight loss treatment has taken the United States by storm.

mounjaro for weight loss
mounjaro for weight loss

In November 2023, Eli Lilly received FDA approval for weight loss. Mounjaro is now specifically the brand name that Lilly uses for diabetes management. Zepbound is the brand name for tirzepatide obesity treatment.

As noted, Zepbound and Mounjaro are the same (tirzepatide) so general information applies to both.

This is not medical advice. You will need to speak directly with your doctor for specific information related to you. This information provide should be used for educational purposes only.

Our contributor will be talking about her journey with Mounjaro for weight loss. With this, comes questions and we are here to help you answer whatever we can from what has been learned from our community and personal experience.

Fighting Obesity as a Medical Condition

With the medical community now awakening to obesity being a disease, more and more prescription treatments are coming available. Many who have had trouble losing weight, even while watching carbs and macros like on a keto diet – have found difficulty in losing weight.

fighting obesity with mounjaro
tirzepatide obesity treatment

The latest Mounjaro has created quite a buzz due to the weight-loss success of so many in the clinical trials. Treating obesity as a disease and finding ways to create a long-term healthy lifestyle is exciting for so many of us that have struggled with this.

How Does Mounjaro Work for Weight Loss?

Let’s talk about how Mounjaro works for weight loss.

  • Mounjaro helps the body release insulin when blood sugar is high.
  • It helps the body remove excess sugar from the blood.
  • Reduces how much food is eaten.
  • It helps stop the liver from making and releasing too much sugar.
  • Mounjaro slows down how quickly food leaves the stomach. This lessens over time.

While our main focus on Keto Dirty has been providing keto recipes and tips to help with a low carb or dirty keto diet, we want are always open minded to other options with the end goal being a healthy lifestyle.

how does mounjaro work for weight loss
how does mounjaro work for weight loss?

Each of us is built differently meaning that our bodies do not react in uniform. Add-on lifestyle and many other factors, rather than being absolute to a healthy lifestyle approach – we want to be able to provide different stories and ideas allowing each of us to find different things that could work for our individual selves.

Mounjaro Updates

Our contributor Avery writes about her Mounjaro weight loss journey with updates and information that she has learned from our community.

We are talking all things Mounjaro for weight loss including personal updates with how many pounds loss, tips and tricks, the latest Tirezepatide news, what side effects you may experience, the dosage amounts and more.

Common Mounjaro Questions

Here are the answers to the questions that you ask and that we have the answers for. Want to leave us a question? Drop a comment and we will do our best to answer.

What is the Mounjaro prescribing information?

You can find the Mounjaro prescribing information on the Lilly website. Mounjaro is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. That said, it can be used off-label but it currently only FDA approved from type 2 diabetes.

Do I need to have type 2 diabetes to use this?

While currently, the FDA approval is for type 2 diabetes. Talk to your doctor to determine if off-label use would work for you.

Is Mounjaro available outside the United States?

Yes, currently Mounjaro is available in Canada with a valid prescription and in Europe. Mounjaro is currently not available in Mexico.

Is constipation normal?

Unfortunately, constipation is a frequent side effect of Mounjaro (and of the keto diet as well!) One thing that can help is sugar free candy. Do NOT over-do it. While a piece or two can potentially help the constipation side effect, over use of sugar alcohol is not pretty.

What is the most common side effect?

The biggest side effect so far has been headaches. This was only on the first day after the injection (around 12 hours after) and lasted until I took Advil and drank a liquid IV. I did have to take another dose of Advil later in the day but the headache was gone after day one.

mounjaro side effects
mounjaro side effects

The Mounjaro side effects or lack of that a person experience will vary. Each of us is different and will have a different reaction. Here is a list of the most common:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach pain

In studies, most nausea, vomiting and diarrhea events occurred while the dose of Mounjaro was being increased. These events decreased over time.

Here is the complete list of Mounjaro side effects listed on the manufacture Lily’s website.

Does Mounjaro have to be refrigerated?

Your prescription will arrive refrigerated and for storing, you will want to keep in fridge while storing for the month. If you are traveling or don’t have refrigeration for your pens, fret not.

mounjaro pen refrigeration
mounjaro pen refrigeration

According to Lily – you can store your pens in the refrigerator between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C). •. You may store your Pen at room temperature up to 86°F (30°C) for up to 21 days.

So in other words, just make sure that you do not leave a pen out for longer than 21 days. Also make sure that the pen is left out at room temperature when not in the refrigerator.

Make sure to stay tuned to our latest web story: Mounjaro News, where we keep you up to date with the latest information and updates on Tirezepatide.

We hope some of your Tirzepatide questions were answered in our Mounjaro FAQ. Leave us a comment and we will be happy to help answer your questions (not medical).

This information is for educational use only. Any medical advice should be discussed specifically between you and your medical professional. Information provided here is not

We are excited to expand our keto content to include other solutions our community is using to achieve optimal health. While we understand that this may not be for everyone, we do know that people are seeking information about obesity as a disease and solutions, such as Wegovy, Ozempic / Semaglutide and Mounjaro / Tirezepatide / Zepbound.

Please direct any questions in regards to personal use with your doctor and any questions in regards to coupons, etc should be discussed with your pharmacy or with the pharmaceutical customer service.

Mounjaro for Weight Loss is an ongoing series about obesity on Keto Dirty