Funny KETO Memes – Ketogenic Diet Jokes, Puns and LOLS

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Laughter helps. These funny KETO memes will give you the chuckle you need to get thru the day and complete another day of this lifestyle.

With the KETO diet, comes a lot of humor if you just look for it.


Think about all the pains that we go thru that when you look back on are actually quite funny. I don’t know if you suffer from these symptoms since doing the KETO diet, but several of these are things that I constantly deal with. And if I haven’t had to deal with, someone I know has!

  • Hangry
  • Ketosis
  • Must tell the WORLD about the KETO diet
  • Constipation
  • Eye rolls to the haters
  • Alcohol after KETO
  • Low carb eating
  • Bacon LOVE with no bacon leftovers, ever
  • Trying to not judge those not on KETO

And the list of things to laugh at is endless. Check out these funny KETO quotes. We’ve collected OVER 90 funny KETO memes that you totally will relate to.

Funny KETO Memes

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Non-keto dieters will just never understand.

Say no to the bread and yes to the cheese and pepperoni. It may seem wasteful but it works. 

Dont do it! Or better yet, just eat the toppings.

Don’t worry, we still drink our coffee when doing Keto dirty!

Dont take away my coffee!

Oh that KETO FLU

The keto flu is real, but we can help you overcome it.


Don’t even think about cheating on Keto. Just do dirty keto with us!

If you cheat on KETO, I will find you and give you KETO flu.

Yes, you really can lose weight by eating fat. 


Lose weight by eating fat? Challenge accepted.

Only lost a pound? A pound is a pound is a pound!

What a pound of fat looks like


What is the keto diet? We can explain! 

The “KETO” diet is AMAZING. Keep following us here at KETO dirty for all the deets.



Carb Memes

When you want some carbs but just have to say no. Here we give you carb memes. 

When you are trying so hard to say no to carbs.

Look at all the carbs you no longer eat!

Look at the carbs, I no longer eat!

Remember yall, carbs are the devil.

Carbs are the devil.

And like the devil, carbs are everywhere!

Carbs, Carbs EVERYWHERE.

You don’t want to make Ryan Gosslin mad, right?

When you eat sugar and carbs, Ryan is sad.

Leo has quite the temper when he has zero carbs!


Zero carbs expect the occasional tantrum.


When you want carbs, but know you can’t handle the carbs!

You can’t handle the CARBS! Check out all of our KETO Memes!

Low carb on girls’ lunches and GNO can be so hard! Be a good friend if your friend is dieting!

When your BFF knows you are KETO but offers carbs anyways. BOO – don’t be a bad friend.

Of course, Buddy the Elf loves his carbs.

I just like carbs, carbs are my favorite

Skip the carbs, stick with the good fats!


Why didn’t you tell me… That I should be eating fats instead of carbs.


Yes, the floor is carbs! (If you have kids that play THE FLOOR IS LAVA, you will totally get this carb meme!)

The floor is carbs! This funny KETO meme just kills me! Hilariousness!

Ketosis Memes

Oh the beloved, KETOSIS! Make sure to read our Ketosis FAQ – we are answering all the questions! In the meant time, get a good LOL over these funny Ketosis memes. 

Just in case you were wondering what being in Ketosis feels like. It’s like finding a bear with a machine gun, riding on a shark. 

When someone asks what it’s like to be in ketosis, this basically sums it up.

Who here remember’s Peewee’s Playhouse SECRET WORD?

Pee Wee Herman says – you said today’s secret word! KETOSIS

Do you have a minute to talk about Ketosis? 

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about ketosis?


Anyone else not poop when on ketosis? The constipation is real, yall.

I’m not always in ketosis but when I am, I never poop.

When I’m in ketosis, i’m like…. 


Brownies, is it? Huh. fPastry cubes made of sugar and fat? No, thank you. I’ll stay with my jerky.


More Keto Diet Memes

Make sure that you are clicking thru to each of the pages. We have over 90 funny KETO memes! From quotes to puns, we hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

They be eating rice while on a low carb diet. But that’s none of my business.


Don’t miss our Bacon Memes!


Chips and salsa are my total weakness on Keto. 

You never realize how little self control you actually have until chips and salsa are in front of you at the mexican restaurant.

Sugar is in everything! Watch the ingredients, especially when eating out. 


If we could quit hiding sugar in literally everything that’d be great.

Once you find ketones…


Cheers, you’ve finally tried ketones.. there’s no going back, now.


The ketogenic diet is all the rage, because it works!

Ketogenic diet is SO HOT right now (because it totally works.)

Gotta love these Keto before and after photos. 


Barney the dinosaur on the Keto diet.


We do dirty keto here at Keto Dirty. Watch out for the Keto Police. They are awful. You do you, boo!

Oh lord, we can’t stand the KETO police!


Do you track your macros for everythign? 

I track macros for everything, but the air I breathe. So I guess you could say things are pretty serious (this is a graphic from Napoleon Dynamite.)


Research, ask questions and get started!

When you are just starting KETO with zero research.

There are always the haters. 


Nope. Stop the hating!


Ladies, the boobs will most likely go – but there is a fix to this. 


When you start to lose weight and your boobs are like I VOLUNTEER.

This is so true, alcohol tolerance goes does so watch out when you are drinking.


When on KETO it takes you only 2 drinks to get hammered. (sometimes 1, sometimes less – be careful when you do drink alcohol again!)

Grumpy moods can happen.


I’m not always this cold and grumpy – i am just on a KETO diet (he must not be in ketosis!)

This sugar meme cracks me up!

You can’t have high blood sugar if you don’t eat any sugar.

Are you intermittent fasting? This is a great way to kick start your diet. 


Dear sweet baby Jesus, help me with this intemittent fast.

Oh and another thing. NEVER go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. 

I heard that you are going to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. I also like to live dangerously. Make sure to check out our KETO grocery list PDF!

Eating fat can be healthy. Again, ignore the haters. 


Face you make when people say that it is not healthy to eat fat.

.Do you know who ate low carb before it was cool? 

Ate low-carb diets before they were cool.

Try, try and try again until it becomes habit.



Look at the carbs, I no longer eat!It can becoming addicting – enjoy the results. 

When you realize that this KETO recipe is as addicting as the real thing. (Graphic from Angry Birds)

If you need fat on Keto – add avocados. Avocados are the good kind of fat. 

When people say they are not getting enough fat on KETO – eat avocados.

You can try to hide from bread, but bread will still appear on the scale. 

I’m not cheating on KETO, when bread doesn’t know it’s you.

Diarrhea Memes

Anyone who has eaten too much of the low carb candy or sugar-free candy will know OH to well the diarrhea aspect. These diarrhea memes are perfect for sharing with your keto friends who get it!


Make sure that you are somewhere within running distance from the potty!



More Funny Low Carb Memes

Check back, as we will be adding more, so if you happen to have a favorite low carb graphic, drop it onto our Facebook page to give us permission to share it!


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