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Sola Keto Bread – Your New Favorite Low Carb Bread

Introducing Sola Keto Bread, your new favorite keto bread (its a low carb bread too!)!

The most common complaint we hear when it comes to doing the Keto diet is “we miss bread!” We hear and feel you on that sentiment so are on the search to find the best keto breads available, of course they will be low carb breads too.

Sola Bread Keto Friendly and Low Carb

Today we are reviewing Sola Bread. This keto friendly low carb bread option is our new favorite.

Let’s dig in to our Sola bread keto review to find out why we love this as a white bread alternative, where to purchase and what type of macros and net carbs you can expect when eating it.

sola bread keto low carb
sola bread keto friendly and low carb store bought bread

Yes, when you are on any form of keto diet, low carb diet, Atkins or the such – one of the biggest sticky points is giving up the beloved food of many, bread. What if I told you that you don’t have to.

I recently found and fell in love with a keto bread that’s yes, a low carb bread too. It was love at first taste and you guys, it doesn’t involve a complicated keto bread recipe or anything like that.

Buy At Your Grocery Store

Good news, folks. If you are looking for a keto bread that you can buy at the store – I have your answer for you. This bread company has nailed the taste of white bread (and is giving us other keto bread types such as keto hot dog buns and keto hamburger buns!)

best keto bread sola
best keto bread sola

YES, the best part is no special ordering needs to happen for this low carb bread to get in your belly. The Sola bread can be purchased at the GROCERY STORE.

You heard that right, deliciousness and keto recipes of plenty with this new found keto food. Let me introduce you to your new love and show you where you can find Sola bread near you!

Sola Bread Review

Sola Bread, how do I love thee – let me count the ways, or more like – let me give you the reasons why you may just want to go ahead and add this to your shopping cart now for your next grocery order pickup.

sola low carb bread
sola low carb bread

Here is my quick and easy Sola bread review before I dive into a plethora of details about this keto bread. Quick and easy things that you need to know:

  • This low carb bread doesn’t have a weird texture.
  • Sola bread has a slightly sweet taste, but no funky grainess that many other keto breads that I have tried.
  • It only has 2 net carbs. Yes, 2. The exception is the Sweet Oat (3 net carbs), keto hamburger buns (6 net carbs) and keto hot dog buns (6 net carbs).
  • You need protein, you say? How about 5g of protein!
  • And did I mention Sola keto bread is available at grocery stores? Yep. It’s also available for purchase online. (keep reading!)

Don’t miss our keto toast recipe. We will let you guess which keto bread we used.

TikTok Keto Bread

Are you following us over on Keto Tiktok? Here is our TikTok of the Sola Keto Bread.

Perfect for Keto Sandwiches

Finding a low carb bread for sandwiches is a game changer. The recipes and uses are endless for Sola bread! This makes a great low carb white bread alternative

keto sandwich bread
sola bread keto friendly white bread alternative

We already have several recipes in the works, so stay tuned. Your low carb meal plan is about to explode with new ideas!

Great Texture & Taste

Is bread texture just something that bugs me? All of these years eating white bread – and when I decided to focus on my health, cutting the white bread – I had an issue with bread textures.

Good news! The Sola bread has an awesome texture. No weirdness, unlike other low carb breads that I have tried.

And taste! DELISH. I actually had my husband try a keto sandwich recipe that I had made but maybe didn’t actually tell him that it was low carb. He loved it. I asked about the bread, he said “what about the bread?” That’s a WIN!

Freezing Sola Bread

If you purchase online, you will notice it comes frozen. While not 100% – but pretty certain this is the way (like many breads, keto breads and the norm) are shipped to grocery stores.

If you want to extend the life of your loaf, yes, you can freeze it nd use as needed.

How Long is Frozen Bread Good For?

Did you know that frozen bread has a shelf life of 6 months? Super helpful if you want to purchase in bulk or if you buy more than 1 loaf at a time.

Variety of Keto Options

So while I have only tried the Sola bread (I have been eating the sweet and buttery low carb bread for at least one meal every day this week!) – there’s more!

sola keto bread types
sola keto bread types

Sola bread has several types of keto breads available that I can’t wait to try:

  • Golden Wheat (2G Net Carbs) – Buy Online
  • Sweet & Buttery Bread (2G Net Carbs) – Buy Online
  • Sweet Oat Bread (3G Net Carbs) – Buy Online
  • Deliciously Seeded Sola Bread (2G Net Carbs)
  • Keto Hamburger Buns (6G Net Carbs) – Buy Online
  • Keto Hot Dog Buns (6G Net Carbs) – Buy Online

If you are unable to purchase these in your local grocery store, these are several options available on Amazon or of course, Sola Bread’s website

Sola Bread Ingredients

What are the special Sola Bread ingredients that make this bread keto friendly and good to use while low carb dieting?

sola bread ingredients
sola bread ingredients

Let’s dive into the Sola Bread Ingredients to give you the dirt (but no, dirt is not one of the ingredients.)

  • Water
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Modified Wheat Starch
  • Olive Pomace Oil
  • Wheat Protein Isolate
  • Arrowroot Flour
  • Defatted Soy Flour
  • Yeast, Erythritol
  • Inulin
  • Sunflower Kernels
  • Oat Fiber
  • Organic Flax Seed Meal
  • Salt
  • Distilled Monoglycerides
  • Preservatives (Calcium Propionate, Sorbic Acid)
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Wheat Flour, Enzymes
  • Stevia Leaf Extract

According to manufactuer’s website the ingredients now include Olive Pomace Oil which is a healthier alternative to others that help keeps the low carb bread moist and with a soft texture.

We have shed 10 ingredients from our original formula and a highly requested change from our community was to switch our oils.

Oil is used in low-carb bread to create a more moist, and soft texture. This is why Sola bread tends to be softer, and a less dense low-carb option than others because it’s higher in the ingredient list, unlike our competitors.

The oil we have switched over to is Olive Pomace Oil which is a healthier alternative and is well regarded in the food industry.

No Sugar Bread Slice Size

Wondering how big the Sola no sugar bread slices are? We took a photo!

no sugar sola bread vs white bread slice size
Sola Bread vs White Bread

As you can see, the slices are about 60% smaller than a normal white bread slice. But don’t let the size fool you. I too was thinking, yikes – is it really worth it?

The answer is YES. Honestly, with the amount of protein – combined with the yummy taste, you won’t miss the extra 40% of white bread.

Where to Buy

We hear you, this sounds like a great bread option and super a keto bread available at a store.

sola bread near me
find out where to buy sola bread near me

The real question is, “Where to buy Sola Bread near me?” Which I GET and good news, we have answers!

Sola Bread Costco Pack

You can find Sola Bread Costco packs of 2 for around $7! Yes, you read that right. This delicious Sola Keto Bread that last quite a long time in a pack of 2 for under $4 a loaf.

sola bread costco
sola bread costco

Keto Bread at Walmart

Yes, we hear you! You are looking for the best keto bread Walmart options and Sola Bread is your answer.

If you are like me, you are stubborn and don’t like asking for help. Here is the keto bread location at Walmart for Sola Bread.

sola bread walmart keto bread
sola bread walmart keto bread

This differs from Walmart to Walmart so if all else fails, yes – ask. First, check the bread aisle. Look for the red Sola bag, it does stand out on the shelf!

If you fail finding the keto bread walmart aisle, check the freezer section! We have heard from some of you that you have found Sola in the freezer next to the frozen breads.

Answer Your Sola Bread Questions

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Sola bread.

How much sugar?

All Sola bread types features ZERO grams of sugar. That’s right, a no sugar bread! Sola uses a mixture of low-carb sweeteners such as erythritol and stevia leaf extract to help create the fluffy texture.

Is Sola Bread good?

YES, if you are looking for a great keto bread this is a great alternative to other carby bread options.

Where can I buy it?

So who sells Sola Bread? Here is where you can find our new favorite no sugar bread: Amazon, Walmart, Costco (I purchased 2 loaves for around $6), Kroger, HEB, Harris Teeter, Meijer and more. Use the store locator to find a store that sells Sola Bread near you.

Why is Sola Bread frozen?

If you purchase from an online retailer, chances are your bread will arrive cold or frozen. It is made fresh and then frozen for transporting to it’s final destinations, whether that be your house or a grocery store.

It typically defrosts during transit. Just freeze after receiving and take out as much low carb bread you need, as needed. Make sure you read above about how to freeze Sola bread to extend the usage.

When does Sola Bread expire?

If you purchase your Sola bread in a grocery store, chances are there is an expiration tag. You can freeze your bread to extend the expiration date by 6 months.

If you purchase your bread online, it will not come stamped with an expiration date. Sola’s rule of thumb for bread expiration is two weeks in regular temperatures, and they highly suggest to freeze as soon as received.

I hope this Sola Bread review answers all of your questions and more about this awesome keto food find!

We are looking forward to sharing more recipes to help you expand your low carb meal plan (download our free weekly meal planner) that include this delicious bread! Stay tuned!

  • Add our Keto Chicken Salad to a slice of Sola Bread for an amazing low carb lunch!
  • Butter and toast Sola Bread and eat with our Keto Chicken Soup – perfect cold weather food (or under the weather food!)

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Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Love love love the golden wheat, have been eating it for about a month for my avocado toast. Its AMAZING!

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