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Chaffle Memes – Because This Craze is Ridiculous

You guys, this chaffle craze is pretty funny. I have seen so many things from our Keto community laughing at this craziness, but then again praising the CHAFFLE!

We have come up with and curated some of our favorite laughs. If you follow us around here, you should know that we don’t take like too serious. We like to laugh (see our keto memes and bacon memes) and we see this as another opportunity to lol!

Chaffle Memes

We hope that you enjoy these funny chaffle memes as much as we do. Make sure to share with your friends.

Free Chaffles

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Chaffle Memes - Because This Craze is Ridiculous 1

Don’t fall for it!

See the Clown

Even IT loves them. 

Chaffle Memes - Because This Craze is Ridiculous 2

Forest Explains

forest gump chaffle meme keto

Yes, Forest – there are so many CHAFFLES!

It’s a Match!

You have been matched!

tinder match keto chaffle memes

Bigger Waffle Maker

bigger waffle maker

If the Dash Mini Waffle Maker is too small – check out our chaffle makers!

No Waffles!

Chaffle NOT WAFFLE. Get your crap together, Robin!

batman chaffle meme

Drake Knows

drake chaffle meme

Don’t be fooled. Drake knows what is up. 

More Chaffle Memes!

And more chaffle memes and keto funny!

The Chaffles Are Coming

brace yourself chaffles are coming - chaffle memes

Sorry dude, the chaffles arrived and I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon!

All the Time

Chaffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No judgement here. 

i dont know about chaffles and afraid to ask - keto meme about chaffles

Lisa Simpson Explains

chaffles how to make a keto dieter happy meme

How to make a keto dieter happy, by Lisa Simpson.

They’re HOT!

chaffles so hot right now


I Don’t Know

i dont know about chaffles and afraid to ask

Don’t be afraid to ask, or just check out our chaffles resource!

Every body Do The Chaffle!

lets do the chaffle meme

Not quite what we were thinking, but it works!

Shut Up!

My husband is too nice to say this, but not too nice to think this. 

sponge bob chaffle memes
chaffle memes – just found out what chaffles were!

Oh, That’s What They Are

When you find out what a chaffle is.

sponge bob chaffle memes

The Face You Make

Don’t judge. 

the face you make when you eat your first chaffle meme

So now that we have laughed, back to business. What is your favorite way to chaffle?

We Love Chaffles

There are so many ways to make chaffles that we have a whole collection of chaffles and everything you want to know about them!

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