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About Keto Dirty

Keto Dirty is a keto blog focused on helping you maintain low carb lifestyle. We share keto recipes, helpful tips, keto meal ideas and more. Why the name Keto Dirty? Because we do keto, dirty. You may have heard of the dirty keto diet or the lazy keto diet – well, you can just lump us into that category if you must lump us! Here you won’t be shamed for drinking that Coke Zero. If you use artificial sweeteners, that’s totally fine!

There will always be those to Keto police, but not here. We focus on the long term. Rather than a quick way to lose weight, the ketogenic diet has so many more benefits! It’s beyond the scale, it’s a life – and if that’s something you want to pursue – you’ve come to the right place!

funny graphic with man at the door asking about ketosis

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about ketosis?

Behind the Blog

Behind the blog. I’m an avid keto dieter and have enjoyed all the benefits keto has to offer – from weight loss to mind clarity!  If you are looking for a fitness fanatic or health guru – sorry friends, wrong website! I am pretty crazy about the keto diet.

In addition to low carbing, I am big on self-acceptance and overall just finding a way to be healthy and happy.  But here is the deal. I never created this keto blog to be about me, I created it to be about you and to help your journey. 

While I may create the keto recipes that you see on here, share keto fast foods and other random low carbness – this is all about you! 

Speaking of you, do you have a keto story that you would like to share? How have you benefited from the ketogenic diet? Maybe you had a keto baby? I would love to talk to you for an upcoming project!

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