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Pickle Memes and Puns – 20+ Funny Images That Are a Big Dill

Funny Pickle memes about one of our favorite keto snacks.

Who knew there was so many things about the beloved low carb snack, the pickle. Sure enough – there are funny memes about pickles and we are totally here for it.

Funny Pickle Memes and Puns

Continuing on our series of keto memes, we are onto sharing funny pickle memes and pickle puns.

oh man this is a good pickle time to get another pickle
funny pickle meme

Interesting Facts about Pickles

In addition to sharing the funny, we thought we’d share some fascinating Pickle facts about one of our favorite keto snacks.

dill pickle pun
dill pickle pun

Pickles are a Vegetable

If you are wondering “are pickles a vegetable?” YES! They are, because pickles come from cucumbers. Have you seen our list of keto vegetables?

pickles are cucumbers meme
pickles are cucumbers meme

How are Pickles Made?

Sorry kids, I am not here to tell you how babies are made but I can tell you how pickles are made! Pickles are just a pickled cucumber.

dilly of a pickle meme
dilly of a pickle meme ned flanders

Mind blowing, I know. So basically we are talking spices, vinegar and cucumbers to make a pickle. Here is an informative pickle video showing you the entire process from start to finish in what it takes to make a jar of pickles.

eat all the pickles meme
eat all the pickles meme

It ain’t pickles, but they are yolky – don’t miss our funny egg memes!

Pickles in a Bag

Did you know you can buy pickles in a bag? This has become one of our favorite goto keto movie snacks.

keep calm eat pickles meme
keep calm eat pickles meme

You Forgot the Pickles

We didn’t forget the pickles, nor did we forget the pickle memes.

what the dill pickle, is everything kosher pickle meme
kosher pickle meme

Drinking Pickle Juice

If you think drinking pickle juice is weird, well it kind of is but also it’s kind of addicting.

Pickle juice is actually really good for you. It is filled with electrolytes and is one of our top suggestions when dealing with the keto flu.

pickle are disgusting pickle juice meme
pickle juice meme

Pickle juice, in addition to help you stay hydrated, can help with muscle cramps.

i drink pickle juice and i like it
drink pickle juice meme

Another popular use of pickle juice is brining. Since it’s basically flavored vinegar, pickle juice works awesome as a brine for chicken or beef. Great for brining before putting your meat on the grill.

the pickle jar will be mine
pickle jar meme

Average American Eats 8.5 Lbs of Pickles

Even though, chances are if you are looking for pickle memes that you love pickles – that some people hate them. Even with that, us pickle lovers are consuming quite a bit of pickles. According to the Department of Agriculture, the average American eats 8.5 lbs of pickles a years. That just feels like a LOT of pickles.

Then again, I do love my Costco pickles (my favorite pickles are the Grillo pickles – found in the refrigerated aisle.)

i love you too pickle
pickle love

November 14th is National Pickle Day

Yes, the pickle has a national holiday and National Pickle Day is November 14.

pickle meme funny - everyone gets a pickle
pickle meme funny

“In a Pickle”

Did you know that “in a pickle” was first introduced by Shakespeare in his play, The Tempest? he quotes read, “How cam’st thou in this pickle?” and “I have been in such a pickle.”

pickle meme this is a pickle
pickle meme

Kool-aid Pickles

Did you know that some people make sweet pickles by soaking dill pickles in a strong kool-aid. These kool-aid pickles are very popular in parts of Mississippi.

pickle pun dill with it
pickle pun dill with it

Pickling Cucumbers

Did you know that pickling cucumbers not only improves the cucumbers flavor, it can also make them more nutritious and easier to digest? During the fermentation process, bacteria produce vitamins as they digest vegetable matter.

pun pickle meme im kind of a big dill
pun pickle meme

There you have it. Interesting pickle facts, and of course funny pickle memes and pickle puns. Feel free to share the memes about Pickles. If you, please link back to this post and tag us on social.

Happy pickling! Did you see our cheese memes? They are quite cheesy.

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