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Looking for the best KETO snacks? Look no further, we have you KETO food list of the best low carb yumminess right here.

Best KETO Friendly Snacks

We are keto snacks to buy. 

Keto Diet Snacks - Best Low Carb Treats

Your hungry, on the verge of HANGRY – WE GET IT. We FEEL you. The rumbling tummy saying FEED ME in between meals is real. Let’s look at some yummy low carb foods that you can eat in between meals. Here are the keto diet snacks we are snacking on when we are hungry.

Moon Cheese

My new favorite store bought keto snacks are these – Moon Cheese! If you are looking for a great alternative to chips, Moon Cheese are your answers.

Moon Cheese - Keto Snack

While my favorite is cheddar Moon Cheese, they do offer their 100% cheese chips in various flavors. These are perfect when paired with our Keto ham roll up!

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The key to making bacon your ketogenic snack is making sure that you have bacon cooked!

perferct bacon strips

I cook up a package of thick cut bacon every week and keep it in the fridge. By having the bacon pre-cooked, it’s easy to grab for snacking.

Whisps cheese keto chips

When I first discovered Whisps cheese KETO chips, I may have eaten a bag in one day.

whisp low carb keto snack

Hey, I am just keeping it real – these KETO chips are really good and make an awesome low carb snack. We have a few keto recipes that we we Whisps before – so stay tuned for some Whisps recipes!

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Meat & Cheese Rolls

Meat and cheese rolls are delicious and they will give you substance – you know, two things you want when you want a keto snack and you want it now!

meat cheese rolls

These meat and cheese rolls are easy to make, but you can also buy them! If you are looking for keto snacks to buy for ease – I buy our’s at Costco in bulk.


So I had never been a fan of cucumbers – but wanna know why? I had never tried them.


Seriously, it took me 30-something years to try this vegetable and I’m so glad I did. I buy mini-cucumbers and either salt and eat plain – OR cucumbers are awesome to use as chips! Cream cheese and chives? Sour cream, cheese & garlic? Cucumbers provide a quick solutions for keto snacking success.

We’ve created a resources guide for Keto Vegetables. Make sure to check it out to learn all about how many carbs, calories, macros and more your favorite vegetables contain.


Cheese is what KETO is made of. We keep a variety of cheese in the fridge as it’s a super easy KETO snack on the go.

cheese keto snack

If you are short on time, buy cheese cubes. Cheese slices work well as well. Buy a variety of cheeses to keep things new and so it doesn’t feel like you are eating the same thing over and over.


I’ll admit, I am not a fan of olives – but I hear from so many of you that olives are where it’s at for KETO snacking.


My husband, who also is not an olive fan – did have a revelation. He tried cheese stuffed olives (which are totally KETO-friendly) and loved them.

Click Here to Purchase Cheese Stuffed Olives

Beef Jerky

Keep a bag of beef jerky in your car. When I first started the KETO diet a few years ago, I made sure that my car had a bag of jerky.

beef jerky

It makes it totally easy to handy to have KETO friendly snacks handy to help curve hunger in between meals.  Make sure the beef jerky has minimal sugar (preferably zero!)

Click Here to Purchase Zero Sugar Beef Jerky

Hard Boiled Eggs

If you are a fan of hard boiled eggs – make a dozen for the week and keep these in your fridge.

hard boiled eggs

Not a fan of making hard boiled eggs? Try making these in the Instant Pot – or better yet buy hard boiled eggs at the store. I know Costco sells these in bulk! 

Pork Rinds

I have a love/hate relationship with pork rinds. Pork rinds make awesome KETO chips but we are being real here, right?

pork rinds

I tend to burn out quickly when eating pork rinds plain. We do have several pork rind recipes that we will be sharing soon, stay tuned!

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A good dill pickle can change you from hangry to happy.

pickles keto snack

Whether it’s pickle chips, whole pickles or pickle spears – we are fans.  Another thing with pickles, pickle juice helps replenish electrolytes – which is awesome if you are experience KETO flu.

Green Peppers

Cut up a few green peppers and put them in a baggie. Now place in the fridge.

green peppers low carb snack food

Green peppers makes a great vehicle for dipping. Also, now that you have green peppers cut up – throw them in dinner as a meal ingredient.


Avocados are another KETO friendly food that work awesome as a snack.

KETO Snacks For On The Go - Low Carb Munchies 1

Bring an avocado to work and a baggie of lemon pepper and salt and maybe a little red pepper. Place pieces of the avocado into the baggie and shake. Now you have a delicious avocado snack!


Nuts make a great protein KETO snack.

what nuts to eat on keto

What Nuts Can I Eat On Keto?

Pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are all great options when looking for a KETO nut that is friendly to the ketogenic diet. There are other nuts that can be eaten on KETO – but these feature the lowest carb amount.


Another quick and easy KETO snack you can buy is a bag of pepperonis.


The biggest problem in our house with buying pepperonis, is that we can never buy enough. Our kids get a hold of them and well, that’s it for the pepperonis. So if you are using this meat as a snack and have pepperoni-stealing kids – make sure you hide your pepperonis!



Make a huge batch of these and use in meals and for snacks!

keto meat balls

Check out our KETO Meatballs recipe – we even show you how to freeze and reheat these for meal and snack prep!

Primal Thin Crackers

Do you miss eating crackers? Good news, here are keto crackers – perfect for the low carb diet (and cheese, hello CHEESE!)

keto crackers

Primal thin crackers are KETO friendly crackers that taste amazing and again, another great snack idea! Now your KETO cheese tray can be complete with low carb crackers and all!

Click here to purchase Primal Thin Crackers

Tuna Fish Pouches

Quick and easy meat on the go, tuna fish pouches! Grab a few of these next time you are at the store.

tuna fish keto snack

Also suggest keeping a few packets of mayonaise and perhaps a pickle to eat with this. Make you own DIY KETO tuna fish salad!

Click here to purchase Tuna Fish Pouches

Sweet KETO Diet Snacks

Okay, we totally get it. While KETO is no sugar – and while you might not crave sugar all the time – every now and again you WANT SOMETHING SWEET. We have rounded up our favorite KETO sweet snacks.

You should really check out our Low Carb Candy post. We share our favorite sugar-free finds. But here are a few more sweet Keto diet snack ideas: 

Sweet Keto Snacks No Sugar Low Carb Treats

Sugar Alcohol Warning

Something to remember. If you are eating a sweet snack that has sugar alcohol, do NOT binge! Sugar alcohol has known side effects including bloating and gas. You have been warned – one serving on the sugar alcohol sweet low carb snacks! Read those labels!

Lily’s Dark Chocolate

Lily’s is a fan favorite in regards to best KETO chocolate bars!

lilys chocolate

Click here to purchase Lily’s Chocolate Bars

Hershey’s Sugar Free Dark Chocolate candy

sugar free hersheys chocolate

Can you go wrong with Hershey’s? Remember, moderation!

Click here to purchase Hersheys Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Share Your Favorite Keto Snacks

There you have it, those are some of our favorite keto snacks. We want to hear from you! Tell us what you are snacking on while living that low carb life!


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