Do You Have These Keto Flu Symptoms? You May Have the Keto Flu!

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If you have recently started the Keto diet and have these Keto flu symptoms, you may have the Keto flu! Let’s dig in and see what these are and what you need to know. 

What is the Keto Flu?

The Keto flu is something a large portion of new Keto dieters go thru in the first few weeks of doing the diet.  We also call this Ketosis flu or K-flu. The Keto flu symptoms vary per person.  Let’s look at what the symptoms are, what it actually is, how to prevent it and what to do to get rid of it if you do get it! 

how to get over the keto flu

Keto Flu is Not Influenza

Why is is called the Keto flu, because it can feel like a flu – and it being flu season, you don’t want to take chances but do know that if you are experiencing these Keto flu symptoms in the first few weeks of dieting, there is a strong possibility that you just have the Keto flu and not the regular flu.

While we are sharing what we know from personal experience – this is not to be taken as medical advice! If you feel ill, go to the doctor! 

Don’t worry – it’s okay, we have GOOD NEWS. There are things you are can do to get over and recover from the Keto flu that we will go into, which is much better than going thru the standard influenza, flu! Plus, K-flu is not transmittable – so in other words, you aren’t contagious. 

What are the Keto Flu Symptoms

Remember that every person is different but here are the typical Keto flu symptoms

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Body Aches
  • Emotional
  • Upset Stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargic
  • Hard to Focus
  • Weak
  • Irritable
  • Drowsy
  • Nausea
  • Mental Fog
  • Tired

keto flu symptoms

Notice, fever is not listed. if you are having influenza symptoms – do get checked for that! I would hate for someone to mistaken K-flu for influenza! These two things are NOT the same!

Sugar Withdrawl Symptoms

Ketosis flu is a symptom of sugar withdrawl. The symptoms listed above are also related with the sugar withdrawl symptoms. 

How Do You Get Ketosis Flu? 

Ketosis flu happens as your body adjusts to the lack of sugar and carbohydrates and not getting what it needs. Your body freaks out – this reaction is it’s way of signaling to you that it needs something. That something, while it may feel like it needs carbs (Keto Rage is a thing!) – what it needs is electrolytes. 

The K-flu is the symptoms of “withdrawing” from carbs that you body goes through when it switches from burning glucose to flat. 

Let’s talk about how to get rid of the Keto flu. 

What is the Cure for Ketosis Flu? 

While every person is different, we have researched and talked to numerous Keto dieters to find out how they got over the k-flu. We are also sharing what we have personally done to get over it. So is this Keto flu cure for everyone? Probably not. You need to try a variety of things to figure out what will work best for your body.

Here are different things to try if you start experiencing any Keto flu symptoms:


Up your water intake – hydration is KEY when on the Keto diet! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water (yes, water – diet soda does not count towards your water intake count.)


Your body needs sodium when you are going thru the k-flu so electrolytes are critical. 

No Calorie Sport Drinks

Powerade Zero and Gatorade zero are both good sugar-free sport drinks that contain electrolytes.

mio electrolytes lemon lime water enhancer for keto flu symptoms

Another great option is MiO Sports with electrolytes. This can be carried in your purse and added to water easily!

Pickle Juice for Keto Flu

An easy thing to add to your nightly routine is to drink pickle juice. YES, pickle juice.

pickle juice gallon amazon - ketosis flu symptoms

This yummy (to sum) juice is full of nutrients. Pickle juice is full of dietary sodium which make it a GREAT for electrolytes! And yes, Amazon does sell pickle juice by the gallon. Prime a pickle juice gallon to your doorstep!


Bone broth, chicken broth, beef broth or vegetable broth are all good to drink when experiencing symptoms of k-flu.


The magical green fruit, avocado is full of good fats, potassium and magnesium. All good for treating symptoms and Keto-friendly!

Increase Fat Intake

You may need to increase your fat intake. Try the above before increasing your fat, but this is another option to do!

5-Hour Energy

This is an untraditional method for treating the k-flu, but I personally have found it to be VERY helpful when in the midst of dealing with it!

5 hour energy drink for keto flu symptoms

5-hour energy has no sugar, zero carbs but does have caffeine.  I know not everyone is down with energy drinks and I totally understand that – but did want to share because it really did help me when I was down and out!


Unlike the regular flu, you can get over the k-flu as soon as your body gets the electrolytes and nutrients that it needs. My first go round, it lasted 5 days before I realized wait – I am feeling bad not because I am sick but because I am eating Keto. This led me to research more and helped understand what was going on. The next time I went thru it – it only lasted a day. I realized quickly what was going on and got my body what it needed. 

When Do You Get the Keto Flu?

Remember, people get the Keto flu when their body needs electrolytes. It needs these electrolytes when your body goes thru changes when you start taking away sugar and carbs. Because of this, typically people see the k-flu symptoms during the first few weeks of doing the Keto diet. 

How to Avoid the Keto Flu

While the K-flu is not fun, you can avoid it! Here are several ways to avoid Keto flu – remember not everyone get this!

  • Make drinking pickle juice (and eating pickles!) as part of your daily diet.
  • Add avocados to your shopping list and make sure they are included in several meals thru-out the week.
  • Are you drinking enough water? Try putting 1/2 tsp of Lite Salt, along with 1 tsp regular salt, into a 30 ounce glass of water every day. When eating Keto – drinking water is critical!

Getting What You Need

Keto flu is NOT fun, but it is avoidable! This is something that will vary per person, but what I personally try to achieve to avoid the Keto flu:

    • 5000 mg of sodium chloride (salt)
    • 300 mg of magnesium (chelated)
    • 1000 mg of potassium (chloride or sulfate)

Avoid and Enjoy

The key here is to avoid the k-flu and enjoy the Keto diet!

We hope that this post helps anyone who is experiencing Keto flu symptoms or down and out with the k-flu. More importantly, we hope that this post helps you AVOID getting it all together! 




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