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Are Eggs Keto Friendly? 20 Fascinating Eggy Facts To Know

Wondering are eggs keto friendly? We are diving into this food and looking at the carbs, macros and answering your questions about low carb dieting and eating eggs on keto.

If you are new to the keto diet or just starting on your low carb eating journey, we know the frustration on wanting to know what you can eat and what you can’t eat. We are here to answer your eat this not that questions. Today we are talking eggs on keto, if you should eat them, what the egg nutritional facts are and more.

Here’s what we are talking about:

  • Are eggs keto? Yes, you can eat eggs on keto and low carb diets.
  • How many carbs in eggs?
  • What type of eggs can you eat on keto?
  • Egg macros
  • Safe cooking temperature
  • Ways to eat keto eggs

Chicken Egg Nutritional Facts

Let’s look at egg marcos for a full nutrition facts snapshot. Here are how many calories in eggs, how many carbs in eggs and other nutritional facts to help you make the best decision for your diet. While there are various types of eggs to eat, such as duck eggs and quail eggs – today we are talking chicken eggs.

Egg Nutrition FactsMacros
Calories78 calories
Total Fat5 grams of fat
Sodium71 mg of sodium
Total Carbs0.6 grams of carbs
Sugars0.6 grams of sugar
Protein6 grams of protein
Dietary Fiber0 grams of fiber
Net Carbs0.6 grams of net carbs
egg macros are for 1 large egg or 1 serving

Here are a few stand out factors to evaluate in regards to these egg nutrition facts.

  • 1 egg has under 1g of net carbs or 0.6g net carb count.
  • Eggs provide 6 grams of protein per egg.
  • With 9 amino acids, eggs are a nutritional food in addition to being keto.

Diving in more to if eggs are keto, maybe other nutritional facts are important to knowing if eggs are okay for you to eat. Knowing and understanding nutritional value will be key in helping to know what to eat and what to avoid.

Eating eggs, every single day – then you can relate with what Buzz says. Check out all of our egg memes that will crack you up!

eating eggs everyday meme
eating eggs everyday meme

Here is an interesting fact: eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet, one large egg provides 13 essentials vitamins and minerals and 6g of high-quality protein.

Glycemic Index Eggs

Eggs are keto, perhaps you want to know about where they fall on the glycemic index. If you are watching your blood sugar levels, here is good news in regards to eating eggs and the glycemic index.

eggs glycemic index keto
eggs glycemic index keto

According to the National Library of Medicine, eggs are relatively low on the glycemic index. What does this mean? Eating eggs will not cause a spike in blood sugar. Note, this is only for plain eggs.

Depending on how you eat them, you will need to account for an additional food or ingredients when making an egg recipe and how your blood sugar reacts.

Ways to Eat Keto Eggs

Now that we answered are eggs keto friendly, they are by the way – here are some new ways to eat keto eggs.

keto eggs
keto eggs

Don’t miss our ricotta scrambled eggs recipe to learn how to make fluffy eggs that are delicious.

Try our egg sausage cheese recipe, perfect for making a delicious protein breakfast bowl.

Loved deviled eggs, well you will even more after trying our million dollar deviled eggs!

Did you know that you can microwave hard boiled eggs? This is a super easy way to make boiled eggs in no time without slaving over the stove!

Not a fan of hard boiled, more of a runny egg yolk fan? We got you! Try this tutorial to learn how to microwave soft boiled eggs.

Have you tried the Dash Egg Cooker? This thing is awesome for making eggs several types of ways. I love to make boiled eggs (or steamed eggs) in this gadget when making deviled eggs.

Chaffles are egg waffles! We can show you how to make them.

Facts About Eggs

While we set out to learn if eggs are keto, we learned some interesting facts about eggs we wanted to share. From health benefits to taste and even eggshell color – here are the egg facts you didn’t know you needed to know!

Health Benefits

We know now, YES to the question “are eggs keto?” but that’s not the only health benefit this food provides. Here are interesting health benefit facts.

Eggs are good for your eyes. The lutein helps prevent cataracts and muscle degeneration in your eyes.

keto egg health benefits
keto egg health benefits

Both the yolk and egg whites have the same amount of protein. Each contains 3 grams of protein. The main difference is the egg calories – yolk has 60 calories, while whites have around 15 calories.

All eggs are hormone free. Yes, the egg carton may say hormone free, but that’s because in the 1950’s the FDA banned hormones in poultry production. No chicken eggs sold in the US will contain hormones.

Taste and Smell

Do brown eggs taste better than white eggs? Some people say they do, but guess what? There is NO real difference between the taste. The most important thing is getting fresh eggs.

The taste and smell or the eggy taste is from the sulfur compounds in the egg. After being exposed to high heat, the taste and smell can be more noticeable.

Depending on how an egg is cooked, the taste will change. For example, browning a fried egg tastes different than eating a gooey poached egg or a fluffy scrambled egg.

Chicken Eggs

On our quest to find out are eggs keto, we squirreled and learned a lot of chicken egg facts!

An average hen will lay between 300 to 325 eggs per year.

As a hen ages, her eggs become larger.

It takes a chicken 24 to 26 hours to produce a single egg.

Hens will turn their eggs nearly 50 times a day. This keeps the yolk from sticking to the sides of the egg shell.

chicken egg facts
chicken egg facts

Chicken eggs are the most popular type of egg for eating because they lay more eggs. Chickens need less nesting space and unlike ducks and turkeys, chickens don’t have a strong mothering instinct making it easier to collect the eggs after they are laid.

What the diet of a hen is will determine the color of the yolk.

Hens lay different egg colors depending on the genetics of a hen. The breed of a hen, will indicate what color eggs she will produce. The eggshell colors are from the pigments deposited onto the shell as the egg is formed in a hen’s oviduct. Here is a good explanation of shell color.

More Egg Facts

An egg shell can have more than 17,000 pores!

While in the United States, our commercially produced eggs must be refrigerated to minimize risk of food poisoning – most countries do not refrigerate their eggs! In many European countries, it’s find to keep eggs at room temperature for a few weeks.

Fresh unwashed eggs will last around two weeks unrefrigerated and about three months or more in your refrigerator. Keyword, FRESH!

keto egg facts
keto egg facts

The word “yolk” derives from an Old English word for “yellow”. Therefore, it is egg white and egg yellow.

While typically when talking about eggs, people think chicken eggs. Duck eggs are another option that contain more fat and can be better for use in baking.

National Egg Day is October 14, 2022. Celebrate with hashtag #WorldEggDay. This year’s these is Eggs for a better life. Learn more about World Egg Day.

Eating Eggs on Keto

We hope this answered your “are eggs keto” question and taught you a little something about nutritional facts, ways to eat keto eggs and some interesting egg facts, too!

Our keto blog is here to help provide you the best information in regards to the keto diet, answering your question about living the best keto life.

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