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Best Keto Movie Snacks – Sneak These Into the Movie Theatre

Enjoy these keto movie snacks – great low carb ideas for when you are moving watching.

Whether you are lounging on the couch or sneaking these into a movie theaters – we are sharing the best keto movie snacks to eat while you watch!

Best Keto Movie Snacks

Here are the best keto movie snacks to enjoy while trying to stay low carb.

best keto movie snacks that is not popcorn
best keto movie snacks

That said – there is that keto low carb eating situation that can become a huge issue when it comes to snacking while movie watching.

How to Eat Keto at the Movies

If you are finally headed back to the movie theater but are doing your best to stay eating low carb and on your keto diet, let’s look at how to eat keto at the movies. And because we are talking movie snacks, I know you have this question (I did!).

How Many Carbs in Movie Popcorn?

Of course since we are talking keto snacks for the movies – the first thought “how many carbs in popcorn?”

There are 23 carbs in movie popcorn – that is 3 cups of movie theater popcorn. And other popcorn brands rang from 13g per cup of popcorn to 19g of carbs. (Net carbs, yall.) Air popped popcorn might sound healthy but for us on keto, avoid.

carbs in movie popcorn
carbs in movie popcorn

Keto Movie Theater Popcorn

All that said, regular and movie theatre popcorn has a lot of carbs especially when someone like me eats only around 20g carbs a day! So what’s a keto dieter suppose to eat at the movies?

What is the Best Popcorn for Keto?

Best Popcorn for keto? There isn’t a best popcorn brand for keto. The way that movie theater popcorn is made is a no for the keto diet. A healthy keto popcorn would be where you pop it at home, adding minimal ingredients. (Sorry, I know – who doesn’t love movie theater popcorn!)

Check out these low carb movie snacks that are so good that you won’t even miss popcorn (until you smell it, that isn’t our fault.) Here are good movie snacks besides popcorn.

Best Low Carb Movie Snacks to Sneak into Movie Theater

Fret not, I am sharing the best keto movie theater snacks for you to either enjoy either on the couch or in a movie theatre that are low carb and won’t have you feeling the guilt. Yes, I said it – best low carb movie snacks to sneak into movie theater. We all do it.

These popcorn substitutes (even though they may not taste the same!) can fill your belly with low carb goodness rather than high carb corn kernels.

Moon Cheese Snacks

You have heard me mention Moon Cheese before and here I am mentioning it again. These are my go to keto snack.

keto movie theater snacks moon cheese
keto movie theater snacks – moon cheese

Moon Cheese are bit size cheese snacks that offer a crunch that helps my popcorn craving that I get when watching a movie. Bonus, they also taste delicious. I think of Moon Cheese snacks like an adult healthy version of Goldfish crackers.

Moon Cheese has 5 different varieties, try them all. My favorite are cheddar and garlic parmesan!

Available on Amazon

Movie Theater Pickles

I was shocked last year when standing in line to get movie popcorn (totally for my kids, ha) and saw a jar of large pickles. Movie theater pickles, y’all. That is where it is at as far as keto movie snacks goes!

We shared all of the benefits of pickle juice in our post where we share how to cure keto flu symptoms – make sure you read how beneficial it is!

Val Holton Pickles keto movie snacks
keto movie snacks – movie theater pickles

Pickles make an awesome keto movie snack! Whether you pick up a huge dill pickle at the movie theatre or enjoy a bag of pickles – pick a pickle that you like and enjoy!

Val Holton Pickles

Val Holton Pickles are large pickles that come in delicious flavors with fun names. Garlic Joe offers a garlic pickle. Big Papa is a hearty dill pickle. Hot Mama is a hot and spicy pickle. Sour Sis is a tart and tangy pickle.

What I love (besides the marketing) is that Val Holton pickles come packaged so you can just throw in your bag or purse or pocket. Perfect for movie theatre eating.

Available on Amazon

Pork Rinds

Pork Rinds offer a crunchy keto snack that is perfect for the movie theatre, just try not to sit too close to anyone. Personally to me these have a weird smell when I’m a third party – but that never stops me from eating them!

4505 Chicharrones

My go to pick for pork rinds for a keto movie theater snack or anytime low carb snack, are any of the 4505 Chicharrones fried pork rinds.

keto movie snacks pork rinds 4505 chicharrones
keto movie snacks pork rinds 4505 chicharrones

4505 Chicharrones pork rinds raise pork humanely and without antibiotics. Like traditional potato chips, this brand offers a plethora of flavors that you will love. My favorite, the spicy green chili and lime cracklins! (Available on Amazon)

Keto Candy Snacks

If it isn’t movie theatre popcorn or chips, chances are you are grabbing candy for your movie snack. Well we are talking low carb movie snacks so that box of Reese’s Pieces just isn’t going to cut it on Keto!

keto candy movie snacks

Don’t miss our huge list of low carb candy and kind a keto friendly movie snack that you will love. But don’t eat too much, or you will need to read Diarrhea on Keto.

Beef Jerky

Low and behold, beef jerky we bow low carb keto people bow to you. Grab you a stick of beef and snack away while watching your movie!

Beef jerky is another great go to low carb snack that you can throw into your purse or bag like the pickles! With minimal carbs, lots of protein and can easily fill you up – beef jerky for the movie snack win!

beef jerky epic provisions low carb movie snack ideas
keto movie snack – epic beef sticks

A lot of you wanted to know “Are Slim Jims keto?” – make sure to check that post out to learn the in’s and out’s of the Slim Jim!

Epic Provisions

Epic Provisions is another go to keto brand offering protein bars, beef sticks and more keto friendly items that you will love.

As far as keto movie snacks go, don’t miss Epic Provisions venison and beef strips or their beef jalapeno bars.

Available on Amazon

More Keto Movie Snack Ideas

Here are more low carb movies snacks for eating while watching a movie.

Whether you are keto, low carb, atkins or just watching your carbs, I hope these low carb movie snack ideas help you find something to eat that isn’t popcorn or overly carby when watching a movie.

What are you go to low carb movie snacks / keto movie snacks? What do you love to eat for movie night? Drop us a note on our Facebook page and let us know!

If movie popcorn keto friendly?

Popcorn is not keto friendly. Sorry friends, sure enjoy a bite if you feel like you have to – but it should be a food that you avoid on keto. In general, corn on keto is a no. Popcorn is corn kernels so…

What zero carb movie snacks can I eat?

Check out our list of zero carb snacks for more ideas for keto movie snacks.

Is sneaking keto snacks into a movie theater bad?

Sneaking snacks into a movie theatre is between you and Jesus.

How many carbs in dill pickles?

There are ZERO carbs in dill pickles. This makes them an awesome low carb movie snack.

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