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Mounjaro Coupon – Easy Tip to Help You Save $1000

Learn how you can save big money with the Mounjaro Coupon (aka Mounjaro Savings Card)!

If you have been following my Mounjaro journey (also named Tirzepatide) or perhaps you are just thinking of taking the plunge and talking to your doctor about it, something you should know this can be an expensive prescription.

Don’t let that scare you, here is information about the Mounjaro savings card that possibly could lower your cost to only $25 a month.

How Much is Mounjaro?

Brace yourself for sticker shock.

mounjaro coupon savings card
mounjaro coupon savings card

Tirzepatide is currently an FDA approved drug for type 2 diabetes, though has been readily prescribed for obesity. As with most drugs now a days, especially for diabetes – the price can be devastating, even with insurance.

So how much in Mounjaro? The price of Mounjaro in my area is anywhere from $965 – $1050 for a month’s supply of 4 pens without insurance. Yes, you are reading that right. I do have good news for many in regards to saving money – if you have commercial insurance. Often times, the price will be less if not the same as a co-pay.

how much is mounjaro retail price
how much is mounjaro retail price

If you are looking into using Tirezepatide off label for obesity, there is a high probability that since this medication is not FDA approved yet for obesity and the fact that it is a new medication – many commercial insurance plans will reject claims. While typically this would be a major bummer, this actually can help you save big.

While losing weight is something you want, but there is no way you can afford nearly $1000 a month to do so, we have good news for you!

Mounjaro Coupon – $25 a Month

Using the Mounjaro coupon offered by the manufacturer Lily, your Tirezepatide price might just be $25 a month. How do you get the savings and why would a company give you that big of a discount? Let’s break down the Mounjaro Savings Card and how it can work as a pharmacy coupon with huge savings.

mounjaro coupon
mounjaro coupon

Lily is offering a Mounjaro coupon that is good until 12/31/2023, for up to 24 fills or whichever comes first. I will say the disclaimer language is complicated leaving many confused, even pharmacists! The good news is there is help. Including how to help the pharmacy better understand the savings card.

We are breaking down what is the Mounjaro coupon and how you can save money each month until the end of 2023.

What You Need to Know About the Mounjaro Savings Card

Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Mounjaro savings card.

$25 for 4 Pens

Rather than paying the retail price of around $1000 a month for 4 pens, this Mounjaro savings card allows you to pay only $25 a month.

Commercial Drug Insurance Required

In order to take advantage of the savings/coupon, you must have commercial drug insurance. This can be thru your employer or thru the insurance marketplace.

commercial drug insurance mounjaro savings card

Only Works if Insurance Does Not Cover

Here is another factor. The Mounjaro coupon will not work unless your commercial insurance either does not cover Tirezepatide or if they deny your claim. So if your insurance does not cover this, or flat out denies your claim (which, we all know they love to do!) – then the savings card kicks in giving you the discount.

Don’t have commercial insurance but want a way to save? Keep reading as we learned how some people are finding a way to still get savings.

No Government Program Sponsored Insurance

Unfortunately, this means that if you have any government program, including military insurance or medicare or medicaid – you won’t be able to take advantage of the Mounjaro coupon.

Here is the specific language that Lily uses in regards to the savings card:

This offer is invalid for patients without commercial drug insurance or whose prescription claims for Mounjaro are eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by any governmental program, including, without limitation, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medigap, DoD, VA, TRICARE®/CHAMPUS, or any state patient or pharmaceutical assistance program.

Where Do I Get the Mounjaro Savings Card?

Here is where you can download your Mounjaro savings card. Some doctors are still not aware of this coupon. To get a coupon, you will need to download it directly from Lily’s website with the below link.

Pharmacy Help

Another thing we have heard from a LOT of people is that either the pharmacy will not accept the Mounjaro savings card or that the pharmacist says that the card doesn’t work.

mounjaro pharmacy help savings card
mounjaro pharmacy help savings card

Something to note, this is expensive and a pharmacy cannot take a huge loss. While more people are learning about the Mounjaro savings card more people are using and pharmacists are starting to understand the legitimacy of this coupon and savings.

If you are having a problem getting Mounjaro filled with the coupon, here are suggestions that may help your pharmacy / pharmacist.

Call Lily Customer Support

Lily, the makers of Mounjaro has an awesome customer service line that can help you and your pharmacy work together to get this coupon to work. Pharmacists can call the Pharmacy Benefit Manager at 1-855-282-4888. For customer support, call the Lily customer support number at  1-800-545-5979.

Mounjaro Pharmacy Issues

Here is the information that may help your pharmacy if you have commercial drug insurance and are having problems using the Mounjaro savings card.

Pre-authorization is typically not needed. Some pharmacies will push thru a PA which can cause a major delay.

Transmit claim online to RxBIN 018844. Processor requires valid Prescriber ID #, PCN, Patient Name, and DOB for claim adjudication.

• Card may be used for up to 24 fills on the covered benefit and 12 fills on the non-covered benefit of Mounjaro.

• For Insured/Covered Patients – Submit the co-pay authorized by the patient’s primary insurance as a secondary claim to Eversana using BIN 018844 and using the Coordination of Benefits fields with Coverage Code type 08. This will reduce the eligible patient’s out-of-pocket costs to $25, subject to monthly and annual savings caps for the program.

• For Insured/Not Covered Patients – If Mounjaro is Not Covered by the patient’s insurance, continue to process the Card along with the patient’s insurance card using the Coordination of Benefits fields with Coverage Code type 03. This will reduce the eligible patient’s out-of-pocket costs to $25, subject to monthly and annual savings caps for the program.

• Pharmacists with questions, please call the Pharmacy Benefit Manager 1-855-282-4888.

Saving Card Coupon FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Mounjaro coupon.

My pharmacy doesn’t take the Mounjaro coupon, what can I do?

If you have tried with the above information and have talked to Lily, try another pharmacy. You can have Tirezepatide transferred or your can have your doctor call it into a different pharmacy.

What are my options if I don’t have commercial health insurance but want to use the savings card?

If you don’t have commercial health insurance with drug coverage – you won’t be able to use the Mounjaro savings card.

That said, with a price tag of $1000+ a month if you pay with cash, this is something to think about. If you know that this is something you want to try, but the thought of a thousand dollars a month is too much, consider getting an affordable health insurance policy that has prescription coverage.

Even if the policy costs you $300 a month, you could potentially still save you $675 a month while offering you some coverage for healthcare. Talk to a licensed insurance agent and weigh your options.

Can I use an online pharmacy for Moujaro?

Yes, actually after having issues getting Mounjaro filled with the coupon at Walgreens Pharmacy, I moved to an online pharmacy. Best part, I don’t have to drive anywhere – everything is delivered to my door.

Does Amazon Pharmacy work with Mounjaro Savings Card?

Yes! You will need to include your commercial drug insurance to Amazon pharmacy and then use the information on the Mounjaro savings card as your secondary insurance. If you have any issues, call Lily’s customer support.

We hope that this information helped you save on Mounjaro. You can find all of our information and updates on our Mounjaro page.

From KETO DIRTY: We are excited to expand our keto content to include other solutions our community is using to achieve optimal health. While we understand that this may not be for everyone, we do know that people are seeking information and wanting to know if this is a solution for the obesity disease that so many, like Avery deal with. As mentioned, this is NOT medical advice but a personal diary of her experience using Mounjaro Tirzepatide.

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