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Mounjaro Side Effects – 7 Most Common Adverse Reactions Noted

Let’s talk about the Mounjaro side effects that are the most common and how to resolve.

A hesitation before starting any new is the side effects. We have so many great things happening in modern meds now a days, but with the good comes the bad… sometimes. Not everyone experiences them and there are remedies to help.

Most Common Mounjaro Side Effects

In our on-going series of Mounjaro tips, today we are talking about the Tirezepatide side effects you may or may not experience.

This series started when I personally became interested in finding additional ways outside of the keto diet to help with weight loss.

mounjaro side effects
mounjaro side effects

Rather than just focusing on diet and exercise – I opened my mind to what if I treated obesity as a disease.

Fortunately, many doctors and medical professional are now viewing obesity as a disease. So, I am documenting all that I learn thru personal experience and community Tirezepatide, including Mounjaro side effects. So let’s talk about these and how to help.

Here are the most common Mounjaro side effects / adverse reactions:

  • decreased appetite
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • abdominal pain
  • dyspepsia / indigestion

In regards to the most common Mounjaro side effects, I will be sharing both clinical data – as well as personal experience and things others in the community have dealt with.

Just getting started, read our post about the Mounjaro injection for things to know and helpful tips.

Personal Adverse Reactions

Sometimes hearing it from the horses mouth is best. While each person is made differently and have different reactions, here is what I have experienced.

The Mounjaro side effects to date on 2.5 mg and 5 mg have been mild for me. That said, it is always good to hear about what others experience.

tirezepatide side effects
tirezepatide side effects

While on the 2.5 mg – I did have a few days where my energy was not where I wanted it to be, it was pointed out that my calorie intake was significantly lowered. I did have a headache, which again I can’t pinpoint exactly to Tirezepatide. This could be because of dehydration or hormones / menstrual cycle.

When starting the 5 mg, the constipation did worsen. That said – please note that I am NOT a “regular” person when it comes to bathroom habits – so let’s just say this could just be me.

I will say, if you want decreased appetite to be listed as a side effect – it’s definitely a positive reaction! As I continue on my journey with Tirezepatide, see my last update on Mounjaro Week 5 – I continually am impressed with my lack of desire to eat.

Mounjaro Community

From listening to those in our Mounjaro community, here is what others are experiencing.

  • Fatigue – that rundown feeling is no fun
  • Sulphur Burps – burps that taste like sulfur
  • Headache – this is common when dehydrated or increasing dosage
  • Decreased Appetite – not necessarily a bad Mounjaro side effect
  • Nausea – see below for suggestions
  • Constipation – this is a common side effect

Not as common, but here are more Tirezepatide side effects mentioned by the community.

  • Occasional Diarrhea – while some report this, this is not the majority
  • Indigestion – if this is already a common issue you have, this maybe something you deal with more
  • Body Aches – again, this feels like it is more noted when dosage increases
  • Hair Loss – this is some-what common with significant weight loss – read below for information

Mounjaro Clinical Studies

As we know, Mounjaro was originally created and now FDA approved for Type 2 diabetes in May 2022. Good news, Mounjaro FDA approval for obesity has been fast tracked.

mounjaro side effects clinical trial data
mounjaro side effects clinical trial data

With both of these designations, clinical studies and data in regards to side effects have been done. Here are the Mounjaro side effects noted in studies.

The most common side effects associated with tirzepatide are related to gastrointestinal tract like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

National Library of Medicine

Mounjaro Warnings

While Mounjaro for weight loss is currently being prescribed off-label, it should be noted that this isn’t something that everyone should be taking.

This is currently specifically for those who have Type 2 diabetes, or off-label dealing with obesity. The side effects maybe minimal, but there are some people who shouldn’t take Mounjaro.

mounjaro fda approval for type 2 diabetes
mounjaro warnings

With this being new, the long-term Mounjaro side effects are unknown. Through the studies with clinical rats, it has been found that if there is a history of kidney or thyroid issues – make sure to talk to your medical professional about your family history to see if the Mounjaro warnings apply to you.

Here is a great Mounjaro TikTok from Dr. Spencer in regards to specifics.

How to Help Tirezepatide Side Effects

Now that we know the most common Mounjaro side effects, let’s talk about how they can be helped.

mounjaro side effect help
mounjaro side effect help

Here are the common side effects and solutions that we have found to help resolve them.


To combat fatigue, make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating enough calories, water and protein. I have found an occasional piece of caffeine gum is helpful.

fatigue sucks give me all the energy
fatigue meme

We also have a list of keto energy drinks – if that is something you find helpful.

Decreased Appetite

While many of us Mounjaro users love the decreased appetite – who knew it would be hard to even eat somedays!

no appetite, can't eat. mounjaro be like
mounjaro meme

Food just doesn’t sound appetizing to me, but have found that getting my protein in with a protein shake is super helpful to do in the morning.


Treating nausea can be done many ways. While my doctor gave me Zofran to help – it has the side effect of constipation which isn’t best when already dealing with that!

nausea meme
nausea meme

This TikTok shows how you can use the smell of alcohol to help with treating nausea and vomiting. Try it, it totally helped me! Here is a TikTok from MyraJoinMochi.


To stop diarrhea, your best bet is Imodium. Make sure that you are drinking extra water if you are dealing with this Mounjaro side effect.

diarrhea side effect meme
diarrhea side effect meme

Don’t miss our funny diet memes!


Dealing with constipation is NOT fun. Those of us who have experienced this know that the longer you put off dealing with this, the more difficult it becomes.

constipation meme
constipation meme

Here are a few constipation solutions that I have personally used that can help.

High Fiber Foods

Here are high fiber foods that can help with constipation.

  • Fruit (avocado, strawberries, raspberries)
  • Vegetables (broccoli, artichokes)
  • Legumes (beans!)

If you are having problems getting high fiber foods down, consider fiber gummies.

Sugar Free Candies

Our list of Keto Candy includes a huge list of sugar free candies that are low carb, keto friendly and include sugar alcohol which can help with constipation.

sugar free York Peppermint Chocolate Sugar Free Candy
sugar free candy for constipation

Please note, monitor your intake of sugar alcohol – in other words don’t eat a whole bag! Start off with a few pieces of sugar-free candy as these can cause unwanted eruptions!

Natural Laxative

Senokot is a natural laxative made from senna that can help provide gentle overnight relief for constipation.

Hair Loss

With significant weight loss, hair loss is a common side effect. Many turn to collagen to help. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides not only can help you get your daily protein intake in, but will help with replenishing collagen.

not sure if i really like my hair today or just glad that i still have hair
hair loss meme

Bonus, collagen also aids in nail, skin, bone and joint health.


As a recap, yes – there are Mounjaro side effects but for the majority of us taking it, they are mild. It is always important to weigh the good and the bad.

The increase of energy, less joint pains (no more back pains!) and of course weight loss – in addition to better overall health far exceeds dealing with side effects.

We hope that this Tirezepatide information is helping you on your fight against obesity. Stay tuned as we will continue to provide information to help you on your journey.

Learn more about Mounjaro for weight loss.

This information is for educational use only. Any medical advice should be discussed specifically between you and your medical professional. Information provided here is not

We are excited to expand our keto content to include other solutions our community is using to achieve optimal health. While we understand that this may not be for everyone, we do know that people are seeking information about obesity as a disease and solutions, such as Wegovy, Ozempic / Semaglutide and Mounjaro / Tirezepatide / Zepbound.

Please direct any questions in regards to personal use with your doctor and any questions in regards to coupons, etc should be discussed with your pharmacy or with the pharmaceutical customer service.


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I am on week 5. Lost 10 pounds so far. I have all the same thoughts you posted about it so I feel I am on the right path. When I get to my goal, I am not sure how to ween off and keep off weight! That is my concern.

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