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NSV Meaning and 50 Examples of Non Scale Victory Wins!

Let’s talk about NSV meaning and show you some examples to better understand these wins we should celebrate.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of NSV is? Let’s talk about what a non-scale victory is and how while the scale may not show weight loss, there are additional wins to be celebrated.

Lets Talk NSV Meaning

We are cutting to the chase. The NSV meaning is non-scale victory. These are benefits and wins that we see beyond the scale.

nsv meaning non scale victory. wins the scale doesn't tell you
nsv meaning

Have you ever noticed something that you know is great, in your weight loss journey even when the scale is showing you haven’t lost any pounds? These are NSVs.

Let’s dive into talking about the NSV meaning with examples of non scale victories.

50 Non Scale Victory Examples

Here are 50 NSV wins or non scale victory examples. While sometimes you think the scale is lying because your weight hasn’t changed, take notices of the other things besides weight loss that you are benefitting from.

50 non scale victories to celebrate
50 nsv examples

Now that you know the NSV meaning, we hope you celebrate all of your wins in your health journey. Here are examples of non scale victories that you should take notice of as you embark on your health journey.

Crossing Your Legs

Who knew something as simple as crossing your legs could feel like such a win.

nsv example crossing legs
nsv example crossing legs

This NSV Example is an easy win when the scale doesn’t budge.

Reduced Joint Pain

Have you noticed that maybe you aren’t as achy as you were now that you have started this health journey? Reduced joint pain is a great example of a non-scale victory.

Smaller Clothing Size

You go into your closet and put on your favorite jeans but they don’t fit. While in the past this would totally make you upset, this new healthy lifestyle has your jeans too big! A smaller clothing size is a NSV that so many of us look forward to.

Self Confidence

A simple test to see how your self confidence has changed is by looking thru your camera roll. Scroll back to the unhealthy days and compare them to photos of you now.

self confidence weight loss nsv
self confidence weight loss nsv

From smiling in photos to actually wanting to be in a picture rather than ducking away will show you the self confidence that you are gaining. This is a huge win.

Blood Test Results

A good practice is an annual full panel blood screening. Seeing numbers such as your A1C go down, lower cholesterol numbers are both great ways to show you that you are on the right track with your new lifestyle.

Airplane Seatbelt Fits

If you have ever had to ask for an airplane seatbelt adapter, or feared that the airplane seatbelt doesn’t fit, this NSV win is for you.

no airplane seatbelt extender
no airplane seatbelt extender

Single Chin

Gone are the days of the double chins. Hello to one chin.

More Endurance

The scale doesn’t tell you how you can now run or walk further. More endurance could apply to many things, such as being able to work out for longer or simply do more in a day than you could before you started your new healthy life.

Resting Heart Rate Changes

Losing weight reduces the amount of blood your body needs to function, and it also decreases your resting heart rate.

change in resting heartrate with weight loss is non scale victory
resting heartrate with weight loss

Both of these CAN result in lower blood pressure. I don’t know about you, but this is something my doctor is proud to see happening.


Whether it be chemical, hormonal or perhaps just in the increase of self confidence – few people complain about noticing an increase in libido with weight loss.

Trying New Foods

With the new way of eating, you can find yourself trying new foods. Don’t miss our list of keto vegetables if you are looking for lower carb veggie options.

Clear Complexion

With fewer toxins, you might notice a better complexion. This could be the result of less sugar intake or foods that your skin does not like. Enjoy the new radiant glow due to better circulation and nutrition.


The days of fatigue are behind you. An NSV example that you should recognize is energy. Perhaps you use to take frequent naps or always feel sluggish. Those days are gone.


From “have you lost weight?” to “you look amazing!” Those simple words and compliments are NSVs that we should all be absorbing and not seeing in a negative light.

compliments nsv example
compliments nsv example

Face Shape

Perhaps you always thought you had a round face but now you are noticing a more oval face shape.

Jewelry Fits

That necklace that is too tight, or ring that no longer fit – perhaps it now fits!

More Social

The once introvert is now a bit more social. Maybe you previous shy’d away from brunch or lunch dates and now you are feeling more apt to see people and connect.

Less Bloating

That bloat can be real when your body doesn’t like what you are feeding it or how you are treating it.

less bloating

Another win to add to our NSV examples is less bloating.

Smaller Appetite

Eating less, well your stomach is now smaller. This creates a smaller appetite. The large portions you previously consumed are now small.


When you are not happy with your overall health, hope is something that goes to the way side.

hope is a non scale victory
hope non scale victory

Feeling better and more hopeful, the scale will not tell you this but hope is an NSV that will help us continue on because we want a better future for ourselves.

Smaller Waist

With an itty bitty waist and a round thing, just kidding but a smaller waist is definitely an NSV! The weight on the scale doesn’t tell you that your waist is now smaller.

Regular Periods

For our friends dealing with PCOS, let’s talk about regular periods.

nsv regular periods
nsv regular periods

Our contributor Avery who is using Mounjaro for weight loss has noticed that rather than the irregular periods that would come every few months on their own timeline are now regulated.

Change in Shoe Size

Yes, your shoe size can change when you lose weight.

weight loss show size change
weight loss show size change

Often times this is due to the reduction in swelling and inflammation.


A change in your attitude is another one of our non scale victories that only you and the people around you will notice. The scale or the amount of weight you have lost will not tell you that your attitude has changed for the better. Recognize it and keep going, you are doing great!


While yes, BMI is a joke – it is so great to know that the medical community no longer sees you as obese – now just over weight.

lower bmi non scale victory example
lower bmi non scale victory example

We are made to feel shame about our BMI number, don’t. Even now, CDC is revamping the BMI scale for children.


Have you noticed a mood change? Perhaps you aren’t as down as you previously were. This is a great NSV example that we hope you experience.

Sleep Improvements

Whether it’s an improvement in snoring or sleep apnea because of weight loss or a general overall improvement in sleep.

improved sleep non scale victory
improved sleep non scale victory

These are all sleep associated NSV wins that you can’t see by the number on the weight scale.

Better Relationship with Food

Creating a better relationship with food is essential. When you recognize that your food relationship is now that of seeing it as a fuel rather than a bandaid, you can check off this NSV example box.

Improved Focus

With a shift in focus for your life, perhaps you are recognizing a general overall improvement in focusing on other things that are important.

Inches Lost

Keeping track of how many inches you lose is super helpful as you continue to lose weight and build muscle.

losing inches non scale victory

Feel Healthier

An overall feeling of better health is a great non scale victory that a silly number can’t tell you.

More Active

With a healthier lifestyle and more energy, generally being more active is another perk!

Less Fatigue

Perhaps you use to take naps. Naps are healthy (read what Mayo Clinic says about napping.)

less fatigue non scale victory
less fatigue non scale victory

It’s when you don’t want to get out of bed or find yourself out of energy that is a sign that you need to do something different.

Improved Circulation

An NSV examples that some of us with neuropathy may notice is improved circulation.

Fewer Cravings

Gone are the days of constant food cravings.

Feel More Athletic

Being over weight or just not in good shape can make you feel like a slug. A non-scale victory example is feeling more athletic.

feeling more athletic is a non scale victory win
NSV feeling athletic

No one is saying you have to feel like Venus William, but feeling like maybe hitting a few tennis balls is a huge win when thinking about how that is so not the old you.

Less Depression

While not a guarantee, weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle can lead to less depression. If you are experiencing any signs of depression, do seek medical health. Your mental health is so important.

Handle Stress Better

Stress is guaranteed but how you handle it can change.

handling stress better nsv
compliments nsv examplehandling stress better nsv

Saying No More Often

With these non scale victories, such as self confidence – you may be seeing yourself say no more often and that’s not a bad thing! Say no to the things that do not energize you.

No Longer Use Food as Love

Food is for fuel not for loving.

Trying New Activities

Pickle ball suddenly sounds like something fun to try. Maybe the old you would never try new activities.

non scale victories new activities. pickleball
non scale victories new activities

Apart of the NSV of being more active, less fatigue and feeling more athletic – hopefully you find yourself trying new things.

More Organized

When you are on a health journey, organization is key. Whether it’s meal prep or organizing your schedule to ensure that you have time to work out or get that walk in, these things result in a NSV of being more organized in general with life.

Can Identify Cravings vs Hunger

Recognizing cravings versus hunger is a huge non scale victory win.

Improved Memory

“…researcher Andreas Stomby, MD shows that losing weight actually alters how your brain works, leading to better memory performance. Being overweight is linked to memory and concentration problems.”

improved memory nsv examples
improved memory nsv examples

Read more about what the Amen Clinic says about improved memory with weight loss.

Fewer Mood Swings

Rather than swinging from happy to sad, hopefully a NSV you experience is fewer mood swings.

No More Food Guilt

Knowing when to say stop and letting yourself enjoy food when appropriate all help with the non scale victory or no more food guilt.

no more food guilt is a non-scale victory
non-scale victories food guilt

Healthier Eating Habits

Perhaps you are eating more protein or getting more vegetables in your diet. These are examples of things that are wins and non scale victories that you won’t necessarily see just from losing weight.

Overall Happiness

An overall sense of happiness doesn’t mean that 24/7 is happy time.

overall happiness  is a non scale victory example
happiness nsv example

The general feeling of you know, it’s all going to be okay is a huge non-scale victory.

Play More with Kids or Dogs

With more energy, perhaps your dog is getting more walks or you are spending more time with the kids at the park. Both of these NSV examples should be recognized and applauded.

You are Outside More

Vitamin D from the sun will just be another NSV when you start spending more time outside.

Free NSV Checklist

We have created a FREE Non Scale Victories list (NSV checklist) for you to download!

non scale victories list
nsv list

Keep track of all of your NSV wins with this helpful list.

Recognizing NSV Examples

Now that we all know the NSV meaning, recognize these little wins. Let’s also remember, while weight loss is great – whole body health is what we should be aiming for.

you are more than the number on the scale
nsv quote

Our health journey isn’t all about what the scale says! You are more than a number.

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