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Is It Keto or Veto?

Is it KETO? Let’s play a game we are calling KETO or VETO! How many times do you find a food and want to know if it is keto friendly or if its something you should avoid?

We are answering the question with this massive list of food where we are telling you whether to keep it (keto!) or get rid of it (veto!)

Keto Foods or Veto Foods

We want your input. Make sure to leave us a comment and let us know which foods you want to know more about and we will keto or veto it.

is it keto
is it keto

We are setting out to answer your questions in regards to IS IT KETO?! How many times have you gone to eat a food, but first you paused and thought should I be eating this? Fear no more, Keto Dirty is here to help!

We are here to answer all of your questions about if a food is keto. We are sharing the low down on nutritional facts, macros including calories and net carbs of some of your favorite foods to help you make better decisions when eating.

Is It Keto?

Our goal is to provide you a plethora of information about specific food items to help you better determine if that food is something that is best for you low carb diet or keto diet.

Something to note, while we are is it keto or not – sometimes the answer maybe grey. Not all things in this world are black and white – yes and no. I know, wouldn’t it be easier if everything was straight forward. Unfortunately, we are all made different.

keto veto meme
keto veto meme

Love memes? Don’t miss our keto memes!

Some of us may choose to eat an item that might not be as keto friendly because our body metabolizes it fine – or let’s be honest. We may just want to eat a particular food.

Finding healthy foods and knowing what you like and have in your pantry are key to helping you maintain and be successful on not just the keto diet, but any food plan you are following.

Veto It

Some of the foods, just aren’t a good fit if you are trying to stay low carb. We try our best to provide low carb alternatives when we do have to add a food item to the veto list.

Can I Eat This on Keto?

Here is our growing list of foods that we are answering “is it keto” for. Find out the nutritional facts and data (like net carbs and calories) pertaining to the particular foods, as well as recipes or alternative options if the food is not keto friendly.

This growing list is essential in helping anyone on a low carb diet, watching their sugar, wondering about glycemic index rating or eating keto tracking macros. Let’s KETO or VETO!

Keto or Veto

You asked, and we answered. Find out which of your favorite foods is keto friendly, and what needs to be veto'd from your low carb diet meal plan.

We are here for your IS THIS KETO questions! Just drop what foods you are wanting us to dive into in the comments and we will do our best to help suggest if it is a keto friendly food option!

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Is It Keto is a Keto Dirty series to help you determine what are keto foods and what you should avoid or eat instead.