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Best Keto Snacks – 10+ Low Carb Snack Ideas That We Love!

We are talking best KETO Snacks, check out these awesome ideas to help you know what to eat when hunger hits.

Hunger hits and knowing what you are going to grab before you head to the pantry or refrigerator is key to helping you with your eating plans. While we talk dirty keto diet here, this tidbit of advice is totally applicable to calorie reduction and low carb diets as well. Let’s check out some easy low carb snack ideas.

Top 10 Best Keto Snacks

Here are the best keto snacks mentioned on episode 2! I wanted to share my favorites that would work well on to go. These are things you can leave in your purse, a work fridge in the break room, in the car for when you need an emergency low carb snack and so on – you get the idea!

best keto snacks
best keto snacks

#1 String Cheese

First on our list of best keto snacks for on the go is STRING CHEESE!

string cheese sticks

Yes, simple but so efficient and good. String cheese has minimal carbs, comes in a variety of options and can easily be found at the grocery store.

The above is a new low carb product t least to me!) from Frigo. Not only do you get keto friendly string cheese, you also get ham sticks!

#2 Moon Cheese or Whisps

These baked cheese chip alternative are what I like to call keto chips. If you miss the crunch of a chip – pick up a bag of Moon Cheese or Whisps. Not only do they make a great keto snack, they also work well as a side.

whisp low carb keto snack
Whisps are 1 carb per serving.

The net carb count is low, but do watch your portions! Portion control is key because if you aren’t careful an entire bag of Moon Cheese or Whisps can be gone in an instant.

Moon Cheese - Keto Snack
Moon cheese are a great keto chip alternative.

Another idea for using Moon Cheese, is using as a crouton in a salad.

Available on Amazon

#3 Pickles

Next on our list of best keto snacks is PICKLES! If you are a pickle fan, get you some pickles!

pickles keto snack

Either put pickles into a sealable container – or purchase these Mt Olive Pickle Paks. Yes, we have pickle memes.

Available on Amazon

#4 Bacon

As suggested in the podcast, if you need a keto fast food snack – bacon is your answer. I have been known to pull into Sonic and just order a side of bacon. Yes, totally doable!

yoda funny graphic says smell bacon i do
Smell bacon, I do. Check out our funny bacon memes!

Another idea is to make a pound of bacon and leave in the fridge for snacking and keto meal prepping.

If you are super busy or cooking bacon just does not sound fun – you can buy the precooked bacon. Bonus – it has an awesome shelf life.

bacon keto snack

Available on Amazon

#5 Cucumber and Cream Cheese Garlic Dip

There are 2 keto snacks on this list that take minimal prepwork – this being one of them.

Take an English cucumber, wash and cut into round chips. Make our cream cheese garlic dip and put into a container.

cucumber keto snack
cucumber keto snack idea

It’s super easy, just mix either softened cream cheese or whipped cream cheese with garlic powder or real garlic!) and

This is my chip and dip alternative when I am craving me some chips and dip!

#6 Avocado with Sesaoning

Here is how I take eating a plain avocado to the next level! This easy keto hack will have avocado lovers singing praises.

avocado with seasoning keto snack
Read about Carbs in Avocados

In a baggie or container, mix a shake of salt, lemon pepper, garlic powder, cumin (optional) and chili powder (optional.)

You can eat this whenever since avocados don’t require refrigeration.

Peel your avocado, remove the seed and place in the seasoning bag or seasoning container. Shake and eat this keto avocado snack with a fork! YUM!

To really up the game, add a shake of cojita cheese and bacon. I wanted to keep it simple but if you have easy access to these – do it!

#7 Epic Bars

My favorite Epic bar is the Chicken Sriacha. 13 grams of protein, gluten free and zero net carbs – total keto snack win.

epic bar chicken sriracha keto snack zero carbs
I keep a Chicken Sriracha Epic bar in my desk drawer for keto snacking.

Epic bars has a collection of keto snacks for you to choose from. Here are a few of the options:

Check the net carb count on each – but all are keto dirty friendly!

#8 Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate

As mentioned in the keto podcast, watch your sugar alcohol intake! Portion control, people. Eat 2 at most because sugar alcohol. I’ll just say read our “Can I get diarrhea on Keto?” post.

keto snack sugar free hersheys chocolate
keto snack sugar free hersheys chocolate

That said, the Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate makes an awesome sweet keto snack idea.

Available on Amazon

#9 Seaweed or Nori

You can find this superfood and super keto snack listed as seaweed or nori. Yes, you can just eat this plain. This kind of gives the kale chip vibe so may not be for you.

keto snack seaweed nori
keto snack seaweed / nori

Another idea for using seaweed with keto dirty is using it to to wrap avocado and cream cheese for a keto sushi alternative!

Available on Amazon

#10 Premier Protein Shakes

I love me some Premier protein shakes. Not only will they fulfill my need for something sweet – I typically have to put the second half of my protein shake into the fridge because it makes me so full!

premier protein low carb keto snack
premier protein low carb keto snack idea

Here are my favorite Premier protein shake flavors:

#11 Keto Cookies

We recently discovered these delicious keto cookies so decided that this list of keto snacks could use one more addition. These delicious Keto cookies are mini, but delicious!

keto snacks highkey cookies
keto snacks highkey cookies

Learn more about Highkey Cookies!

More Keto Snack Ideas

Another keto snack that has so many more health benefits than just being a keto snack are almonds! Read our post are almonds keto to learn more about all of the health and low carb benefits from this tree nut.

Don’t miss our free list of zero carb snacks (make sure to download our list!) and also our list of keto snacks on the go!

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