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Best Fast Food Keto Options

We are talking our favorite picks for best fast food keto options.

Who doesn’t love food on the go, but when eating low carb that can be a challenge. Fret not, we hear at Keto Dirty no that the struggle is real. Find out the best food options to choose while eating keto on the go.

5 Best Fast Food Keto Options

To kick off our keto podcast launch we wanted to share what we are ordering when eating fast food keto style.

fast food keto options
best fast food keto

Here at Keto Dirty we do 2 things.

  1. We do Keto dirty style. Lazy keto, dirty keto – whatever you want to call it, we call it KETO DIRTY.
  2. You do you, boo. If you eat fast food – awesome. We don’t have time for the keto police.

So if you fall in this camp of keto dieters, we are here to share with you our favorite fast food keto finds!

#1 Chipotle

We did a whole post on ordering Chipotle keto, so don’t miss that.

Chipotle mexican grill menu and keto options

What I typically order is my own version of the Chipotle keto bowl. Steak or chicken, cheese, guacamole, a little pico, sometimes onions and peppers and sour cream.

chipotle keto

On the keto podcast – we suggested that you order using the Chipotle app. Not only will it make sure that you are ordering keto friendly, you get to skip the line and get points to earn free food.

#2 Zoe’s Kitchen

My new favorite fast food keto option at Zoe’s Kitchen is just their chicken. Something about the seasoning on their grilled chicken is legit. Also, let’s talk about their slaw. It’s heaven – but watch your portions to keep it low carb and keto friendly.

Best Fast Food Keto Options 1

Check out our post and where we are sharing all the details about Zoe’s Kitchen nutrition and what to order on the keto diet.

Download Zoe’s Kitchen app and earn rewards with their ZK Rewards program.

#3 In N Out Burger

Next on our list of fast food keto options is In-n-Out Burger. I am not a huge cheeseburger fan – with the exception of In-n-Out.

Keto In N Out Picture of Protein Style Double Double In N Out Burger

Order your In n Out burger protein style. Enjoy the deliciousness of their burger in an amazing lettuce wrap.

Something I love about In-n-Out is their late hours. It feels like there is always a line, but it is totally worth it. Read our post and learn all the things In-N-Out keto!

#4 Chick-fil-A

Another fast food keto option where your whole family, even keto you can eat – is Chick-fil-A! We actually dedicated an entire post to eating Keto Chick-Fil-A.

Find out everything you need to know about low carb eating at this chicken fast food restaurant.

chickfila keto

Chick-fil-A Nuggets – 4 Count Nuggets (There are approximately 5 net carbs in chick-fil-a nugget 4 count.)

Grilled Nuggets – 8 Count Grilled Nuggets (There are approximately 1 net carbs in chick-fil-a grilled nugget 8 count.)

Side Salad – Remove the crispy bell peppers, keep the avocado lime ranch dressing. (There are approximately 6 net carbs in chick-fil-a side salad with modifications.)

#5 Jimmy Johns Keto Options

Last but not least, let’s talk Jimmy Johns keto options. While some places let you make your sandwich into a salad, it’s a tad different here though still delicious.

jimmy john unwich sandwich

You can eat nearly anything Jimmy Johns keto style – by simply choosing what sandwich you want and then opting to unwich it!

Unwich Keto Sandwich

Unwiching is turning your Jimmy John’s sandwich into a Jimmy John’s lettuce wrap which is totally keto friendly! They have a magical way of replacing your bun with lettuce by wrapping it special style.

You can order Jimmy John’s online or via their app. Bonus, if you live near a Jimmy Johns, they deliver!

#6 Salad and Go

We are breaking down the complete list of the Salad and Go keto menu. Learn what to order for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did we mention their low carb snack box? How about the great prices?

keto fast food salad and go
keto fast food salad and go

This is a newer keto fast food restaurant that popped up near us in DFW. It quickly made it’s way to one of our usual places to eat because you simply cannot beat the keto fast food options offered at great prices!

More Fast Food Keto Restaurants

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best Keto Fast Food restaurants and learned what to order that is fast food low carb and keto friendly.

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Keto Dirty Podcast Episode 1 – Best Fast Food Keto Options

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