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Best KETO Fast Food – In N Out Keto Menu

KETO and In N Out Burgers go hand in hand! Check out how to order a KETO burger, what your options are and more.

Eating KETO fast foods may sound wrong on so many levels. If you think so – this post isn’t for you. We are sharing our favorite KETO fast food ideas from various fast food restaurants.

In N Out Keto Menu – Low Carb Options

Let’s face it, while it’s not ideal to eat fast food on KETO, in order to make this a lifestyle, you need to do what you need to do. So in other words, you do you and if low carb fast food is what you do – you do it!

In and Out Burger KETO Style

So one of our well DUH moments in KETO is realizing that In and Out burger is one of the best places for low carb eating.

WHY? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Quick! Well as long as the line isn’t too long.
  2. Cheap – A good burger for under $4 now a days is unheard of.
  3. Delicious – In N Out Burgers are just delicious, you can’t go wrong.
  4. Customizable – While their drive up menu looks simple, they also have a secret menu.
  5. Always FRESH – Your KETO burger will be made to order.

Unfortunately, In N Out is still spreading across the United States. For the longest time, they were only in California. That has since changed! Texas started getting In and Outs around 5 years ago. That place has stayed busy ever since, because they KNOW how to serve a burger.

In and Out Burgers Secret Menu

So let’s talk about how the In N Out Burger secret menu and what parts you need to know about it to order your low carb meal.

Hidden Menu

There is a CRAZY secret menu at In N Out but we are just talking KETO here. It’s not TOTALLY a secret because you know, I know and now you know – so lets just call it the In n Out hidden menu.

Use the In N Out secret menu to order keto!

In N Out’s secret menu features all kinds of things not on the menu! The regular menu is pretty basic when you look at it. But using the secret menu/hidden menu – you are upping your options on what the cooks in the In and Out kitchen can do for your cheeseburger.

We will be using the In N Out secret menu to order keto. Let’s look at the best way to order your burger low carb.

Side note – My youngest kid for some reasons doesn’t like their burgers. You can use the secret menu to order a grilled cheese! I wish I had known about this option sooner! Check out Thrillist’s post for more details..

In n Out Protein Style Burger

Now that you know about the hidden menu, let’s use it to order you a delicious low carb burger.

Learn all the ways that you can order a In N Out keto burger – protein style

In order to keep it real here, no buns for you on your burger. Low carb is no bread. So protein In n Out style is what we are ordering.

I wish I could tell you that the bread here is bad, it’s not but we don’t eat bread – REMEMBER? Good news, there is a secret menu option for us KETO dieters.

Protein Style – Lettuce Wrap It!

So let’s look at how to order a lettuce wrapped no bun In-and-Out burger.

Just tell the cashier that you want a protein burger. That’s it if you just want a simple In-n-Out burger with no bun, wrapped in lettuce.

In N Out Protein Style = No Bun!

They seriously lettuce wrap the cheeseburger in a way where the lettuce feels like a bun. It’s so good, you almost don’t even miss the bread. Almost.

Let’s look at other fancy ways to use In n Out secret menu to up your protein style burger game.

Carbs in Protein Style Burger

No need to worry about the carbs because with a simple protein In N Out burger, you are looking at only 8 net carbs which includes tomatoes and onions

Flying Dutchman

You will get 2 patties but with the cheese is in the middle.

protein style flying dutchman

Don’t forget to ORDER IT PROTEIN STYLE as well so that you will get a double patty burger with cheese in the middle, wrapped in lettuce.

Mustard Grilled Patty Burger

Your KETO burger will be grilled in mustard. SO yummy, this option definitely ups the flavor level.

4×4 Burger

Yes, the In N Out 4×4 comes with 4 hamburger patties.

4×4 protein style

If you are in the mood for some meats – the 4×4 protein style is the way to order.

3×3 Burger

Maybe you aren’t so into the meats but you need lots of protein. Have 3 patties with the 3×3 option.

Whole Grilled Onion Burger

You get WHOLE onions grilled on your burger. Nope, not the diced onions – but whole grilled onions!

Animal Style Burger

Perhaps the best known secret menu item is the animal style burger.

protein style animal style burger at In and Out burgers

It features mustard-grilled patty, pickles, grilled onions, cheese and animal sauce.

How to Order This In N Out Keto Style

Order a protein burger animal style. You will get a mustard grilled patty with grilled onions, cheese and animal sauce wrapped in lettuce with no bun.

Add Peppers

If you are a spicy junky, like myself – ADD PEPPERS.

How to Order a KETO Burger at In N Out

Somedays I am feeling like a few more carbs, some days I feel like more meat. It just varies.


Here is the ideal keto meal and how you order this keto burger next time you are at In N Out:

Double Double Protein Style

Order a In and Out double double protein style burger. This will get you a double cheese burger (that’s 2 hamburger patties), wrapped in lettuce with tomato and onion. I prefer to nix the tomato, you order how you see fit.

Feeling Like Extra Carbs?

This is what I order keto. If I want to splurge on a few extra carbs with the spread. Yes, this sounds complicated but believe me In N Out is use to it and the cashier will know exactly what you want.

This is how I order my slightly higher than normal carb, keto meal:

Double Double Protein Style – No Tomatoes – Animal Style – With Peppers

This will set you back some carbs, but it’s so good and so worth it.

In N Out Nutrition

Let’s look at the overall In N Out nutrition menu to get a better idea of what your carbs, calories protein, fiber and macros will look like.

When looking at In N Out nutrition from a keto aspect, since the data isn’t specifically laid out for their secret menu, you may have to do some calculations yourself with the data given and how you specifically order you meal.

In N Out Nutrition

No listed on the In and Out nutrition menu are condiments which we know can add-on unwanted carbs and calories quickly.

In N Out Spread Nutrition

Something I wanted to know was about the In N Out spread nutrition. I love me some of their spread or animal sauce. This is what I found:

In N Out Spread Nutrition

The In N Out spread nutrition for 1 packet.

  • 80 Calories
  • 2g Carbs
  • 0 Protein
  • 9g Fat

Questions Answered

Let’s answer some of your frequently asked questions about eating Keto at In and Out Burger.

What Chili Peppers Does In N Out Use?

The yellow chili peppers that In-and-Out burgers uses are called cascabella peppers. Cascabella peppers when ordered (or peppers as they call them at the restaurant) can be ordered as an add-on to your burger order.

You can also ask for a side of peppers in which you will receive a bag of their cascabella peppers in a clear sealed bag.

How Many Carbs in Spread at In N Out?

The In N Out spread has approximately 2 carbs. If you order a animal protein burger, add 2 carbs to your carb count.

How Do I Order Keto at In N Out?

To order Keto at In N Out, order a protein burger. This will eliminate the hamburger bun which is the culprit of carbs! Try to stay away from ketchup and animal sauce to minimize the amount of additional carbs added to your keto burger.

What has the most protein?

I would say the 4×4 protein style burger would provide the most protein.

In N Out Burgers NOT In AND Out Burgers

While I call it In and Out Burgers all the time, it’s officially In N Out.

What is your KETO Fast Food go to? What do you order at In and Out?

Looking for more Keto Fast Food Ideas? We’ve Got You COVERED!

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