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Spam Memes – 15+ Funny Images of Processed Canned Meat

Brace yourself, funny spam memes about the canned meat are coming.

We recently did a post answering the question is Spam keto friendly? Which of course had us trying to find some humor in the topic. So without further ado, we give you memes about spam meat. Yes, we are talking the processed ham in a can meat, not those spam unwanted emails!

Funny Spam Memes

Yes folks, there are even funny Spam memes. If you grew up eating this beloved canned meat product or maybe you are new to the canned ham world.

spam memes brace yourself
funny spam meme

Whatever the situation, we hope that you find some joy and laughter with these memes.

heart spam meme nothing says i love you like heart spam
heart spam meme

Did you know that dooms day preppers love Spam because of it’s shelf life? This funny spam meme jokes about the canned meat being as old as Yoda. Yoda died when he was 900 years old, I don’t know if canned Spam will last that long.

spam meme funny baby yoda
baby yoda spam meme

Who is eating all of the spam? Draw 25, my dude.

eating spam
eating spam meme draw 25

There are 2 types of cooks. P.S. Did you know that you know that you don’t need to cook Spam? It’s actually cooked in the can in the factory.

spam cook meme 2 types of cooks
spam cook meme

Spam Turkey Memes

Theses spam turkey memes do not disappoint. Just open your can of Spam and start carving your turkey!

spurkey spam turkey meme
spurkey spam turkey meme

This turkey spam meme shows you how to eat a fancy meal on a budget. A can of spam will set you back around $3.50. A turkey will cost anywhere from $10-$30 depending on the weight and the season.

turkey spam meme how to eat fancy on a budget follow me for more recipes
turkey spam meme

Another budget hack, if you are trying to eat cheap on Keto – carve your canned meat into a turkey! It might not taste like turkey, but it will be cheap and keto friendly. Speaking of keto, don’t miss our keto memes.

spam turkey meme turkey on a budget
spam turkey on a budget meme

Not spam memes, but our egg memes are bound to crack you up!

Spam Puns

Grandma doesn’t quite understand the Spam pun situation. Spam email, also known as jump email is unsolicited messages sent in bulk.

Monty Python

Did you know that Monty Python might just be the reason behind why we call junk email as such?

monty python spam meme
monty python spam source: wikipedia

Monty Python and the Flying Circus did a sketch in 1970 The funny skit features the cast mocking the meat. In the sketch they called the canned pork product, SPAM annoying and unavoidable (and even did a lovely Spam song about the product.) This is where the email term comes from. Watch the Monty Python sketch.

its spam meme grandma a computer is a weird place to store canned meat
grandma its spam meme

This do not click this is a spam post mocks the email vs meat Spam pun.

spam post meme do not click this spam post
do not click this spam meme

When you are spamming spam. This is so much better than spam email.

spaming spam meme
spamming spam

If anyone gets a message from me about canned meat, don’t open it. It’s spam.

spam turkey meme if anyone gets a message from me about canned meat dont open it
spam pun

More Memes about Spam Meat

The spam meat memes continue. Did anyone else grow up calling Spam the mystery meat? It’s not unicorn, but is a pork blend.

spam meat meme mystery meat in a can
spam meat meme

Wait a minute, are you telling me spam stands for stuff posing as meat? Spam actually stands for spiced ham. Now you know! Bacon memes for when you want to laugh at more pork.

funny spam meme wait a minute you are telling me spam stands for stuff posing as meat
funny spam meme

Nothing to see here, I’m just spamming spam memes.

spam meme nothing to see here
spam meme

If you love these, make sure to check out Digital Mom Blog’s funny memes.

original spam meme

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These funny Spam memes won’t share themselves. Text them to a friend, post on social media – share the joy. Give us a tag on social and a link back to this post so more people can enjoy a good laugh about canned meat (of all things!) Do you know what goes good with spam memes? Cheese memes, of course!

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