Chaffle Recipe – How to Make Low Carb Waffles with Your Waffle Maker

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THE INFAMOUS CHAFFLES RECIPE – when the Keto internet world went crazy, it had to be when the now beloved chaffle low carb waffle (used as a low carb bread) was discovered! 

You guys, chaffles are all the rage right now in Keto land and if you have no idea what a chaffle is, you are in for a treat. This may just be life changing, or at least diet altering as the beloved chaffle is a keto food that will take your keto recipes to a whole new level!

chaffles almond flour

We quickly fell in love with chaffle and found there are 2 ways to eat a chaffle. Do you want sweet or savory? This is our original chaffle recipe that we are saying is best for savory/salt. But if you are new to the chaffle craze, let me first introduce you.

What is a Chaffle? 

The original chaffle recipe origin is unknown. But what a chaffle is – well, it’s Keto magic in your mouth. It’s a low carb waffle that works AWESOME for filling your need for bread. It just takes a few ingredients, can be made in a matter of minutes and is made in a waffle maker.


It’s made with cheese, so get it? When you mesh cheese and waffle – you get chaffle (and you also get magic.) Well enough with the back story. Now that you know what this keto food is, let’s make one and let you see for yourself how amazing this keto waffle is!

Chaffle Recipe

Everyone takes a recipe and makes it their own, and I’ve done the same with this version. A friend forwarded me this keto recipe a few months back and I’ve since perfected it, or at least for me and my liking. Let’s dive in and learn how to make chaffles. 

Remember – this is the almond flour chaffle recipe we recommend for using with savory items. If you are looking for more of a breakfast chaffle – use our sweet chaffle recipe

Chaffle Recipe

Chaffle Recipe

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 2 minutes

Let's learn how to make keto waffles made out of cheese. This simple low carb Chaffle recipe will give you a new delicious food to eat that is versatile and keto diet friendly!



  1. Spray your waffle maker with coconut oil spray.
  2. Mix egg, cheese, almond flour and baking soda.
  3. Pour egg mixture onto your waffle maker.
  4. Close the waffle maker and cook until done. (Typically around a 1 minute.)
  5. Remove chaffle from the waffle iron with a spatula.
  6. Let sit for a few minutes before enjoying!


Use this easy chaffle recipe as bread for sandwiches, a keto food on it's own, as a bagel, toast - the options are endless! We hope you enjoy this keto recipe!

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Did we mention how this is a super easy Keto recipe? And if you are on the Keto diet, chances are that you already have the chaffle ingredients in your pantry and fridge!

ingredients for chaffle low carb waffles recipe

Mix egg ingredients.

mix egg cheese chaffle ingredients

Spray your waffle maker and then dump your chaffle ingredients on to the waffle iron.

spray waffle maker

Close waffle iron and wait impatiently for approximately a minute while your low carb cheese waffle cooks.

Almond Flour Chaffle

This recipe is for an almond flour chaffle. If you are thinking you want to try something sweeter our sweet chaffle recipe is the answer!

chaffles recipe

The greatest thing about this keto food is the ways to make this your own. We are going to be sharing various Chaffle recipes as we experiment and try new ingredients to change things up!

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No Flour – No Problem!

If you can’t eat almond flour or coconut flour, we have an alternative recipe that you will love. Check out our Flourless Chaffles!

Best Waffle Makers for Chaffles

If you are looking for a waffle maker to make your chaffles, here are a few suggestions! Here is what our Keto community is saying that the best chaffle waffle maker is!

Waffle Bowl Maker

And if you want to get extra fancy, why not try a chaffle bowl? That’s right, get a waffle bowl maker to make your new favorite keto recipe.

The thought of a taco salad in a bowl? YUM!

Add Avocado

Ready to kick your low carb waffle up a notch? If you love avocado toast, then you will love this!

avocado low carb waffle

That’s right, that is an AVOCADO Chaffle. You are welcome.

Well Keto Dirty friends, there you have it. That is how to make a chaffle in a waffle maker. We hope that this recipe and tutorial were helpful to you and more so, we hope you enjoy your meal!

Looking for Something Sweet? Try THIS!

You guys, if you love our Keto chaffle, you will absolutely die (retraction, okay – I was totally being extreme. You will not die – but you will hopefully really like this!) when you try this ->

sweet chaffles recipe

Yes, you guys! That is a CHOCOLATE CHAFFLE. This is perfect for when you have a sweet tooth!

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