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Funny Cheese Memes – 30+ Laughs for the Cheesy

Cheese memes because let’s face it – with the amount of cheese us keto dieters eat, we gotta LOL!

We are talking cheese, specifically memes about cheese. It has been a while since we have shared some good keto memes – and today’s block will not disappoint.

Best Cheese Memes

So let’s hear it for the funny cheese memes! Let’s get cheesy – as if us keto diet and low carbers aren’t already full enough with it.

cheese memes funny
funny cheese memes

We are bringing the LOL!

If you have a friend that is cheese obsessed, a bit cheesy or if they too keto thats all they eat, good news.

eat cheese meme
eat all the cheese meme

When eating dirty keto or regular keto, there are a few staple foods that we get to indulge in and one of those is our beloved cheese. We aren’t forgetting bacon, in fact, we have bacon memes that you won’t want to miss.

burnt cheese meme - the cheese i spilled in the bottom of my oven watching me bake more stuff instead of cleaning it out
burnt cheese meme

Possibly the cheesiest pick-up line.

do you like cheese meme
do you like cheese meme

These funny cheese memes are perfect for sharing with them. Share this one with your lactose intolerant friend who doesn’t do well with dairy.

dairy diarrhea meme lactose intolerant
dairy diarrhea meme

When you love cheese so much.

love cheese meme when you just love cheese so much
love cheese meme

This is the kind of MAGA I can get behind. Make America Grate Again!

make america grate again
make america grate again

While cheese memes are grate, our egg memes are egg-cellent!

Shredded Cheese Memes

Anyone else ever got caught eating shredded cheese out of the bag? No, just me and baby Yoda?

shredded cheese baby yoda meme
shredded cheese meme

Me Eating Shredded Cheese Meme

When my parents watch me eating shredded cheese at 4am by the fist fulls. Especially if it’s Tillamook cheese – hands off, that’s mine.

shredded cheese meme funny when my parents watch me eating fist fulls of shredded cheese at 4 am
shredded cheese meme funny

Ever wonder how shredded cheese is made? Skateboarders shredding be like.

funny shredded cheese meme  how shredded cheese is made
funny shredded cheese meme

If you take a sleeping pill, you may relate to this shredded cheese meme. When someone asks where the shredded cheese is and you remember what you were doing at 3am last night.

shredded cheese memes when someone asks where the shredded cheese is and you remember what you were doing at 3am last night
shredded cheese memes

Moldy Cheese Mene

When you buy an expensive aged cheese thats been aging for 7 years. Bring it home and it lasts a whole entire week before it starts getting moldy. The worse! And yes I know, cheese is mold but there is a difference between mold and gross mold. Anyways, enjoy this moldy cheese meme.

funny cheese meme
mold cheese meme

Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about moldy cheese.

Soft cheeses, such as cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta, with mold should be discarded. The same goes for any kind of cheese that’s shredded, crumbled or sliced.

With these cheeses, the mold can send threads throughout the cheese — contaminating more than you see. In addition, harmful bacteria, such as listeria, brucella, salmonella and E. coli, can grow along with the mold.

Mold generally can’t penetrate far into hard and semisoft cheeses, such as cheddar, colby, Parmesan and Swiss. So you can cut away the moldy part and eat the rest of the cheese. Cut off at least 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) around and below the moldy spot. Be sure to keep the knife out of the mold, so it doesn’t contaminate other parts of the cheese.

Mayo Clinic – Moldy Cheese: Is it ok to eat?

Cheddar Cheese Memes

For those who like the cheddar, these cheddar cheese memes are for you.

sharp cheddar cheese meme
sharp cheddar cheese meme

Sing Sweet Dreams like Annie Lenox but with these cheesy lyrices: Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am i to disagree? I traveled the world eating cheddar cheese, potty time i’m seriously grunting.

cheddar cheese meme sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am i to disagree i traveled the world eating cheddar cheese, potty time i'm seriously grunting
cheddar cheese meme

More Cheese Memes

And the cheese memes continue. Me when in the cheese department, I’ll take all of them.

love cheese meme
cheese meme

Mac and Cheese Memes

Now this is a keto friendly mac and cheese if I have ever seen one! Check out this mac and cheese meme.

mac and cheese meme
mac and cheese meme

Who is Mac and why so much cheese? Deep thinking in this Mac and Cheese meme.

mac and cheese meme who is mac and why so much cheese
mac and cheese meme

When someone asks why I love cheese so much. Who doesn’t love this line from Mean Girls? And if you love you some MG – check out these Mean Girl memes.

mean girls im a mouse meme
im a mouse meme

Queso Meme

Oh Homer, we get it. Queso meme because who doesn’t love the queso – especially when with these keto tortillas!

queso meme
queso meme

This, I can agree – but will say this. Too much cheese will stop you up! And then there are those who cant do dairy., but that’s for another Keto Dirty post not this one!

too much cheese meme
funny cheese meme

Funny Cheese Quotes

Profess your love with these cheesy funny cheese quotes.

Cheese is the glue that holds my life together.

cheese quote - Cheese is the glue that holds my life together.
cheese quote funny image

This funny cheese quote is perfect for my friends who are cheeseboard obssessed.

you can't make everyone happy. you aren't cheese
funny cheese quote

That has too much cheese on it, said no one ever.

funny cheese quote - That has too much cheese on it, said no one ever.
funny cheese quote

Cheese Puns

These cheesy cheese puns are cheddar. Let’s grow mold together.

cheese mold meme
mold cheese meme

Cheddar Cheese Pun

How about a cheddar cheese pun. Looking sharp over there, Cheddar!

cheddar cheese pun looking sharp
cheddar cheese pun

Cheese Grate Pun

I know its cheesy but I think you are grate. Perfect for sending to someone who you admire.

cheesy meme
cheesy meme grate pun

A little cheesy but still grate!

cheese pun grate
cheese pun

Grilled Cheese Pun

Grilled cheese pun, a slice of cheese with an actual grill. This too much, but I love it.

grilled cheese pun
grilled cheese pun

Memes About Cheese

We hope you enjoyed these cheese memes as much as we did. Cheesy? Yes. Funny, definitely.

Here are a few of our favorite keto recipes with cheese:

Keto Recipes with Cheese

Enjoy these keto recipes made with cheese.

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