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50 Best Mounjaro Snacks to Munch On Thru Out the Day

We are sharing our favorite Mounjaro Snacks to eat for a quick and easy bite.

If you are on Mounjaro and have either too much appetite suppression or are just trying to make sure that when you do snack that you eat healthy, we are here to help.

Mounjaro Snack Ideas

We are sharing our favorite Mounjaro snacks. Many of you have been following our posts as we talk about Mounjaro for weight loss. While the hunger suppression with Mounjaro is real, it is important to eat. Often times with the brain quietening that happens with Tirezepatide, we forget to eat.

mounjaro snacks
mounjaro snacks

You have to eat! We’ve created a huge list of over 50 Mounjaro snack ideas for things to eat through out the day. These are quick or make ahead ideas to help keep you fed when the appetite suppression has you not wanting to eat.

eating on mounjaro
eating on mounjaro

While everyone has different goals when it comes to eating, 3 things that we have found helpful is making sure that you are getting enough protein in, increase your fiber intake and that you watch sugar. Hence why a modified keto diet (hello, Keto Dirty!) is great for when determining what to snack on.

Best Mounjaro Snacks

Here are 50 Mounjaro Snacks that we are loving that we hope you will enjoy too. As mentioned, we are looking to increase protein, easy to eat on the go, minimal sugar and fiber.

From smoked sausages and pickles to protein shakes and cheese, enjoy this list of Mounjaro snack ideas.

Tillamook Smoked Sausages

Eating just 3 sticks of Tillamook smoked sausages contains 9 grams of protein and zero carbs.

tillamook smoked sausage
tillamook smoked sausage

These bite size smoked sausages offer a great source of protein and a delicious taste with no artificial ingredients!

Available at Amazon

Breakstone Cottage Cheese Cups

Next on our list of Mounjaro snacks is cottage cheese. Breakstone cottage cheese cups are a great on the go snack.

cottage cheese cups
cottage cheese cups

While each cottage cheese cup does contain 6 grabs of carbs, it also has 13 grams of protein and only 100 calories. We like our’s plain, but for more flavor mix in pineapple or another fruit.

Available at grocery stores near you.

Peppers with Cream Cheese and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

Looking for a Mounjaro snack idea with more substance? Buy a package of fresh mini sweet peppers. There are 2 ways to eat this. You can cut these in half and top with cream cheese and everything but the bagel seasoning.

peppers with cream cheese
peppers with cream cheese

Another option is to make a cream cheese dip with everything but the bagel seasoning mixed in. Dip the peppers into the cream cheese dip for a delicious low carb option.

Buy Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

Spicy Pickles

This Mounjaro snack idea might not have the protein or fiber, but is a good source of potassium, zero carbs and zero calories.

hot pickle
hot pickles

If you are wanting more than a plain spicy pickle, up the game by wrapping the pickle in a slice of ham to get in some more protein.

Spicy Pickles available at Amazon

Chomps Beef Sticks

Next on our list of Mounjaro snacks, we have Chomps beef sticks.

chomps beef stick
chomps beef stick

These delicious beef jerky sticks are made with grass-fed beef. Chomps beef sticks have only 90 calories, 9 grams of protein and zero carbs.

Available on Amazon

Hard Boiled Eggs

Whether you want to make these yourself or buy pre-made hard boiled eggs, these are a great go-to snack option to keep in your fridge.

hard boiled egg snack idea
hard boiled egg snack idea

Make sure to read our secret to easy peeling hard boiled eggs.

Pork Rinds

These aren’t your mama’s pork rinds. While the thought of eating pig skin just never set well with me, there is a brand that changed my mind.

pork rinds snack idea
pork rinds snack idea

4505 Chicharrones fried pork rinds come in an array of flavors (we love BBQ!) and are a great snacking option while on Mounjaro or for a keto snack.

Available on Amazon

Cheese Cubes

Another great snack option is cheese cubes. Pick up a block of your favorite cheese and slice into cubes.

cheese cubes mounjaro snacks
cheese cubes mounjaro snacks

You can also buy cheese cubes pre-cut in a bag. That’s what we do, so no judgement there!

Chicken Salad

Pre-make our chicken salad and keep in your fridge for easy access to snack on. Filled with protein and tastes delicious!

chicken salad snack idea
chicken salad snack idea

View Easy Keto Chicken Salad Recipe

Fairlife Protein Shakes

Our new favorite keto protein shake has 30 grams of protein, 3 net carbs and 150 calories. If you haven’t tried the Fairlife Protein Shakes, do yourself a favor and order a pack.

fairlife protein shake
fairlife protein shake

While these are NOT cheap, these are by far the best tasting protein shakes we have tried to date. With 30 grams of protein, not only will these help with hunger – they will help make sure you are reaching your daily protein intake amount.

Our favorite Fair Life shake flavor is chocolate, but the other flavors are very good as well. Mix in with your coffee in the morning or eat as a snack during the day.

Available on Amazon


Next on our list of Mounjaro snacks is a favorite by many. Good ol’ bacon never fails. While we like our bacon crispy, you do you boo.

bacon snack idea
bacon snack idea

Fry or bake bacon in advance, hide from the kids and eat as a snack. Don’t miss our bacon memes for some porky humor.

Avocado with Salt and Garlic Pepper

A medium avocado has 2 net carbs and 10 grams of fiber. Cut an avocado in half and sprinkle with salt and garlic pepper for a delicious nutritious snack idea.

avocado snack
avocado snack

Jalapeno Poppers

One of our favorite meals to make extra of to snack on are jalapeno poppers.

jalapeno poppers mounjaro snack idea
jalapeno poppers mounjaro snack idea

We have a great brisket jalapeno poppers recipe you won’t want to miss!

Applegate Chicken and Maple Sausage

A great Mounjaro snack idea to help get more protein in are these Applegate Chicken and Maple Sausages.

applegate chicken and maple mounjaro snack
applegate chicken and maple mounjaro snack

These come frozen but cooked, so just warm up in the microwave. Each chicken sausage has 3 grams of protein.

Cucumbers and Cream Cheese

Cumbers and cream cheese make an awesome snack idea. We will show you how to make this delicious recipe that is perfect for keeping in your fridge to help keep hunger at bay.

cucumber cream cheese mounjaro snack idea
cucumber cream cheese mounjaro snack idea

View our Cream Cheese Cucumber Snack

More Snack Ideas to Eat While on Mounjaro

Here’s even more Mounjaro snacks to try.

Pepperoni Slices – available in the deli or pre-packed in the refrigerated meat section, pickup a bag of pepperoni slices for an easy snack.

Moon Cheese is our favorite keto cheese cracker. These delicious low carb snacks come bagged and ready to eat. (available on Amazon)

Smoked Salmon is ready to eat. Keep a package in your refrigerator to snack on. Eat smoked salmon plain or with cream cheese.

mounjaro snack ideas
mounjaro snack ideas

String Cheese is an childhood and now Mounjaro snack favorite. With 1 gram of carbs and 6 grams of protein this snack idea is a great option.

Deli Meat is another great snack idea. Next time you are at the grocery store, pick a few quarter pounds of various deli meats. Try something new like a buffalo chicken or a rosemary sun-dried tomato ham and snack on through-out the day.

Quest Chips are protein chips that are a great healthy alternative to standard potato chips. Available on Amazon – choose from various flavors.

healthy mounjaro snacks
healthy mounjaro snacks

Keto Meatballs are easy to make, have minimal carbs and are a great source of protein.

Shrimp Cocktail – pick up a package of pre-cooked shrimp in your seafood section of the store. Shrimp cocktail are ready to eat!

Here’s more of our list of 50 Mounjaro Snacks to try:

  • Carrots and Ranch Dressing (check nutrition facts on dressing!)
  • Sugar Free Pudding
  • Handful of Almonds
  • Sugar Free Jello
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Kodiak Waffles
  • Celery and Ranch Dressing
  • Chaffle
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Sargento Balanced Breaks
  • Turkey Sticks
  • Atkins Bars (available on Amazon)
  • Frozen Grapes
  • Apples with Almond Butter
  • Clio Greek Yogurt Mini Bars
  • Protein Balls
  • Zucchini Chips
  • Olives
  • Broccoli and Ranch Dip
  • Little Smokies
  • Pickles and Cheddar Cheese Slices
  • Steamed Edamame
  • Scrambled Eggs with Cheese
  • Highkey Cookies
  • Prosciutto wrapped with Cheese
  • Salami Slices
  • Hummus
  • Seaweed Snack
  • Pretzels – not friendly if you are watching carbs but good for a bland food.

We hope this list of Mounjaro snack ideas give you some ideas on what you can eat through-out the day and between meals. Check out our list of Mounjaro tips for more helpful ideas on your Tirezepatide weight loss journey.

Looking for more snack ideas? We’ve got them!

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Best Mounjaro Snack Ideas also work for those who are using Wegovy or Ozempic.

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