Bacon Memes – Because Who Doesn’t Love Bacon?

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This week we are featuring funny BACON MEMES in our ongoing Monday Keto Memes series.

You guys, I mean what is the Keto diet without bacon? So of course, on this meme Monday we are sharing our favorite funny Bacon Memes! We love us some bacon and know that MOST of you do to – so figured this would be a great share. 

Funny Bacon Memes

We know you love you some pork, and now you can share your bacon humor with your friends. 

You either love it or you are wrong. It’s as simple as that. 

Either you love bacon or you are wrong.



If by “crunches” you mean the sound bacon makes when you eat it, then YES I do crunches! BACON CRUNCHES!


Is there ever any leftovers? RARE. 


Leftover bacon? LOL that’s up there with unicorns and leprechauns.

Oh Kevin Bacon, you are a meme dream.


Kevin BAKE ON – we’re gonna need that victory cake.


You are right, you can’t say no!

One does not simply say no to bacon.


When you know it’s near. 

Excuse me, but did you mention bacon?

My kind of low carb, gluten free salad. 


Bacon salad is low carb and gluten free.

Quick question! Have you seen our chaffle recipe? Don’t miss it – it’s the perfect Keto recipe, but make sure to add bacon!

Turkey Bacon Meme

Turkey bacon is Not the same. These memes prove it.

You said turkey bacon tastes just as good. That is a lie. You are right, Maury.

Nope, it isn’t! Turkey isn’t pig. 

Turkey Bacon ISN’T BACON

MORE Funny Bacon Memes

Yoda smells it. 

Smell bacon, I do.

We love you, piggy. Thank you for your goodness.


Converts vegetables to bacon.

This is VERY Lady Gaga. Introducing the Bacon Bra. I just don’t know about this.

A bra made of bacon. Now I will bring ALL the boys to the yard. Make sure that bacon is cooked please.


Real bacon does have curves. 


Real bacon has curves.


Bacon Cakes

If you have a birthday and want to stay low carb or on Keto – make a bacon cake! Check these out!

Bacon birthday cupcake – PERFECT for s keto birthday cake!


I can’t eat sugar my friends made me this bacon cupcake for by birthday.


Well, maybe you just want to taste of bacon but don’t necessarily want to give up the chocolate cake. Hey, it’s your birthday – don’t blame you!

Who needs sex, when you can have bacon cake. (On the KETO diet, you will want both. Just make sure that bacon cake is low carb.)

More Bacon Humor


God is good, so are pigs. 


Of course God will give us bacon in heaven. He is a good, good God.

Oh that grease splatter. 


Grease splatter? You mean bacon kisses!

It’s not bad!


You told me bacon was bad. Shame on YOU!

How to get the girl. 


You had me at Bacon (from Jerry Maguire.)

Redefining what BAE means. 

I love my BAE. Bacon And Eggs (get it, B A E) bwhahaha

How to make the perfect BLT.


How to make the perfect BLT – bacon, little more bacon, topped with bacon.


Share These!

Here is more bacon fun to share. Make sure to tag us on social at @ketodirty. 

When in doubt, just add bacon. Easy!


Keto can totally give you a body by bacon. 

Body by Bacon


Looking for a keto snack? Check out our Bacon and String Cheese Keto Snack Idea!

MORE Funny Keto Memes


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