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Best Bacon Memes – 25+ Funny Images Celebrating Bacon Humor

Who doesn’t love bacon memes? We are sharing our favorite funny finds for you to share with your favorite bacon lovers!

You guys, I mean what is the Keto diet without some of our favorite cut of pork. Let’s face it, dieting can be hard but you know what isn’t?

Funny Bacon Memes

We got the best bacon memes! Whether it be ham, pork chops, belly, pancetta, gammon, slab, carnitas, bbq pig, rinds – whatever the way you’ve tried – we always go back to the beloved bacon.

funny bacon memes
funny bacon memes for 2022

So of course, on this meme Monday we are sharing our favorite funny Bacon Memes! We love us some bacon and know that MOST of you do to – so figured this would be a great share. 

We know you love you some pork, and now you can share your bacon humor with your friends.  

You either love it or you are wrong. It’s as simple as that. 

bacon meme says either you love bacon or you are wrong
bacon meme

Either you love bacon or you are wrong.


if by crunches you mean i totally do crunches - bacon memes
If by “crunches” you mean the sound bacon makes when you eat it, then YES I do crunches! BACON CRUNCHES!

Bacon is one of our favorite zero carb snacks! You are right, you can’t say no!

game of thrones meme about bacon
bacon meme

One does not simply say no to bacon.

When you know it’s near. 

dumb and dumber image about bacon
Excuse me, but did you mention bacon?

Have you tried our bacon aioli? It’s a delicious French condiment that we’ve baconfied and made keto friendly.

Leftover Bacon Memes

These leftover bacon memes have me rolling. Does leftover bacon really exist? I thought it was a myth like unicorns and leprechauns.

leftover bacon meme funny myth thats up there with unicorns and leprechauns
leftover bacon meme funny myth

Someone asked me what I do with leftover bacon. I have never heard of that kind of bacon, is it new?

leftover bacon recipe meme someone asked what what i do with our leftover bacon ive never heard of that kind of bacon, is it new?
leftover bacon recipe meme

No one every asks “do you want my leftover bacon?”

funny leftover bacon meme do you want my leftover bacon said no one ever
bacon leftovers meme

Is there ever any leftovers? RARE. 

funny bacon meme about leftover bacon

As this Leftover bacon meme states, it does not exist.

Bacon Salad Memes

Low carb, gluten free and keto friendly salad. This bacon salad meme has the word drool all over it!

bacon salad meme low carb, gluten free salad
Bacon salad is low carb and gluten free. My kind of low carb, gluten free salad. 

One little piece of lettuce and an entire plate of bacon. Let’s call it bacon salad. Follow me for more recipes.

bacon salad meme follow me for more recipes
bacon salad meme funny

Best salad ever, just a plate go bacon. No lettuce needed.

bacon salad funny meme best salad ever
bacon salad funny meme

Bacon Humor

More bacon humor for the bacon lover.

If you love Star Wars, bacon and Chewbacca – you must make a bacon chewie! Funny, I found this funny bacon meme and sure enough, its a creation from my friend, Carrie Elle! Learn how to make a Star Wars Breakfast.

my bacon was a little chewie meme
Chewbacca bacon – my bacon was a little Chewie

Now that is a LITERAL pig in a blanket!

pig in a blanket meme about bacon
pig in a blanket meme

If avocado is the good fat…. Bacon is?

avocado bacon meme
avocado bacon meme

Cooking Bacon Memes

As wonderful as bacon is, I find it best when a restaurant is doing the cooking. Unfortunately, that chef, is typically me. At least we can find humor in cooking bacon, right?

cooking bacon package meme
When you have a full package of bacon and think it is going to go bad and proceed to cook the whole package – just in case.

Raise your hand if you have caused a bacon grease fire? That smell, ya’ll. This bacon grease meme shows it all.

cooking bacon meme fire
Bacon grease meme

Bacon because crack is bad for you. Don’t do crack. Stick with bacon.

cooking bacon meme

I Love Bacon

For anyone who adores the pork, these I love bacon memes are just for you.

bacon is love meme
bacon meme – bacon is love

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy and cook bacon. TOTALLY the same right?

bacon is happiness meme

Raise those kids to know and love bacon. Even in it’s early stages when it was just a pig.

i love you future bacon meme

Bacon is love and life. If these bacon memes are making you hungry, don’t miss our list of Keto breakfast ideas.

bacon is love bacon is life meme

Pretty sunset or do you see bacon? When you love bacon so much you miss the sunset.

sunset or bacon meme
Bacon humor – do you see bacon or a sunset?

Kevin Bacon Memes

I mean, while he technically isn’t pork – these Kevin Bacon memes belong here.

kevin bacon meme literal
LITERAL Kevin bacon

How about bacon art – and of course, Kevin Bacon made out of bacon.

kevin bacon made out of bacon art
Kevin Bacon Art

Oh Kevin Bacon, you are a meme dream.

kevin bacon meme says kevin bake on with bacon
Kevin BAKE ON – we’re gonna need that victory cake.

It all leads back to Kevin Bacon.

7 degrees of kevin bacon meme
kevin bacon meme

Bacon Masks Meme

Bacon masks? Hate wearing masks, what about a mask made out of bacon?

bacon mask meme
bacon mask meme

Bacon masks, follow me for more recipes!

bacon mask follow me meme
bacon meme about mask wearing

Ask good as I think these would smell, the thought it just very Hannibal Lector-ish! And bacon grease on my face for any period of time? Hard pass.

made my own bacon mask
Made my own masks, out of bacon!

Quick question! Have you seen our chaffle recipe? Don’t miss it – it’s the perfect Keto recipe, but make sure to add bacon!

Turkey Bacon Meme

Turkey bacon is Not the same. These memes prove it.

maury polvich funny keto image says you said turkey bacon tastes just as good that is a lie
You said turkey bacon tastes just as good. That is a lie. You are right, Maury.

Nope, it isn’t! Turkey isn’t pig. 

Funny image says turkey bacon isnt bacon
Turkey Bacon ISN’T BACON

MORE Funny Bacon Pictures

Yoda smells it.  Looking for a quick and easy low carb lunch? Try our bacon and string cheese idea.

yoda funny graphic says smell bacon i do
Smell bacon, I do.

We love you, piggy. Thank you for your goodness.

photo of pig that says converts vegetables to bacon
Converts vegetables to bacon.

This is VERY Lady Gaga. Introducing the Bacon Bra. I just don’t know about this.

bra made of bacon funny picture
A bra made of bacon. Now I will bring ALL the boys to the yard. Make sure that bacon is cooked please.

Real bacon does have curves. 

bacon has curves funny images
Real bacon has curves.

Birthday Bacon Memes

If you have a birthday and want to stay low carb or on Keto – make a bacon cake! Check these out birthday bacon memes.

bacon birthday meme - bouquet of bacon flowers
bacon birthday meme

Looking for more birthday greetings to share, check out these funny birthday memes.

Bacon Cakes

Bacon birthday cupcake – PERFECT keto birthday cake! It’s not cake, but bacon brussel sprouts are legit for that craving you are having right now.

birthday cupcake made of bacon
I can’t eat sugar my friends made me this bacon cupcake for by birthday.

Well, maybe you just want to taste of bacon but don’t necessarily want to give up the chocolate cake. Hey, it’s your birthday – don’t blame you!

cake made of bacon
Funny bacon picture of a bacon cake: Who needs sex, when you can have bacon cake. (On the KETO diet, you will want both. Just make sure that bacon cake is low carb.)

Looking for some birthday humor, try these funny birthday memes!

Bacon and Eggs Memes

This bacon and eggs meme may have you never looking at bacon and eggs the same again.

bacon and egg meme sperm
sperm and egg funny breakfast meme

Redefining what BAE means. 

funny keto graphic says i love my bae bacon and eggs
I love my BAE. Bacon And Eggs (get it, B A E) bwhahaha

While we are talking pork and bacon memes, don’t miss these funny egg memes!

More Bacon Funny

God is good, so are pigs. 

pigs and bacon in heaven funny graphic
Of course God will give us bacon in heaven. He is a good, good God.

Oh that grease splatter. 

grease splatter bacon kisses meme
Grease splatter? You mean bacon kisses!

It’s not bad! Let’s try to avoid shaming.

girl mad says shame on you you told me bacon was bad
You told me bacon was bad. Shame on YOU!

How to get the girl. Hint, hint – it involves a pig that no longer looks like a pig. 

keto meme says you had me at bacon
You had me at Bacon (from Jerry Maguire.)

Bacon Bits Memes

Ever wonder where bacon bits come from? I will say bacon bits are one of our grocery store staples.

how bacon bits are made meme
bacon bits meme

They are an easy add to eggs in the morning for all the flavor without the work (or bacon grease!)

Bacon bits salad, anyone?

bacon bits salad meme
bacon bits meme

Trying to not think about where bacon bits come from. Have you tried our bacon Brussel sprouts?

bacon bits meme
trying not to think where bacon bits come from meme

Funny Bacon Quotes and Pictures

Here is more porky fun to share – funny bacon quotes and pictures.

When in doubt, just add bacon. Easy!

keto dirty meme when in doubt add bacon quote
bacon quote – when in doubt

How to make the perfect BLT.

blt photo featuring stack of bacon
How to make the perfect BLT meme- bacon, little more bacon, topped with bacon.

Keto can totally give you a body by bacon. 

funny bacon quote - body by bacon
Body by Bacon meme

All of your keto dreams are coming thru in this bacon meme! What if you take strips of bacon and fry them into a taco shell. Fill the shell with taco filling and there you have it a bacon taco!

bacon taco meme
bacon taco – could it get any better

For all the parents who have had to endure Peppa, this Peppa Pig bacon meme of the Peppa Pig puzzle is just too hilarious not to share.

peppa pig bacon meme
peppa pig bacon meme – peppa pig puzzle

Ron Swanson bacon meme because we know Ron loves the pork.

ron swanson bacon meme
ron swanson bacon meme – 5 course meal

Vegetarian bacon meme – I mean, yes it is animal but it’s an animal product that converts vegetables to meat.

vegetarian bacon meme
bacon vegetarian meme

Looking for a keto snack? Check out our Bacon and String Cheese Keto Snack Idea!

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