Bacon and String Cheese – Easy Keto Lunch

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You guys, I am trying to keep it simple and provide you guys easy Keto lunch ideas (don’t miss our post on Keto food ideas) and other Keto meal ideas to help keep you motivated on the Ketogenic diet. I know that personally, when I don’t have meals planned or the fridge stocked with Keto-friendly food, my diet goes to crap. 

Easy Keto Lunch

So if you are looking for a Pinterest perfect photo and amazing Keto recipe, sure we will have some here on Keto Dirty, but this isn’t one of those post. This post is just honest. 

EASY KETO Lunch bacon mozzarella

I have rebooted my Keto diet and honestly, I have some food but not a ton that I can eat but I am focused. This easy Keto lunch again is NOT fancy, but is super simple to make and fills the need for food!

Bacon and String Cheese

I told you guys, NOT FANCY and yes, this is just bacon and string cheese. It’s string mozzarella cheese if you want specifics. Just keeping it real.

keto bacon string cheese - easy keto lunch

Bacon and string cheese, so yummy – so easy and if I had avocados I would totally add that to the mix – but alas, I need to order groceries!


Yes, I like my bacon nearly burnt. I like to make a few pounds of bacon at a time.


Then I put it in the fridge and grab it whenever I need an easy Keto lunch, meal or snack. 

Mozzarella String Cheese

Isn’t there something so satisfying about pulling string cheese? No? Maybe I am just a weirdo – but love me some string cheese. 

kroger mozzarella string cheese carb count

With less than 1 carb, you can’t go wrong with string cheese! I just buy the generic Kroger mozzarella string cheese in large quantities!

Being Keto Dirty

Being KETO dirty is creating a Keto lifestyle. It is finding foods that work to help keep you focused on the long-term goal of a healthy life on Keto. 

Tell us what your favorite go-to easy Keto lunch is! 

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