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Egg Memes – 25+ Funny Laughs at Egg Prices That Will Crack You Up!

These funny egg memes will crack you up!

The price of eggs in 2023 is ridiculous. Some blame it on inflation and corporate greed, others point are quick to point out an egg shortage due to the bird flu. Whatever the reason, we can at least enjoy these funny egg memes.

Funny Egg Memes

Adding to our growing collection of keto memes, we bring you humor about the beloved egg.

egg memes
egg memes

Share these funny egg memes with your friends and fellow egg eaters. They are perfect for practical yolkers. Yes, egg puns inside.

eggs meme
eggs meme

Egg Price Memes

Hope that keto recipe didn’t call for eggs. If it does, it’s going to cost you. The price of eggs has more than doubled and all we can do is share the funny egg price memes.

chickens when the egg prices go up

Want to impress her, buy her a dozen eggs.

buy her something expensive
egg meme 2023

Last year, eggs were around under $2 a dozen and now they average over $5 for 12.

egg prices meme
egg prices meme

This funny egg price meme has a point. What are we going to dye come Easter?

eggs meme 2023

It doesn’t take much to impress her, obviously. Though that carton of 18 eggs cost him plenty.

kroger egg meme

More Funny Memes About Eggs

When you love eggs so much but they don’t love you back.

egg lover meme
egg lover meme

Low carb and keto dieters be like – eating eggs, every single day. It’s all about getting creative! Try our ricotta scrambled eggs!

eating eggs everyday meme
eating eggs everyday meme

One does not – not eat eggs every single day. By the way – if you are wonder are eggs keto – YES!

eating eggs meme
eating eggs meme

This Cadbury egg meme is way too relatable come Easter. How’s the diet going? Not good. I had eggs for breakfast. Scrambled? CADBURY. Are Cadbury eggs keto? No! We have a list of is it keto to help you know what is and what isn’t.

cadbury egg meme hows the diet going not good i had eggs for breakfast. scrambled? no cadbury
cadbury egg meme

He died on fryday.

funny egg meme he died on fryday
funny egg meme

Deviled Egg Memes

If I had to choose the best way to eat eggs, it would definitely be deviled. These funny deviled eggs meme are for all of us who can eat 50 of these delicious keto appetizers without flenching.

deviled eggs meme - scrambled eggs, i can eat 2 eggs. Deviled eggs, I can eat 50.
deviled eggs meme

This baby yoda deviled egg meme is too funny. Who else gets sad when someone eats the last deviled egg.

baby yoda deviled eggs meme - when someone eats the last deviled egg when you only ate a dozen
baby yoda deviled eggs meme

Who else expect deviled eggs for Thanksgiving dinner? If so, this deviled eggs thanksgiving meme is for you!

When mom makes deviled eggs on thanksgiving dinner
deviled eggs thanksgiving meme

Don’t miss our million dollar deviled eggs – but only if you want to try the best deviled egg recipe ever!

Memes About Cooking Eggs

From picking to cooking eggs, these egg memes will keep you rolling.

I will keep picking eggs randomly from the tray so they don’t know who’s next. I love creating tension. source: @itseugine

picking eggs meme
picking eggs meme

More funny eggs memes, have you ever wondered what an egg sees when you slice them? Now you can’t unsee it!

egg meme funny what i see vs what the egg sees
egg meme funny

Whose ready to get fryed? Do you think they know?

whose ready to get fryed?
fried eggs meme

That feeling when you are peeling an egg and it comes off in one piece. We will show you how to achieve this magic! Also learn how to microwave hard boiled eggs!

that feeling when you are peeling an egg and it all comes off in one piece
peeling an egg meme

If you would rather old school boil, here are egg boil times for different types of yolks. Like your yolks runny, 3 minutes of boiling. For hard boiled yolk, 8 minutes is typical for perfect yellow yolk status.

time for egg boil meme
time for egg boil meme

Here are 5 new ways to cook an egg.

Chicken and Egg

You can’t share funny egg memes without the chicken, right?

These HUGE eggs aren’t actually chicken eggs, they are ostrich eggs! These are expensive, around $30 each and contain 2,000 calories. Learn more at American Ostrich Farms.

big eggs meme imagine a chicken pushing this out
big eggs meme

Chicken poops eggs. Yes, the chicken butt also lays eggs.

laying eggs meme chicken has to poop lays eggs
laying eggs meme

Chickens, the pet that poops breakfast!

chickens the pet that poops breakfast
chicken poop eggs meme

This hilarious chicken egg cartoon comes from Bizaro Comics.

chicken egg meme cartoon restless egg syndrome
chicken egg meme

This is just wrong, but also this is right.

egg chicken meme when you realize this procedure is actually dipping the mother into her children
egg chicken meme

Making eggs for breakfast, TECHNICALLY is just like making chicken for breakfast.

cooking eggs meme i made chicken for breakfast
cooking eggs meme

What Came First, The Chicken or the Egg Meme

Ever wondered what came first, the chicken or the egg? This inappropriate chicken egg meme answers the question.

chicken or egg meme well i guess that answers the question
chicken or egg meme

Egg Puns

We told you we love a good egg pun, here are more – even some you can share with the kids.

funny egg sign boneless chicken 35 cents
funny egg sign

Why don’t eggs tell jokes? They would crack each other up.

crack egg meme
crack egg meme

How do monsters like their eggs? Terri-fried!

egg joke meme how do monsters like their eggs terri-fied
egg joke meme

To make things even cheesier, check out these cheese memes.

More Funny Egg Memes

The silly and laughs continue with more funny egg memes.

Egg salad is still chicken salad when you think about it.

egg salad meme - egg salad is still chicken salad when you think about it
egg salad meme

Keto dieters be like: powered by eggs, bacon and butter. Did you see our bacon memes?

keto quote bacon powered by eggs, bacon and butter
bacon butter egg meme

If you ever wondered, this egg Sheeran meme shows you what Ed looks like as a literal egghead.

egg sheeran meme
egg sheeran meme

You just got egged! Send this funny egg meme to a friend.

you just got egged meme
egged meme

Share the Memes

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egg pun meme have an eggs-cellent day
egg pun meme

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