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10 Helpful Mounjaro Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Here are 10 helpful Mounjaro tips that have helped me the last few months successfully lose weight.

Hey friends! I’m so excited to see all of the new interest in Tirezepatide. I’ll update everyone soon on my personal Mounjaro weight loss journey soon. I’ve seen your messages, promise to update but will jus say this – it’s all positive (and negative in numbers at the same time!)

Best Mounjaro Tips for Weight Loss

Today I wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned that hopefully will be helpful regardless if you are just starting or are on the same path as I am.

10 helpful mounjaro tips for weight loss
mounjaro tips for weight loss

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If you have a friend that is on this journey, please share this post with them. Or better yet, if you have Mounjaro tips that have helped you – please leave a comment and I’ll add them to our list.

I want this to be an on-going post that we can make as comprehensive as needed to help all of us who are on Tirezepatide to make each of our experiences the best as possible. Here are the 10 helpful Mounjaro tips that have helped me.

mounjaro tip 1 focus on you

Focus on YOUR Health Journey

This is about YOU and YOUR health. While it is easy to hear from a friend or see in a community how Jenny lost 10 pounds in her first week, while you only lost 3 – so what. Good for Jenny, but this health journey is about you – not what everyone else is experiencing!

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in. Jim Rohn
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.

I first shared about. Mounjaro and low carb diet when I first started. Many of you have followed along on my journey (thank you!) While it’s been fun to share, I want to help remind everyone that this isn’t a comparison game.

We touched on this in our Mounjaro injection post, everyone experiences things differently. We aren’t all the same!

It’s great to know what others are experiencing and the possibilities but at the end of the day – the lifestyle and chemical makeup of your body is also unique. Stay focused on your health journey.

mounjaro hydration tip

Hydration is Important – Drink Water

Hydration is key for not only weight loss on Mounjaro – but your overall health. Something I have made sure of is to ensure that before injection day that I am extra hydrated.

I’ll be the first to admit, water and me haven’t always had the best relationship. I make myself drink a electrolyte supplement each night. The latest purchase was Liquid IV, it works great – but wish it had less sugar (though, i know electrolytes = sugar.)

drink water meme dont get dehydrated drink all the water
drink water meme

Don’t miss all of our diet memes!

Another thing that has helped, as stupid as it may sound is a GOOD water bottle that keeps my water cold. I really like drinking from a straw and my other requirement is that the water bottle has to fit into my car cup holder. I bought this one on Amazon and it’s been my water BFF for the last several months.

While this isn’t something clinically I can state – but from personal experience, I do feel better and negative side effects are less impactful when I am hydrated.

mounjaro communication

Communication is Key

Communicating with your doctor in regards to all of your symptoms, both good and back are essential. We’ve written a post on Mounjaro side effects to explain some of the most common things noted, but make sure that you are communicating these things with your doctor.

sponge bob communication meme
communication meme

The information relayed to your doctor or medical professional with help best determine the proper Mounjaro dosage for you and help them to guide you best through the journey.

mounjaro protein and fiber

Protein and Fiber Are Your Friend

Next in our list of Mounjaro tips, let’s talk protein and fiber. Protein and fiber are your friend. Creating a habit of including both of these elements in your daily diet will not only help you while using Mounjaro – but also as you go on to create a life of healthy living.

Protein helps you reduce hunger, build lean muscle and will help maintain a healthy weight.

Fiber is essential on Mounjaro as it helps normalize bowel movements (which iykyk.) As if that isn’t reason enough! Fiber also helps regulate your body’s use of sugars and helps keep hunger and blood sugar in check.

We’ve created a huge list of 50+ Mounjaro snacks. Use this list to help find healthy snack ideas.

its a marathon

This is a Marathon, NOT a Sprint

While the amazing thing with Mounjaro is the amount of weight loss people are losing, something we have to do is zoom out and focus on the long-game. What we achieve at mile 1 is just as valuable as mile 20.

marathon weight loss quote - This is a marathon, not a sprint.
marathon weight loss quote

For some like myself, this is hard to remember. So while there is an end goal – I do like the idea of setting smaller goals. Think of these as mini-races that occur during your marathon.

mounjaro appetite suppression

Don’t Ignore Food – Appetite Suppression is Real

This is something that some of you may roll your eyes at because of course you have to eat. That said, some of us know the magical effect of appetite suppression from Mounjaro and know how hard it can be to eat because there is NO desire to.

stop and eat mounjaro appetite suppression is real, yo.
mounjaro meme

Being on Mounjaro, many of us go into a natural intermittent fast. Not eating fro 15 hours isn’t unheard of – that said, make sure that you are eating or else you will be miserable!

Something I noticed, if my caloric intake is extremely down – my body goes into starvation mode. While you would think, oh I haven’t eaten very much – surely I lost weight. Nope! My body does not work like that.

Eat small meals. Drink protein shakes, which by the way I love Fair Life Core Power – it was 42 grams of protein. If you aren’t able to eat much, that is understandable – but you still must consume calories! We’ve compiled a list of 50+ Mounjaro snacks to keep food in your belly, even when you aren’t in the mood to eat.

mounjaro sleep

Sleep You Must

Get plenty of rest. A good night of sleep should be 7-9 hours.

sleep you must rested you will feel yoda
yoda sleeping meme

While personally insomnia is just a thing I’ve had to deal with for my entire life, it is something that with all of the other health factors that I have to address.

mounjaro supplements

Take a Bariatric Multivitamin and Collagen

Next on our list of best Mounjaro tips is all about supplements. Find a good bariatric multivitamin to take daily. These are created for easy absorption, typically hard easier on the stomach and contain a high concentrate of vitamins.

My personal favorite bariatric multivitamin is the BariMelts multivitamin with iron. Check with your doctor to determine if your multivitamin should include iron.

have you taken your vitamin today?
vitamin meme

Collagen us a key component in bones, skin, hair, muscles and other part of our body. Adding in a collagen supplement can help prevent hair loss and brittle nails which is often a side effect experienced with Mounjaro.

My favorite way to get in collage is by adding a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to mycoffee in the morning.

If you are dealing with constipation – that too is understandable. Mounjaro constipation don’t play. The secret is to get ahead of it!

constipation on mounjaro - don't wait until it's too late!
constipation on mounjaro

If you know you are susceptible to constipation, eat fiber, stay hydrated and consult your doctor. Personally, Senna-S a natural vegetable laxative and stool softener has kept me regular.

mounjaro research

Research and Educate Yourself

By reading these Mounjaro tips, you are researching and educating yourself. So consider marking a huge check next to this! Just continue to do this. While GLP-1 are amazing, this is an evolving new movement in weight loss.

Just in the last year, we have Ozempic, Wegovy and now Mounjaro. With this BILLION dollar industry, and the yearning for a healthy life – we will see obesity treated as a disease rather than a condition. This is great news! Know that all of this is new.

We are all learning this information together so stay informed by continuing to research and educate yourself so that you understand what’s best for you.

celebrate nsvs

Focus on Health Over Pounds Loss

Don’t focus on the numbers on the scale. The NSV or non-scale victories are just as important if not more than the number of pounds lost.

Think of all of the health benefits that you are experiencing other than weight loss. These NSVs need to be celebrated. It’s isn’t just about the pounds.

nsv non scale victories meme squirrel
nsv meme

Whether it be a pair of jeans fitting that you haven’t worn in years or a blood test coming back showing a positive drop in your numbers. We have heard from many of you about your doctors taking you off of medications and the energy and life that you feel like that you’ve gotten back. These are the NSVs!

Celebrate all of the heath wins on your journey, not just weight loss!

mounjaro success
mounjaro success

Mounjaro Success

We hope that these Mounjaro tips help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. If you have any more tips on Mounjaro that have benefited you that would help our Mounjaro community – please drop them here!

Here are answers to questions frequently asked. Got a question? Drop it into the comments and we will be in touch!

Why do I need protein in my diet?

You need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones. (source: Protein also helps by reducing muscle loss, building lean muscle, helping maintain a healthy weight and curbing hunger.

Why do I need to eat fiber?

Fiber helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar in check. (source: Another reason, fiber helps normalize bowel movements.

How much sleep do I need?

Most adults need 7 or more hours of good-quality sleep on a regular schedule each night. (source:

What is a bariatric vitamin?

A bariatric multi vitamin is a high dose vitamin for those on low calories. It has a higher dosage of ingredients than a standard one and is created for easy digestion.

We hope these Mounjaro tips help you in your health quest. Stay tuned as we share that latest GLP-1 information.

This information is for educational use only. Any medical advice should be discussed specifically between you and your medical professional. Information provided here is not

We are excited to expand our keto content to include other solutions our community is using to achieve optimal health. While we understand that this may not be for everyone, we do know that people are seeking information about obesity as a disease and solutions, such as Wegovy, Ozempic / Semaglutide and Mounjaro / Tirezepatide / Zepbound.

Please direct any questions in regards to personal use with your doctor and any questions in regards to coupons, etc should be discussed with your pharmacy or with the pharmaceutical customer service.

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