Diet Memes – Funny Images That Anyone Dieting Can Relate To

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Diet Memes for the LOL!

You guys, dieting and eating right – regardless of what “diet” you are on is a challenge. And like anything that is difficult or a challenge – I have a secret trick for getting thru it. What is my secret trick? It’s LAUGHTER. 

memes about dieting

There are so many studies about laughter and how a chuckle is good for the soul. Anyone of us abstaining from bread and limiting carbs knows the struggle and while I can’t make sure that you eat right… maybe I can at least get you to laugh? Okay, maybe even just crack a smile? 

Best Diet Memes

To aid in the effort of chuckling, LOLing and maybe getting you to smile – I’m bringing you the BEST DIET MEMES! 

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You guys, eggs on keto are fine. But Cadbury eggs are a no. (Check out this ham and egg cups recipe)!

cadbury eggs

Vacation eating be like… Enjoy but RESIST overeating on vacation! This vacation meme does nail what it feels like though.

vacation eating meme

Sounds like the diet plan my boys are on!

im on a light diet meme

You may miss the carbs but sorry folks. The carbs do not miss you.

when you miss carbs meme

Starting a Diet Memes

These starting a diet memes will relate to anyone who is trying their best to get started with eating right.

when you start a diet memes

What eating healthy feels like, is summed up so well in this meme about eating healthy. That cat’s face says it all. 

real pic of me eating healthy meme

I know, you’ve been dieting for a whole 3 hours – surely you are skinny by now, right? This funny dieting meme says exactly how we all feel when we start getting hangry. Don’t get hangry, eat a snack! Check out our keto snack ideas!

when youve been dieting for 3 hours meme

Come on! Give it more than 17 minutes!

15 minutes into starting a diet meme

Weight Loss Memes

Weight loss memes for those who have done the work and lost or are losing the weight. 

when you lose weight meme

When you step on the scale and you know that you’ve lost more weight than what the number on the scale says.

it must be the collar meme

What if you focus on getting taller rather than losing the weight.

losing weight growing taller meme

Memes About Dieting

When someone asks you how your diet is going.

hows your diet going meme

Donuts, yall. Those are not keto friendly, not even on dirty keto.

when people ask how your diet is going meme

Eating on a Diet Memes

This is not the recommended meal plan that we suggest here at Keto Dirty – but we get it. Margaritas, chips and salsa sound so good on the weekend. RESIST!

diet schedule be like meme

For the love of the well meaning co-worker, but really? DONUTS!  Next time, bring me some BACON.  (speaking of BACON, don’t miss our hilarious bacon memes.) Share this diet meme with your donut bringing co-worker.  And if you have evil co-workers, you will want to check out these funny work memes

when coworker brings in donuts meme

When you just want one taste so you lick it. Don’t tell me you haven’t done this, or at least smelled food you can’t have. 

when you just want a taste meme

Anyone else feel like they have a crazy appetite when they first start a diet? The good thing with keto is that cravings and constant hunger typically goes away!

lost your appetite i have it

Avoiding Carbs – Diet Memes

When you are avoiding carbs on the dreaded bread aisle (and bakery!)

walking down the bread aisle avoiding carbs diet memes

She doesn’t need carbs, but this diet meme is hilarious!

maybe she needs carbs meme

Funny Before and After Weight Loss Photos

These hilarious before and after weight loss photos are TOO good not to share. 

This many lost his new glasses in 2 weeks. 

weight loss meme – in 2 weeks

And this girl… she lost a tattoo with her weight loss!

before after lose tattoo meme
Yesterday i wore something from 5 years ago, and it fit! It was a scarf but lets be positive - best diet memes

More Funny Memes About Dieting

And more funny meme about dieting. 

If only carbs didn’t count on Sunday! The LORD is good, but God this would be great!

sunday carbs meme

Eating one healthy meal, and feeling like you deserve an award.

when you start to lose weight – boobs meme

Women who have lost weight will totally get this funny diet meme! Why is it the boobs are the first thing to go when you lose weight?

Winter fat turns into spring rolls. Start today (read our diet motivation quotes!)

winter fat spring rolls

Bad scales get put in the corner. 

the scale lies dieting meme

We hope these funny diet memes give you a laugh. Don’t forget to share on social and with your dieting friends. Tag us at @ketodirty.

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