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Is Spam Keto Friendly? 7 Interesting Things to Know

Let’s answer the question is spam keto friendly and deep dive into this mysterious meat product.

Today we are talking SPAM! Here at the Daily Keto where we are answering your questions about specific food and drink items to help you determine if they are a good fit for your dirty keto diet. Today’s question is about Spam, the mysterious processed meat.

Question: Is Spam Keto Friendly?

Wondering if spam is keto friendly? Let’s look at this mysterious highly processed meat product break down the ingredients, components, net carbs and nutritional data to determine is spam keto.

is spam keto
is spam keto friendly?

Answer: Yes! Spam is Keto Friendly BUT..

Yes, if you are wondering if spam is keto – technically spam is keto friendly. Did you see that but we added in there? That is because well, there are a few things to know about this meat product and while it maybe low carb, you may want to not include it in your keto diet plan.

Let’s learn all the things about Hormel Spam.

We know that when you are in low carb keto mode, often times you wonder if a certain food is keto or not. Make sure to check out our Is It Keto series where we are spilling all the tea to help you find healthy keto foods and to veto foods that aren’t keto friendly.

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7 Spam Keto Things to Know

Let’s look at what is spam, how many carbs, calories and more about this meat that somehow became the pun for unwanted emails. Did you know Spam is named after the contraction “spiced ham”?

We are diving in with 7 Spam keto things to know.

#1 How Many Carbs in Spam

Since this is a keto blog and all, let’s talk about carbohydrates! The first thing to know is carbs in spam. So, how many carbs are in spam?

There is approximately 1 net carb per serving. (Learn how to calculate net carbs.) A serving size of spam is 56 grams.

how many carbs in spam 1 net carbohydrate
how many carbs in spam?

Spam has approximately 1 net carbs per serving.

#2 Spam Nutritional Facts

Here are is the full rundown of spam nutritional facts to know about this meat:

As stated, 1 serving size of spam is 56 grams. One serving of Spam has 1 net carb, 180 calories, 1 gram of sugar, 7 grams of protein and 16 grams of fat.

#3 What is in Spam?

Spam is a mixture of cooked meat including ground pork and processed ham.

This canned meat product contains preservative agents, such as salt and sugar and potato starch that aid in the long shelf life of Spam.

spam meat meme the mystery meat in a can
spam meat meme

Don’t miss our funny spam memes.

Here are the Spam ingredients:

  • pork
  • salt
  • water
  • sugar
  • sodium nitrate (preservative)
  • potato starch (another preservative for binding the ingredients and helping with moisture levels)

Spam is high in protein and offers small amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and folate.

#4 How is Spam Made?

Ever wondered, how is Spam made? Let’s dive in and find out. As you probably know, Spam is a canned meat. When you buy it, it is meat in a can. It is highly processed and is made by grinding up pork shoulder and ham.

The other ingredients are added to the processed meat and mixed. The meat cans are then vacuum sealed and cooked inside of the Spam cans.

#5 How Long is Spam Good For?

Since we mentioned that Spam has a long shelf life, let’s look at how Spam is good for.

An unopened can of Spam can last 2 to 5 years. That is a LONG time! Several survivalist websites state that you can actually keep an unopened can of Spam for up to a decade, making it a great food to keep handy in the event of an emergency. Keep a can handy in your food pantry, as spam make a good emergency food and doesn’t require cooking.

can you eat spam on the keto diet
spam keto things to know

Once you open the tin can that contains the processed meat, you better be ready to use it. You can store Spam in your fridge for 7 to 10 days before it goes stale.

To maintain a long Spam shelf life, it is recommended that you keep your cans in a cool place that is dry and not to let them freeze. If there is rust on your can, the seal is broken or can is bulging, those are signs that it is no longer good to eat.

#6 Spam Flavors

Gone are the days where you go to the grocery store and not have to decide on which can of Spam you want to buy. Today, Spam has different flavors and a variety of options.

  • SPAM Classic
  • SPAM Lite
  • SPAM Less Sodium
  • SPAM with Real Hormel Bacon (see our bacon memes)
  • SPAM Hot and Spicy
  • SPAM Jalapeño
  • SPAM Teriyaki
  • SPAM Black Pepper
  • SPAM with Chorizo Seasoning
  • SPAM with Portuguese Sausage Seasoning
  • SPAM with Tocino Seasoning
  • SPAM Garlic
  • SPAM with Cheese (don’t miss our cheese memes)
  • SPAM Mezclita
  • SPAM Spread
  • SPAM Fries
  • SPAM Patties
  • SPAM Oven Roasted Turkey
  • SPAM Hickory Smoke

The Spam nutritional facts we provided are for the traditional Spam. Make sure to check the meat can labels to ensure that you calculate net carbs and other valuable nutritional data before decided if spam keto friendly for your particular diet and food menu.

keto spam flavors of canned meat
spam flavors of canned meat

While Hormel released the Spam brand in 1937, it does try to stay relevant and find new markets for their product. Here is a great example of how Spam is continuing to find a new audience.

Spam Tocino

Apparently Canned Spam is loved in the Philippines – go figure! If you are looking for a limited edition Spam meat, check out Spam Tocino. This is a Filipino food that is available internationally but loved by The Philippines.

Spam Tocino has a sweet and meaty taste, featuring the Filipino Tocino seasoning. Remember when I said to check the labels? Spam Tocino is not as keto friendly as the traditional. The increase in carbohydrates is due to the addition of Tocino.

spam tocino
spam tocino seasoning

One slice of Spam Tocino is 6 net carbs. We suggest cutting a slice in half to half your carb count. This meat is filled with 7g of protein.

If you are looking for a new meat try, Keto Spam Tocino recipes by adding this product to dishes such as fried cauliflower rice, gumbo or saute it with vegetables. Spam Tocino also pairs well with cheese such as gouda or cheddar.

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#7 Miracle Meat

In the 1940s, 70 percent of Americans had tried Hormel Spam. It’s shelf stable attributes helped it earn the nickname of miracle meat.

keto spam is canned spam keto meat low carb
is spam keto meat?

Since this canned meat can be served hot or cold (you can literally eat Spam meat out of the can – no cooking needed) – this, combined with the shelf life earned Spam the title of miracle meat.

Tasty Keto Spam Sandwich Recipe

Want to try something new, how about a keto spam sandwich? Here is how to make a low carb version of this American classic dish.

Fry a slice of Spam in a skillet with butter. Once fulled fried and cooked to your liking, place on a plate.

keto spam sandwich when using a low carb bread

Using the skillet place butter until melted. Next add a slice of keto bread, layering the cooked spam and then add a slice of cheese, followed by another slice of keto bread. Cook the spam sandwich as you would a grilled cheese, flipping when your bread is perfectly toasted.

As for cheese for your spam sandwich, we suggest a gouda or cheddar cheese.

Keto Daily Answers Is Spam Keto Question

Praise that we can eat this deliciousness while on keto. That’s it for this Keto daily post. Let’s hope we answered your is spam keto question and gave you all the details that you wanted to (and maybe a little TMI) on all things in regards to spam.

Can You Have Spam on Keto?

If you are questioning “can you eat Spam on keto?” The answer is YES! While there is no official keto approved list, for our dishes – this is fine in regards to carb count. If you are avoiding processed foods or foods with potato starch, you will want to avoid eating Spam on keto.

Remember as you are choosing your low carb foods to know that they need to be low on the glycemic index as to not spiked your blood sugar as that will knock you out of ketosis!

We hope you learned something about spam keto and more. For more info on spam, check out

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