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5 Tips for Family Keto Cooking

We are talking family keto cooking tips. Learn how to feed the family without hurting your low carb diet.

A few days ago, I shared my daily keto struggle of cooking for my carby family. I love them so – diet restrictions and all.

family keto cooking tips
tips for family keto cooking

As I thought more about family keto cooking, I was reminded of all of the things I do to make it easier on me when cooking daily meals. I’ve narrowed these down to 5 tips for family keto cooking.

keto cooking for carb family

If you are looking for specifics, check out our Family Keto Meal Ideas post. 

5 Tips for Keto Cooking with a Carb Eating Family 

If you have a family that eats carbs, yet you are left cooking dinner for the family and cooking keto for you – I am hoping you can find help in these ideas and suggestions!

Meal Plan

Plan meals that are easily adaptable for both keto and carbs. Check out the list of meal ideas included in the post Keto Cooking for My Carb Eating Family.

Hide Your Low Carb Food

My son came home a few weeks ago and opened up a bag of my Trader Joes kale chips. I saw this all in slow motion, as I KNEW he wouldn’t like them. Mom was right. I now hide certain keto foods from curious children. 

Use Vegetables

Family keto cooking is best when the family doesn’t know what they are eating is keto. I know it sounds stupid, but this is totally true. One way to do this is to find keto vegetables so that you can eat with your family.

keto vegetables - what low carb veggies can be eaten on the keto diet

We have a Keto Vegetable Guide. Use it to learn which vegetables to eat! One of our family favorites is steamed artichokes. Totally low carb, but something the kids love! 

Choose Fast Food Wisely

Since we are doing dirty keto around here, we don’t freak out over fast food. If your family is eating fast food, choose somewhere that you know there are things that you can order (and that you like!) 

Don’t know what to eat? Fear not! We have a handy Keto Fast Food Guide. Learn what to order, where. 

Get Help

If you are tempted at the sight of bread but yet your family needs toast with their meal – it’s time to recruit help. Get the family to pitch in and help. 

Keep Cooking – You’ve Got This!

You’ve got this! Don’t stop that Keto diet now. Keep up cooking keto, find ways to incorporate foods that the entire family will eat without you having to make 2 meals.

Ask for help when you need it. You can do this. 

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