Can I Get Diarrhea on Keto?

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Diarrhea on Keto? Yes, it can happen. 

Welcome Keto friends to our new daily feature called Daily Keto.  Think of this as your daily keto blog where we are dishing advice and answering your most frequently asked questions about the Keto diet and low carb life. Each week day we will come to you with some of these things maybe general questions about the diet itself – or about low carb foods, exercise, body image, and more. We hope to provide you with all the answers, and if we don’t know an answer to your question – we will do our best to find someone who will! Keep reading to learn how to join in on the advice column / q&a fun!

Now, let’s get this party started. What a crappy way to start this series. No seriously, it’s CRAPPY. We are talking the shiz. We thought we would give Daily Keto a runny start, so here we go. Let’s talk some crap about some poop.

Can I Get Diarrhea on Keto?

Today’s question is about diarrhea. Oh, joy. Don’t you just love the topic of diarrhea? ME NEITHER! Typically, one of the most common side effects of the Keto diet is constipation. Diarrhea sure isn’t constipation, so I can see why this question was asked. While you may not hear of people getting diarrhea on keto as much as other side effect (hello, maybe because no one likes talking about this crap!) – but it can totally happen people.

keto diarrhea

While you could have gotten diarrhea on Keto from many different sources – let’s ask some general questions that may provide answers. 

  • Did you eat under-cooked food? 
  • Is anyone around you sick or ill?
  • Did you eat too much sugar-free candy or foods that contain sugar alcohol?
  • New to keto?

Undercooked Food

Make sure that you are eating meat that is properly cooked. While yes, I am one of those people who likes my steak BURNT and burger EXTRA well done – I know many people who like their meat red. Hard pass for me. 

Another food that Keto dieters eat often is eggs. Undercooked eggs are another source that could cause diarrhea. 

Read more on food borne bacteria and illness on

Sick or Ill Family or Friends

Watch out for the stomach flu or a stomach bug that is going around. If you have sick family or friends, they could be the source of your diarrhea on keto! Even if your friends aren’t sick or ill and this isn’t the reason for diarrhea on keto – make sure to make a habit of washing your hands frequently. 

Read more from the Mayo Clinic on stomach flu.

Sugar Alcohol and Sugar Free Candy

Sugar alcohol has a side effect of diarrhea. Watch how much you consume, read labels and make sure that you aren’t over doing it in the sugar alcohol department. Most sugar-free candies have sugar alcohol in them!

Learn what WebMD has to say about sugar alcohol. 

Diarrhea on Keto

So in conclusion friends, YES – diarrhea on keto is a thing. There are way too many ways you could have caught this sh*t, so if you think our answer is crappy – so be it. 

Well, we are blowing out of this joint! And did you have a question or want us to dish some advice in regards to that low carb life? Here is how to join in on the fun! (And if we could not ask anymore sh*tty questions, that would be great.)

New to Keto?

As always, we aren’t here to provide you any medical related advice. If you think the diarrhea is from switching to the keto diet and you have any concern, contact a doctor or medical professional! Every person reacts differently to what they put in their body. It’s important to be mindful that if you are new to the keto diet, chances are you are trying new foods and experimenting with different low carb recipes. 

If you have any digestive concerns, tracking your foods by writing everything down is a best practice!

Got a Question? Need Advice? 

daily keto q&a

One of the main things we want to do with Daily Keto is to make sure that is a crowd sourced effort!  What does this mean? This means we want to hear from YOU. Do you have a question about the keto diet? Need advice in regards to the low carb life?

Let us know by dropping us a question on Daily Keto


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