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Low Carb Chocolate – 10+ Best Sweet Options

Craving chocolate? Today on Daily Keto we are talking the best Low Carb Chocolate!

Alright, so you are a self-admitted chocolate lover and this whole no sugar thing is having you miss chocolate… If this is you, fear not. We got you.

Eating Chocolate on Keto

While yes, there are certain things that you should avoid in regards to sugar and yes chocolate tends to be one of them – we bring you a little hope. 

low carb chocolate
best low carb chocolates

There are numerous sweet recipes you can MAKE (our go to is our chocolate keto shake!)  but today, we are looking at when you have a chocolate craving and need something RIGHT NOW. 

Low Carb Chocolate

These low carb chocolate options may not be Godiva chocolate that you are use to - I can tell you that there are keto chocolate options! And we know that when you want chocolate, you WANT chocolate.

Enough of that chatter, let's talk yum. Here are some of our favorite low carb chocolate options, great if you are on the keto diet, low carb diet, diabetic diet or sugar-free diet!


If you have been around the low carb or keto world for any length of time, chances are you have heard of Lily's chocolate. I don't know who Lily is but she has done her marketing! Lily's Chocolate is a great option for using to cook low carb desserts or keto dessert recipes! 

Here are a few of our best low carb chocolate picks from Lily's Chocolate collection:

Sugar-Free Chocolate Candy

We have a whole post dedicated to the best low carb candy, but here are a few of our favorite sugar-free chocolate candies:

Protein Shakes

We are big fans for the Premiere protein shakes.

Let's just say they are so good, I had to sit the kids down and explain how much they cost, that they were for mommy and didn't have any sugar so they can NOT drink them like they are not chocolate milk. Yes, the chocolate shake tastes like chocolate milk - but kids is NOT chocolate milk!

Here are our favorite low carb CHOCOLATE protein shakes:  

Protein Bars

Another keto snack I like to keep handy are chocolate protein bars. Here are a few of my personal favorites when craving chocolate. 

Here are our favorite low carb Chocolate Protein Bars

Read Your Labels

While yes, these low carb chocolates are more keto friendly than most things you will find in the candy aisle – you still need to read your labels! Watch how much you consume and enjoy in moderation. 

Is Dark Chocolate a Better Option?

Dark chocolate is going to be a better friend than a milk chocolate or white chocolate, in regards to a lower sugar count.

dark low carb chocolate
dark low carb chocolate

Now when we say that dark chocolate is better for keto than the others, know that this isn’t a pass to go buy it and eat all you want. We are talking a few carbs less. Not a ton, but enough that it does matter.

How Low Carb Chocolate is Made

If you are wondering how they can make low carb chocolate, here is how. With fiber, your net carbs go down. Other low carb chocolate ingredients that are frequently used are sugar alcohol, stevia, and sugar replacements such as Swerve. Read more about Swerve.

chocolate chaffle recipe keto
low carb chocolate chaffle

Don’t miss our low carb chocolate chaffles!

Make sure to read your labels! If you are sensitive to sugar replacements, stevia or sugar alcohol – know what you are eating!

Sugar Alcohol Side Effects Are Real

Also, if I have to be the one reminding you this, so be it. Sugar alcohol side effects are real. Just say no and don’t over do it on eating and consuming too much sugar alcohol. I’ll just point you to this post: Can I get diarrhea on keto?

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Don’t forget, if you have a Keto question or need advice on that low carb life – we’ve got you! Head over to our Daily Keto Blog page and ask!

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