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Stop Obsessing Over Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss: Its is None of Your Business

The recently weight loss of Kelly Clarkson has been all over the news. After months of speculation about Clarkson using Ozempic, she breaks her silence and now can we all just shut up about it?

Once again, a celebrity is placed into the spotlight for her weight loss. Is it Ozempic? Maybe it’s Mounjaro? Yeah, no. Can we stop it with the celebrity weight loss obsession? Actually, let’s just drop worrying about anyone else’s weight but our own.

how kelly clarkson lost weight is none of your business

Keep Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Out of Your Mouth

In a recent interview with ABC, Kelly Clarkson revealed that she decided to listen to her doctors and change her lifestyle which involved medication for weight loss. And while Kelly didn’t reveal specific which medication, it isn’t’ Ozempic.

How Did Kelly Clarkson Lose Weight?

Kelly goes on in the interview about seeing herself on TV, listening to her doctors, is embracing wellness trends such as saunas and cold plunges – and now is eating a healthy diet with a heavy focus on protein. And yes, the weight loss medication thing.

So what, are you happy now? How Kelly Clarkson lost weight has been revealed.

Now that you know, can we please keep the Kelly Clarkson weight loss story out of the tabloids. Sure, let her weight loss inspire you. And not just her. The coworker that has dropped some pounds, your aunt or friend whose face is much slender. Just let them be.

Focus on Your Health Not Others

While there are some individuals who want to know how someone loses weight for their own purpose, there also is a crowd of others just waiting to point and say “I told you so!”

How someone loses weight, whether it be Mounjaro, Zepbound, Keto or Ozempic – is none of your business. That said, your health journey is none of anyone else’s business either!

stop worrying about kelly clarkson and worry about your own health

While rants aren’t the usual here on Keto Dirty, these headlines hit a hot button on a subject that needs to be discussed. Be inspired by others, but other people’s wins (and losses – pun intended!) is not for you to worry about.

Talking About Personal Weight Loss Can Be Awkward

Anyone who has had noticeable weight loss can attest to this fact. Talking about personal weight loss can be awkward. Comments such as “you’ve lost so much weight” or I’ve even heard “you are too thin” or “you aren’t taking Ozempic are you?” Let’s just stop.

Let’s repeat it again. Other people’s weight loss is none of your business. Now scream it loud so the people in the back can hear!

Medication for Weight Loss

We are in a new era of medication and the results of the GLPs have changed thousands of lives. “But I don’t want to take a pill or shot to lose weight!” Okay, good news! You don’t have to. Normalize knowing what is best for your health and not judging others for what works for them.

Celebrity Weight Loss or the Average Joe It’s None of Your Business

Let’s normalize worrying about our own health and not others. Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey is a personal matter and it’s important to remember that it’s none of our business.

kelly clarkson fans comment on clarkson using weight medication

As a public figure, she should not be scrutinized for her body and weight. Everyone’s body is their own business and it’s crucial to respect their privacy and autonomy. Instead of focusing on someone’s weight, we should celebrate their talents, accomplishments, and the positive impact they have on others.

This Note is for Kelly Keep Scrolling if You Are Not Kelly Clarkson

Yes, I know that Kelly Clarkson will not read this but something I felt needed to be said to this. Kelly, kudos to you. The conversations for a normal person who has lost weight can be awkward, and with your platform – I can only imagine how weird for so many to ask, question and talk about in regards to your personal journey.

x comments on kelly clarkson's weight loss medicine

You look amazing, but you did before the weight loss as well. Keep doing what you need to do to be your best self for YOU. Let the haters hate, and rise above by just being the best version of whatever you want yourself to be. The media is just doing what they do best, and unfortunately the haters are doing what they do too. We know you are invincible, but you are human too.

And to the rest of y’all, just keep judgement and Kelly’s name in regards to weight loss out of your mouth.

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