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Free Non Scale Victories List PDF with 50 NSVs

Download our free non scale victories list of 50 NSVs!

Keep track or what NSV examples you are experiencing and celebrate the wins outside of pounds lost on the scale.

NSV List Download

Recognizing non scale victory wins is a great way to help keep ourselves motivated, especially when you know you are putting in the work and effort but the scale isn’t cooperating. We went into more detail on what exactly the NSV meaning is in a previous post.

non scale victories list pdf
free non scale victories list pdf

We wanted to give you a solid resource to help you to keep track of these wins! A non-scale victory will help keep you going when the scale isn’t showing pounds loss.

It is also so important to recognize that there are more benefits to eating healthy and maintaining this lifestyle than just weight loss.

Free Non Scale Victories List PDF

Downloading our free non scale victories list PDF is easy! Just simply enter your email in below and you will be able to access the NSV list PDF.

Simply download the NSV checklist and print. Keep this with you, tape on your mirror or place next to your desk. As you start to recognize these wins and non-scale victories check them off.

Recognizing the Wins Outside the Scale

Check off any of the wins that you see on our non scale victories list to help keep you motivated as you work your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrating NSVs

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) will help you on your journey to a healthy and fulfilling life. While weight loss is wonderful, focusing on our weight as a measure of success is not the only indicator you should pay attention to. 

celebrating nsvs non scale victories
celebrating nsvs

Here are several reasons on why you should celebrate non scale victories. 

Healthy Mindset

Encourage a healthy mindset by celebrating NSVs. This will shift the focus from external appearance to internet improvements. Acknowledging your non-scale achievements will help you reinforce a growth mindset that emphasizes progress and self improvement over the number on the scale.

Recognize Your Hard Work

Your health journey is more than a number on the scale. Use our non scale victories list to help visualize ways that your hard work and effort towards health and wellness are paying off. 

Increase Motivation

Celebrate your NSVs and boost your motivation to help you stay on track. Feel good about your progress and continue making positive changes. Read this interesting study on gut biome and how it can relate to increasing motivation to exercise on Sci Tech Daily.

Improve Self-Esteem

By recognizing your NSVs, you can feel good about yourself and help improve your self esteem and self confidence. Be proud of your accomplishments and feel more motivated to continue the hard work you are doing as you work towards your health and wellness goals.

Support a Balanced Lifestyle

By celebrating your NSVs, you can help maintain a balanced approach to health and wellness. Focus on the progress rather than perfection to help become overly fixated by your appearance to the weight showing on the scale.

You Are More Than the Number on the Scale

Remember, that the scale is just a number. You are more than that number. Recognize the wins outside of pounds lost.

Yes, celebrate your weight loss, but also the other added health benefits that are the outcome of your hard work to a healthy lifestyle. We are rooting for you!

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