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Guide to Keto Vegetables – Top 20 Low Carb Veggie List and Nutrition Guide

We’re talking Keto vegetables today. Gotta get those green in!

Yes, you guys. Even though the keto diet may look a lot like eggs, cheeses and meats – I hate to break it to you, but you still need your veggies!

keto vegetables - what low carb veggies can be eaten on the keto diet
what keto vegetables can you eat? check out this handy low carb vegetable guide!

If you are leary on what vegetables to eat on Keto and how many carbs are in each, we got you! We’re breaking down all the nutritional low carb vegetable stats to help you make the best decisions when cooking and eating keto!

Keto Vegetables Guide To the Most Popular Low Carb Veggies 

Oh veggie! We are breaking down the best keto vegetables to eat and the nutritional value of each.

Also, you guys – I KNOW that some of these tricky fruit that people think are vegetables are on this list – but come on, I just think of cucumbers as veggies! So before all you haters start the comments, I know but thanks mkay. Carrying on, let’s talk keto veggies.

Keto Diet Vegetable List

Here are the top 20 keto vegetables! Try something new, you just might like it. 


Just beet it – but be careful because this low carb vegetable isn’t all that low carb!  Let’s look at how many carbs in beets:

beets keto vegetable 13 net carbs
how many net carbs in beets?

Ringing in 13 net carbs for 1 cup, you may need to watch your beets. 


Oh that green broccoli! It may give you smelly gas and be the thing that kids hate to eat most (George Bush hated broccoli too!)

broccoli keto vegetable 3 net carbs
how many net carbs in broccoli?

The good news is that it is a low carb veggie, so broccoli up (and you may want to take some gas x as well.) Broccoli has 3 net carbs per cup.


The jokes, oh the kale jokes – but if you hate kale, the jokes on you! 

kale keto vegetable 1 net carb
how many net carbs in kale?

You can load up on this bad boy because it’s a keto friendly veggie. Kale has 1 net carb per cup. Kale chips, anyone? 


I can’t help but think of the Veggie Tales song every time I read the word celery. Ignore me, let’s just get back to talking all about them carbs. 

celery 1 net carb keto vegetable
how many net carbs in celery?

Celery is a great keto vegetable! That’s great news, if you like it. Celery has 1 net carb per cup.


Oh the great zucchini. The fake pasta of the keto diet world, and for good reason!

zucchini 3 net carbs keto veggie
how many net carbs in zucchini?

Zucchini has just 3 net carbs per cup. Eat up!


Did you see our keto meatloaf recipe that we just posted? This has spinach and this is why!

spinach low carb vegetable zero net carbs
how many net carbs in spinach?

If you are looking for a ZERO CARB VEGETABLE – spinach is your veggie! That’s right, spinach has no carbs. Chow down and enjoy. 


So tomatoes are one of those things that certain members of the Keto Police Squad frown upon. But in moderation, it’s all good. Especially if you are on team Keto Dirty!

tomato 5 net carbs keto
how many net carbs in tomatoes?

Tomatoes are 5 net carbs per cup. Make sure to watch out for sneaky carbs in canned sauces containing tomatoes. 


Yes, before you freak out – this isn’t wrong. If you are a strict carb counter, you may want to watch your onion intake. 

onions 12 net carb count keto diet
how many net carbs in onions?

Onions have 12 net carbs per cup. 

Red Bell Peppers

Oh stuffed red bell peppers sound divine right about now. 

red peppers 6 net carbs keto veggies
how many net carbs in red peppers?

Red bell peppers have 6 net carbs per cup. Interesting, researching other bell peppers – here is there carb count. Green bell peppers have 4 net carbs. Yellow bell peppers have 8 net carbs.

Even crazier, this is all the same plant. Red bell peppers are the most mature pepper. The plant starts green and some ripen to a yellow and red. Fascinating!


Lettuce eat. Okay, stupid keto pun but had to do it.

lettuce low carb veggie 1 net carb
how many net carbs in lettuce?

Keep enjoying your salads! Lettuce has 1 net carb per cup, that’s it!


I love me so heat and jalapenos are a staple in our fridge. 

jalapeno 1 net carb
how many net carbs in jalapenos?

Jalapenos have 1 net carb per cup. That’s it, and good luck enjoying more than 1 cup!

Green Beans

I’ve never been a huge green bean person, but maybe I should give them another try. These keto vegetables make a great side dish.  Don’t miss our complete collection of keto side dishes.

green beans 1 cup has 4 net carbs keto friendly vegetable
how many net carbs in green beans?

Green beans have 4 net carbs per cup. 


I am for sure no vampire. The amount of garlic this girl consumes is insane. Apologies in advance if my breath is a wee bit garlicky!

garlic 1 net carb
how many net carbs in garlic?

Eat up! Garlic has just 1 net carb per cup. Fearing the garlic breath? What about keto breath? Yes, it’s a thing.

Brussel Sprouts

There are 6 net carbs in brussel sprouts. 

carbs in brussel sprouts
how many net carbs in brussel sprouts?

I would say that a typical brussel sprouts serving is around 1/2 cup, so would be 3 net carbs for half a cup serving. 


This low carb vegetable is a new found love. As silly as it may sound, I just tried cucumbers for the first time a few years ago. It’s been a beautiful love story ever since. 

2 net carbs cucumber keto vegetables
how many net carbs in cucumbers?

Cucumbers have 2 net carbs per cup. 


If you haven’t eaten cauliflower are you even on the keto diet? I kid! Everyone knocks the cauliflower, but it’s healthy and can be a great low carb rice substitute.

cauliflower 2 net carbs
how many net carbs in cauliflower?

Cauliflower has 2 net carbs per cup. If you love cauliflower, check out the zoes kitchen keto menu for delicious on the go keto fast food options.


While on the carbier side, these orange beauties are good for you (and apparently good for your eyes.)

net carbs in carrots  - keto vegetables
how many net carbs in carrots?

Carrots have 7 net carbs per cup. 


This is another keto veggie that I only recently have tried. Cabbage has so many great qualities, though I have to admit before keto I only used them after breast feeding!

cabbage 5 net carbs - keto vegetables
how many net carbs in cabbage?

Cabbage has 5 net carbs per cup. 


Is it a fruit or is it a vegetable? Okay, I know in school we learned avocados are fruit but since they are used like a vegetable – I’m just going to leave this right here. 

avocado 3 net carbs fruit vegetable keto diet
how many net carbs in avocados?

Avocados have 3 net carbs per cup. That’s it, y’all! 

Awesome keto avocado recipe:


If I could marry artichokes, well that would just be weird. All that said, I do love artichokes and so thankful that they are on our keto vegetables list!

artichoke globe 5 net carbs
how many net carbs in artichokes?

Artichokes have 5 net carbs per globe. If you enjoy artichokes, but are short on time – artichoke hearts in a jar are a great way to add low carb veggies to a dish! Bonus, they last a lot longer than fresh artichokes. 


Looking for the perfect side low carb vegetable for steak? Meet asparagus! This keto veggie is great on the grill or roasted with garlic. 

keto asparagus 2 net carbs
how many net carbs in asparagus?

Asparagus has 2 net carbs per cup. 

Low Carb Vegetables

So what did we learn today? There are a ton of keto vegetables that are perfect for adding to your low carb recipes! Eat your greens and the beautiful thing is with the keto diet, you can enjoy them with bacon. 

We are here to answer all of your is it keto questions, thanks for following along!

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