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Keto Diet Side Effects 5 Crazy Things No One Talks About

Let’s talk Keto diet side effects. What is with this Keto kitty and Keto breath? Do I smell weird? What is up with this moodiness?

With the good parts of Ketosis, like you know burning fat and losing weight – there are a few uhm, unexpected Ketosis side effects we should discuss. 

keto side effects and what to do about them

These Keto diet side effects don’t happen to everyone. Remember, God made each of us unique. Therefore some of us can more easily get these lovely side effects than others.

Keto Diet Side Effects

Let’s look at the slang terms so you know what people are talking about, learn what the Keto diet side effects are and the best part, let’s find out suggestions and recommendations for fixing these side effects / annoyances!

Keto Kitty

Okay, first up is Keto Kitty. If you are wondering what is Keto kitty, lets chat. This is a frequent topic among women doing Keto. 

u has a smell keto meme - keto kitty a side effect

What is Keto Kitty?

Several women on the Keto diet have reported things like stinky private parts, smelly vagina, yucky smelling vaginal area – well… you guys this is what Keto kitty is

What Causes It?

From what we have read, the cause of Keto Kitty is too much protein. I know, “isn’t the Keto diet all about protein.” Yes, simmer down – we can figure this out.

How to Fix Keto Kitty

So how do you fix Keto Kitty? Here are a few ideas, because you guys – a shower unfortunately is not the solution.

Betaine HCL 

Help balance your stomach acid with Betaine HCL. This will help with indigestion, aid in protein digestion by promoting optimal stomach acidity (and therefore Keto kitty help!).

Every Thorne Betaine HCL s made from pure ingredients, is lactose-free, no dairy, soy, yeast, fish or shell fish. This product is also is gluten-free and free from other major allergens, such as eggs, tree nuts and peanuts. 

Keto Breath

Next up in our list of Keto side effects, we have Keto breath. Just in case you are unsure what this is…

What is Keto Breath? 

Keto Breath is terrible bad breath that is the result of Keto. Similar to Keto kitty, it is said that excessive protein can be the culprit of this. 

How to Get Rid of Keto Breath

Here are a few recommendations that we’ve heard work in regards to Keto breath. 

  • Make sure to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Here is my favorite toothpaste
  • Sugar free gum  – our choice is Ice Breakers Ice Cubes. It uses Xylitol to sweeten. My fave flavor was spicy cinnamon flavor. Great option for fighting off Keto Breath. 
  • Rinse your mouth out with salt water and peppermint oil
  • Charcoal powder to brush your teeth, whiter teeth and also reported to also help with bad breath. 
what's that smell? It's probably you - keto diet side effects

Weird Body Odor

Another weird keto side effect that people are reporting is weird body odor. This is beyond the Keto kitty and bad breath issue. We are hearing of people having weird smelling arm pits.

Smelly Pits

Smelly pits are the worse! Here are a few things that have been recommended to help with overall body odor and smelly pits!

Keto Flu

Keto flu is a side effect that can happen, typically when you first start the Keto diet.

how to get over the keto flu

Read our complete write up on things to know and how to help with Keto Flu

General Moodiness

Good news, in our experience the general moodiness does seem to go away. Women, watch to see if this moodiness coincides with your cycle. Also, let’s face it – when you are eating a piece of cheese and your family is eating fresh baked bread – this can cause moodiness. 

Keep Going Despite the Keto Side Effects!

Don’t let the Keto diet side effects get you down! Remember, this is about living the Keto Life. Here are Keto Dirty, we do things a little different, but with the end goal of maintaining a keto lifestyle that is enjoyable. 

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