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How to Calculate Net Carbs

Simple tutorial to learn how to calculate net carbs in food.

You guys, let’s talk net carbs. What are they? How do I find out how many net carbs are in a food? We’ve got all the details and a download for you so you can easily figure this out.

how to calculate net carbs

What Are Net Carbs in Keto

Let’s answer the question: What are net carbs in Keto?

Net carbs are the carbs that are actually absorbed by the body. Not all carbs affect the body the same.

There are some that debate net carbs. For us, we use net carbs as a measurement to know if we a product is compatible with my dirty keto diet.

what are net carbs
keto net carbs – what are net carbs and how do you count them?

Tracking Net Carbs

When trying to figure out ketosis, you will most likely want to keep an idea of how many net carbs you are eating a day. Remember, we do a dirty keto (hence the name – keto dirty!) – so personally – I don’t track net carbs by writing them down.

That said, in order to make sure a product is keto dirty friendly, we do look at net carbs of each product even though we aren’t tracking net carbs for every meals.

If I get out of ketosis, I make sure that I am watching all carbs that I am eating, as well as limiting artificial sugars. (Some people have an issue with ketosis and artificial sweeteners.)

How to Calculate Net Carbs

Calculating how many net carbs are in a food is super easy. That said, if you are forgetful (raising hand) – we have made a super simple How to Calculate Net Carbs PDF for you to download, print and keep in your wallet.

Here is the calculation for figuring out how to calculate net carbs.

First, look at the Nutrition Facts on the back of a product.

You are looking for 3 different metrics to determine the net carb amount.

  • Total Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Sugar Alcohol (this is will only be on some processed food so may not be listed, which means there are none)

After you have located these nutrition facts, let’s look at the calculation

net carb calculation
calculating net carbs on keto

Net Carb Calculation

Ready to calculate the net carbs on keto? Here is the net carb calculation:


Net Carbs is the total carbohydrates minus the fiber and sugar alcohol total.

Net Carb Reminder

This is a simple reminder of how to calculate net carbs. I always forget and think, now do I include protein in the net carb total or is it sugar or fiber…

With this simple net carb pdf, just download and print out. Keep this with you and you will always remember how to calculate net carbs in food!

How many net carbs on Keto depends on your body type, how much you want to lose, gain or maintain.

Free Download – Net Carbs PDF

net carb

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