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Keto Lunch Ideas

Looking for Keto lunch ideas?

One of the great benefits of keto is that your appetite changes, eventually. This isn’t sudden but over time – you should feel less hungry and craving less sugar. I know, it sounds crazy – but as someone who has experienced this, I can say it’s true.

keto lunch ideas

All that said, one thing that is also true is hangriness. Yes, folks I said it. HANGRY. You guys, Hangry = hungry and angry is a thing and I don’t know if it’s the lack of sugar or what, but when I am hungry on the keto diet – I am typically HANGRY, and it ain’t pretty. 

Knowing what you are going to eat ahead of time can help with your hangriness and meal planning is just a great success tip when doing the keto diet. 

hangry meme

So, maybe you don’t know what to eat for lunch? Well keto friends, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve gathered our favorite keto lunches and compiled them in one spot for easy access! 

Keto Lunch

We are helping you find the best keto lunch ideas so that you know ahead of time what to eat! Knowing what and when you are going to eat is a great diet tip to help you succeed on this low carb diet. These keto lunch ideas are low carb and we try to help you find things that are easy to make in short amounts of time. Quick and easy keto lunches are best! Get that protein and say no to that sugar!

Keto Fast Food

Want to go out to eat? Make sure to check out all of our Keto Fast Food suggestions, but here are a few of our favorites for eating a keto lunch.

If your keto lunch is missing bread – we got you. Have you seen our review of our pick for best keto bread? Check it out, it’s a game changer – for sure!

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