Ham Roll Up – Easy Keto Lunch Idea

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If you are looking for an easy keto lunches – this ham roll up recipe is the perfect answer!

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again – I do best on Keto when I am prepped. While ideally it would be doing a Keto meal prep session – that doesn’t always happen. I am a mom to 4 kids, y’all. It’s summer. Mama is TIRED. So, while I have ALL THE THINGS for the kids, I also have to have ALL THE THINGS (and by things, I mean food!) for me eating Keto. 

ham roll up recipe keto lunch

Easy Keto Lunch Idea

On the second day of summer break, I was hangry. Kids screaming and I just needed to eat lunch. I put together this easy ham roll up recipe and it’s now one of my favorite keto foods to eat! Best part, chances are (especially if you have a house full of kids!) that you have all of the ingredients for this easy Keto lunch idea of a ham roll up in your fridge! WIN!

Keto Sandwich Alternative

Okay, here is the deal. If you are missing you some sandwich action (sammich!) – then this ham roll up is calling your name. This is the perfect keto sandwich alternative. Our ham roll-up tastes like a sandwich and then to top it off, you are going to want some chips. I KNOW – SANDWICH, CHIPS. You maybe thinking “This is Keto Dirty, but this girl is crazy if she thinks you can eat chips and sandwiches on the Keto diet!” 

Moon Cheese Review – Alternative to Chips

While I LOVE me some Whisps, I recently was introduced to my MOON CHEESE. Moon Cheese is the greatest alternative to chips. It gives you that crispy chip crunchiness, but you guys these are just cheese! Moon Cheese tastes like Cheese Its but without the CARBS! These are available at Amazon, so you know – delivered to your door tomorrow.

These Moon Cheese Keto Snacks are available in: cheddar, sriracha, gouda and pepper jack

Moon Cheese Cheddar Keto Snack

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Make sure you check out our list of Keto Snacks.

How to Make a Keto Ham Roll Up

Alright, let’s stop with all of this jabber and show you how to make the Keto Roll Up!

Pickle Ham Roll Up Recipe - Easy Keto Lunch Idea

Pickle Ham Roll Up Recipe - Easy Keto Lunch Idea

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This pickle ham roll up will have you forgetting about sandwiches! Who needs the bread when you have this delicious Keto lunch idea!



  1. Lay the ham on a plate
  2. (Optional) Spread mustard and mayo on ham
  3. Place cheese on top of spread
  4. Lay dill pickle (or pickles!) on top of cheese
  5. Roll the ham forming a tube
  6. Place a toothpick in your ham roll up to keep together


Here at Keto Dirty, we are very much a you do you community. This ham roll up Keto lunch recipe is something you can make your own. If you don't like mayo, leave it off! Don't want mustard, no worries! You can change up the cheese, pickles and ham to whatever you have. I LOVE the rosemary ham from Costco and stock up every trip.

Don't forget to pair with Moon Cheese for completing your Keto Lunch!

We hope that you enjoyed this pickle ham roll up recipe! It really is a great Keto lunch idea and so easy to make. 

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