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Is Sour Cream Keto Friendly? 5 Helpful Things to Know

Let’s learn – is sour cream keto friendly?

Let’s dive in and find out and learn about keto sour cream. This delicious dairy (or non-dairy) ingredient that is popular in recipes or as an added ingredient.

Question: Is Sour Cream Keto Friendly?

Wondering if your sour cream is keto friendly? or is sour cream low carb?

is sour cream keto friendly
is sour cream keto friendly? how many carbs in sour cream?

We’ve got more for the Daily Keto where we are answering your questions about specific food and drink items to help you determine if they are a good fit for your dirty keto diet.

Let’s look at this staple ingredient and break down the ingredients, components, carbs and nutritional data to determine is sour cream keto.

Answer: Yes! Sour Cream is Keto Friendly

Great news, yes – sour cream is keto friendly. Let’s look at what makes this delicious ingredient and topping to find out why its okay to eat on keto and low carb diets.

We know that when you are in low carb keto mode, often times you wonder if a certain food is keto or not. Make sure to check out our Is It Keto series where we are spilling all the tea to help you find healthy keto foods and to veto foods that aren’t keto friendly.

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5 Things to Know About Sour Cream

Let’s look at sour cream nutrition facts – how many carbs, calories, quantity and more.

#1 How Many Carbs in Sour Cream

The first thing to know is carbs in sour cream. So, how many carbs are in sour cream? There is approximately 1 net carb in 2 tablespoons of sour cream (learn how to calculate net carbs.)

how many carbs in sour cream keto
how carbs in sour cream?

When buying sour cream for the keto diet, something to note. Of course, read your labels but something interesting you will find is that light sour cream and regular sour cream are best for keto.

Non-fat, low fat or fat free sour cream has 4 net carbs per 2 tablespoons which is significantly a higher carb count than that of traditional sour cream.

A non-dairy sour cream has approximately 2 net carbs per 2 tablespoons.

#2 How is Sour Cream Made?

Here is how sour cream is made:

Traditionally, sour cream was made by letting cream that was skimmed off the top of milk ferment at a moderate temperature. It can also be prepared by the souring of pasteurized cream with acid-producing bacterial culture.

The bacteria that developed during fermentation thickened the cream and made it more acidic, a natural way of preserving it.

#3 Soured Cream

In British England, sour cream is known as soured cream. The sour taste created by the bacterial culture lends well to calling it soured.

Less Sour, Sour Cream

If you aren’t a fan of the sourness of sour cream, try crème fraîche. This product is very similar to the texture and usage of sour cream but has a less sour, more cream taste.

Bonus, crème fraîche is low carb and keto friendly. There is only 1 net carb in crème fraîche (2 tablespoons.)

#4 Sour Cream Glycemic Index

If the sour cream glycemic index rating is important to your keto diet, here is what you need to know. The glycemic index of sour cream is estimated to be around 56. This makes it a low to moderate glycemic food.

#5 Keto Sour Cream Uses

So now that we know that you can eat sour cream on keto, what do you eat it with? Here are several uses for sour cream while eating keto.

Use in Sour Cream for Delicious Low Carb Eggs

One of my favorite keto egg hacks is to use sour cream to give my eggs a delicious creamy taste. Add just a tablespoon of sour cream to scrambled eggs over medium heat, mix the cream into the egg mixture.

Keto Alfredo Sauce – enjoy the taste of Italian sauce over a variety of low carb foods. This keto sauce is made with sour cream.

Egg Sausage Cheese – adding in sour cream makes this low carb egg sausage recipe creamy and delicious.

Keto Taco Soup – top our delicious taco soup with sour cream to complete this dish!

Sour Cream Walmart Keto Options

Many of our Keto Dirty community members frequent Walmart for grocery shopping. If you are looking for the best keto sour cream Walmart options, we are here to help. Here is what you should look for in regards to low carb sour cream at Walmart:

walmart sour cream keto options
keto sour cream walmart options

Squirtable Daisy Sour Cream

The squirtable Daisy sour cream is typically on our Walmart shopping list because it just so easy to use. You squeeze the bag and the cream squirts out.

2 tablespoons is only 1 net carb in Daisy sour cream. This is a great low carb option, and the bonus is the squeeze factor.

Cacique Cream Mexicana Agria

Cream Mexicana Agria is a fresh Mexican sour cream that is a staple in the traditional Mexican kitchen. You may find it to be more liquid than solid but still offers a similar taste to the traditional cream you are use to.

Here is how many carbs in Mexican sour cream:

  • 2 tablespoons = 1 net carb in Mexican sour cream

Great Value Sour Cream

The Great Value is Walmart’s store brand.

Here is how many carbs in Great Value sour cream:

  • 2 tablespoons = 2 net carbs in sour cream

Sour Cream Powder

Have you ever heard of sour cream powder? This is a powder product, similar to that of powdered milk that allows you to always have sour cream available! Simply mix the sour cream powder with water to replace the refrigerated version.

sour cream powder keto low carb
sour cream powder

While personally, I don’t think I’d be using this version on top of my keto taco soup. I can see using it in something like our keto alfredo sauce.

If you are stockpiling ingredients due to the potential food shortage, this powder version has a great shelf life and can be used in a plethora of keto recipes.


If you have are avoiding dairy, there is a non-dairy sour cream that you should know about.

dairy free sour cream vegan
dairy free sour cream keto and low carb friendly

Made from coconut and cashew milk, get that tangy, creamy taste of traditional but a vegan sour cream option instead. I was able to find this at Whole Foods and is a great dairy free sour cream alternative.

Keto Daily Answers Is Sour Cream Keto Question

Praise that we can eat this deliciousness while on keto. That’s it for this Keto daily post. Let’s hope we answered your is sour cream keto question and gave you all the details that you wanted to (and maybe a little TMI) on all things in regards to sour cream.

Can You Have Sour Cream on Keto?

If you are questioning “can you eat sour cream on keto?” The answer is YES! While there is no official keto approved list, for our dishes – we approve.

Do give a look at the ingredients. If you are hard core keto, not dirty keto diet – this may be a no for you. Generally speaking for most low carb diets, including keto and dirty keto – you can eat sour cream on keto.

Is sour cream keto friendly?

Wondering if you can eat sour cream while on a low carb or keto diet? Good news. Yes, sour cream is keto friendly.

When does sour cream go bad?

Wondering if your sour cream has gone bad? According to the USDA, opened or unopened sour cream is good for up to three weeks after the sell-by date. That’s if the container has been stored in the refrigerator. Though the expiration date on the container or sale by date is useful, the real test is smell. If there is a sour smell, especially close to the date listed on the container – it maybe time to throw it away.

What sour cream is keto friendly

Read your labels! Check the net carbs, nutritional facts and ingredients to help determine which sour cream is best.

Can you freeze sour cream?

Most sour cream manufacturers advise against freezing. Similar to buttermilk and other dairy products, when frozen sour cream separates once thawed, changing the texture.

What are the carbs in sour cream?

While each brand may vary due to the ingredients, on average there are approximately 1 net carbs in sour cream (2 tablespoons.)

Does sour cream have egg?

No, sour cream does not have egg.

Can dogs eat sour cream?

Yes, but in moderation. Dogs can safely eat small amounts of sour cream, provided that they are not lactose intolerant. Talk to your vet for specifics.

How long can sour cream sit out?

Sour cream should be fine left out for up to 3 hours.

How to tell if sour cream is bad?

Check the sale by date or expiration date on the sour cream container. If sour cream is bad, there typically is a strong odor and extremely sour taste.

Can you microwave sour cream?

Yes, though it will melt into a milky dairy consistency.

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