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Are Clementines Keto Friendly? 5 Interesting Things to Know

Let’s answer the question are clementines keto friendly and learn more about this citrus fruit.

Today we are talking keto and clementines! Here at the Daily Keto where we are answering keto dieters questions about specific food and drink items to help you determine if they are a good fit for your dirty keto diet. Today’s question is about keto clementines and more facts about this fruit.

Question: Are Clementines Keto Friendly?

Wondering if clementines are keto friendly? Here is what you need to know about this hybrid fruit. If you are in pursuit of keto-friendly fruits, today we are breaking down all things clementines.

are clementines keto friendly
are clementines keto friendly

Let’s look at macros including calories, net carbs, nutritional data to determine if clementines and keto are a good pair.

Answer: Depends on Your Keto Diet

If you just said to yourself – “WHAT, I just want to know if clementines are keto friendly not a depends.” I know, right? If we could all just have yes and no answers to all things in life – oh how much easier life would be.

Here is why we are rating the clementine fruit as a maybe keto-friendly fruit for your low-carb diet.

We know that when you are in low carb keto mode, often times you wonder if a certain food is keto or not. Make sure to check out our Is It Keto series where we are spilling all the tea to help you find healthy keto foods and to veto foods that aren’t keto friendly.

Net Carbs in Clementines

First, we have to look at Clementines nutrition facts, specifically the net carbs in clementines and the sugar amounts. As we know citrus fruits, while great to eat – are often high in sugar count. This nutrition data is for 1 serving size (1 fruit)

Clementines Nutrition FactsMacros
Total Fat0.1 gram of total fat
Sodium1 mg of sodium
Potassium131 mg of potassium
Total Carbohydrates9 grams of carbohydrates
Dietary Fiber1.3 grams of dietary fiber
Sugars7 grams of sugar
Protein0.6 grams of protein
Net Carbs7.7 grams of net carbs
clementines nutrition facts – 7.7 grams of net carbs

A clementine contains 87% water, 12% carbohydrates and minimal fat and protein.

There are 7.7 grams of total net carbs in clementines (1 serving = 1 small fruit.) There are 7 grams of sugar in clementines. Here is how to calculate net carbs.

If those 2 nutrition data points work with your daily keto macros, then by all means YES, clementines are keto friendly. Eating in small quantities might be your best bet for keto dieters.

keto clementines 7.7 net carbs
keto clementines 7.7 net carbs

That said – if you are watching your sugar count and net carb totals – no, clementines are NOT keto friendly. With 7.7 net carbs, this fruit may not be a good fit when it comes to your carb limit.

This is definitely not a a fruit with zero carbs. Maybe consider coconut meat if you are craving a slightly lower carb count fruit that has a sweet component. While you will still have carb intake, it won’t be 7.7 total net carbs, like in this small fruit.

This is why we are rating clementines as a maybe. This is not a clear answer

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5 Things to Know About Clementines

So after you have looked at your keto macros and determined if your low carb diet allows you to eat clementines, maybe you want to know a little more about this citrus fruit.

keto clementines meme - did someone say clementines
keto clementines meme

Let’s dive into some interesting facts about clementines and learn where they come from, how to store, how long they last and more.

#1 Clementines are a Hybrid Fruit

If you have ever went to the produce department and thought to yourself, are clementines medium oranges? Well, you are almost right. Did you know that clementines are a hybrid fruit? Clementines are a combination of a sweet orange and a Mediterranean willowleaf mandarin. So if you have asked are clementines mandarins? Well, almost!

#2 How Long Do Clementines Last?

So you bought a bag of clementines, but you want to know how long do clementines last? Let’s look at how long are clementines good for.

how long do clementines last
how long do clementines last

You can keep your clementines, when properly stored for around 1 to 2 weeks. But how do you know how to store clementines? That brings us to number 3!

#3 Do Clementines Need to be Refrigerated?

To properly store clementines, do clementines need to be refrigerated? Yes! While you don’t HAVE to refrigerate this hybrid fruit – by storing them in the fridge, you help extend their life.

#4 Do Clementines Have Seeds? Well, some do!

If you have ever eating a clem and asked yourself, “do clementines have seeds because I swear the last one I had didn’t!” Good news! You aren’t losing it.

There are 3 types clementines. There are seedless, monreal clems and then sweetclems.


Just like it sounds, this variety is a seedless clementine so these clementines do NOT have seeds!

Monreal Clementines

The monreal clementines are a fruit that has seeds and is self pollenating.  These originated from a bud mutation which originated in Algeria in about 1940. This variety offers a more productive tree with more constant fruit bearing, and has larger, seedier fruit which ripens earlier.


The sweetclem variety of Clementines have 10 slices and are sweet in taste, but not overbearing. Sweetclems are smaller than the normal clem and are the perfect size for a lunchbox!

sweetclems have 10 slices

#5 Excellent Source of Vitamin C

59% of the daily value of vitamin C are found in this whole fruit. Clementines are an excellent source of vitamin C.

More About Clems

While you may just be looking for low-carb fruits for eating a healthy great snack, but there are more ways to know.

When Are Clementines in Season?

There is nothing worse than wanting a fruit but then finding out it isn’t in season. So, when are clementines in season?

when are clementines in season
when are clementines in season

While at certain stores, due to their popularity can be found year-round – clementines are in season October through January. They are typically a winter fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Clementines?

While here at Keto Dirty we are a keto blog, we want to make sure all of your clementine questions are answered, even when its about dogs!

can dogs eat clementines
can dogs eat clementines?

If you have a clem sitting in your fruit basket and are wondering can dogs eat clementines – the answer (according to dog food camp) is YES! Here is what they say about dogs eating clementines:

Yes, dogs can eat clementines. Clementines and other citrus fruits, unlike certain fruits such as grapes, avocados, and apricots, are not poisonous to dogs and are not listed among the foods that can be hazardous to pets, according to extensive study.

So, can dogs eat clementines safely? You shouldn’t give your dog clementine without measures. The food of your dog should be nutritionally balanced, low in fat, and age-appropriate for your dog.

dog food camp

More Than a Snack

Here are clever clementine recipes that you could adapt by using low carb foods to make keto friendly.

Using olive oil, and some adaptations to make this keto friendly, make an olive oil clementine cake from The Baker Chick.

How to Preserve Clementines

Want to preserve you clementines for long term use? Use lemon juice as a preservative. Here is a great fruit YouTube video to teach you the best way to store fruit for long term use. This is especially great if that 1-2 week period, in regards to how long clementines last doesn’t work with your family’s eating. Rather than throw out fruit, preserve it!

Citrus Pedicure

I had the best citrus pedicure yesterday, it was using an orange where using fresh oranges and coconut oil were used as a massage oil for your legs and feet. The nail technician even used the orange rinds on my feet. You could easily use the clementine for this same effect since essentially clementines are very similar to smaller oranges.

Keto Daily Answers Are Clementines Keto Question

That’s it for this Keto daily post. Let’s hope we answered your are clementines keto question and gave you all the details that you wanted to (and maybe a little TMI) on all things in regards to these citrus fruits.

answering your keto questions
answering your keto questions

We know the importance of heart health and getting your daily value of vitamin b6, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin k and other vitamins from fruit. Keto-friendly fruits are a priority so we will continue to cover this topic!

Remember, as you are choosing your low carb foods to know that they need to be low on the glycemic index as to not spiked your blood sugar levels as that will knock you out of ketosis!

Here are more keto posts that we think you will enjoy as you choose your meal plans for the week.

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