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Mounjaro Week 5 Update – Losing Pounds and Hello Side Effects

Month 2, Mounjaro Week 5 Update! Here’s a recap of my experience.

Hi friends! Thanks for checking back as I continue to update you on my progress using Mounjaro for weight loss.

mounjaro week 5
mounjaro week 5

If you are new, make sure to check out my entire Mounjaro Weight loss update page for information about my plan, as well as more about using Tirezepatide.

Update Mounjaro Week 5

The last 5 weeks have felt like a blur. I started this journey not knowing what I was getting myself into and up until last week – it’s been the easiest experience losing weight.

As mentioned in my original Mounjaro week 1 update, I have PCOS and insulin resistance is a major problem that I have struggled with for my entire adult life. Over the course of this short journey, it’s been so weird having the little voice that tells me I’m hungry to be mute. I have had more energy and have just felt healthy.

Read my Mounjaro review 2 months.

Mounjaro 5mg

On week 5 another milestone was accomplished. I moved from 2.5mg to the Mounjaro 5mg injection. I wasn’t expecting much, but maybe I should have.

Overall, my Mounjaro side effects on 2.5 mg were mild. I wish I could say the same about 5mg, though truth be told – these are NOT awful and the benefits outweigh the side effects!

mounjaro 5mg tirzepatide injection
mounjaro 5mg tirzepatide injection

From various people I talk to who are also on this journey, I’ve learned that some quit because the side effects are just too much for them. I get it but also as someone who has struggled for so long and tried so many things – I am not going to let a few days down and out lead me to quitting this!

My Mounjaro 5mg side effects have been a headache and fatigue for the 2 days following the injection. At one point, I did think maybe I was coming down with something but then realizing the correlation to the injection day and feeling better on day 3 – it was the 5mg.

I am hoping that my body adjusts for the second injection later this week, but time will tell.

5 Weeks Weight Loss

So here we are on Mounjaro week 5 and yet again, pounds were lost! How much weight have I lost in 5 weeks? I am down another 3 pounds this week. This makes my grand total 14 pounds loss.

Week 12 lbs
Week 23 lbs
Week 34 lbs
Week 42 lbs
Week 53 lbs
Total Weight Loss on Mounjaro14 pounds

14 Pounds

Being the visual person that I am. What weighs 14 pounds? Well, here you go. 14 pounds of weight loss is equivalent to a 10 pound gallon of paint and a 4 pound brick.

14 pounds weight loss
14 pounds weight loss on mounjaro

Learn More

Stay tuned! I’ll continue to update you as I continue on this journey. Remember, that while Mounjaro is FDA approved for type 2 diabetes – I am using it for weight loss. If this is something you are interested in learning more about – make sure to check back and follow my journey.

Learn about the Mounjaro coupon / savings card as this can save you hundreds if this is something you are looking at trying. Thanks for following along!

From KETO DIRTY: We are excited to expand our keto content to include other solutions our community is using to achieve optimal health. While we understand that this may not be for everyone, we do know that people are seeking information and wanting to know if this is a solution for the obesity disease that so many, like Avery deal with. As mentioned, this is NOT medical advice but a personal diary of her experience using Mounjaro Tirzepatide.

Mounjaro Week 5 Update is part of the Keto Dirty Series on Tirezepatide


Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

I just started my journey and just found your blog. It’s very helpful. Thanks. Good luck on your journey. Looking forward to following you.

Bobbie Barker

Sunday 20th of November 2022

question, I have been on Mounjaro for 4 month, I have been getting my prescription for Costco with the coupon that I downloaded before Oct, 1st now my pharmacy said they can't get it due to high demands, so I called everywhere and found some , so went there and the diagnosis code was not working, they called the number on the coupon code and was told they had to have a type 2 diabetes code , what should I do now?


Monday 24th of October 2022

I’m enjoying this a lot. Hoping you’ll have an update soon!

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