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Mounjaro Week 4 Update – Progress Report

One month down as we update on Mounjaro Week 4.

What does a month on Mounjaro look like? Today is the one month update from Avery of her experience using Tirzepatide in addition to a low carb diet.

Update Mounjaro Week 4

I am happy to report that I have successfully completed a month using the 2.5 mg pen. My last shot was Friday. Here is my experience and a Mounjaro week 4 update, as well as a first month recap.

mounjaro week 4 update
mounjaro week 4 update

While it has been a fast month with school starting back and work in full force, I feel better than I have in years. For the last month, as many of you know – I have been using Mounjaro for weight loss.

If you are landing here for the first time, I encourage you to check out my Mounjaro journey page where I include more information about Tirezepatide. While Mounjaro is FDA approved for type 2 diabetes – I am using it for weight loss.

5 mg Injection

As mentioned in my Mounjaro week 3 update, I completed my 2.5 mg series of 4 injections last week and will start the 5mg injection on month 2 or week 5. This is an increase, which is normal progression when using this drug.

First Month on Mounjaro

Can you believe it’s been a month? Here are a few things to note from my first month on Mounjaro.

Side Effects

While the first few weeks I did experience the Mounjaro side effects of some fatigue and head ache, I have learned how to best manage them. The only major lingering side effect that I am dealing with is constipation.

No Appetite

While some may say that the no appetite is a side effect, I think that’s a great thing! For the last month, my appetite has been non-existent to say the least.

no appetite meme
no appetite meme

I have no food cravings and getting myself to eat is something that I have learned that I must do. Don’t miss these funny diet memes.

Low Carb Diet

As I mentioned in my initial post, Mounjaro and low carb diet – I mentioned what I planned on eating diet-wise. My goal is to stay focused on eating a low carb diet.

maybe she needs carbs meme
carb meme

For the most part, I can say that this is still true. Honestly, with the little appetite that I do have, my main focus is now getting in enough protein each day, more so than constantly watching my carb counts. Keto Dirty of course has keto memes about eating carbs and ketoing.


Another aspect that is a must-do now in my life is to be hydrated. Me and water haven’t had the best relationship in the past.

mounjaro drinking water
mounjaro drinking water

I now know that I have to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated as I am eating so many less calories and carbs. Before my Mounjaro injection each week, I make sure that my hydration level is full as I feel that for me – this helps with the side effects of fatigue and headache.

Quitting Diet Coke?

While thankfully the sugary sodas have never been a staple in my life, Diet Coke is. I can’t say that I have 100% quit Diet Coke, but can say that I have no real desire for it anymore. Honestly thinking that when I do drink it is out of habit of grabbing one out of the fridge or ordering one at dinner.

With my lack of appetite and drinking so much water, I MAY finish a full Diet Coke 20 oz in a day. This is a complete change as previously it would be gone within an hour.

Mounjaro Weight Loss – 1 Month

While this week’s weight loss wasn’t one for my personal record books like in the past, it was significant personally because the scale keeps going down.

Mounjaro week 4 added another 2 pounds lost to my weight loss total.

mounjaro weight loss week 4
mounjaro weight loss week 4

This brings my one month Mounjaro weigh loss total to 11 pounds. I feel that this is a healthy weight and in all of my years of dieting – this has been the easiest to lose.

This weeks brings my total weight loss on Mounjaro to 11 pounds gone.

Week 12 lbs
Week 23 lbs
Week 34 lbs
Week 42 lbs
One Month Total Weight Loss11 pounds
Mounjaro Weight Loss

11 Pounds of Weight Lost

Mounjaro week 4 weight loss is a total of 11 pounds. If you have loss 11 pounds, this is a visual of how much weight you have lost.

11 pounds of weight loss equivalent to 10 pounds of potatoes and 1 pound of bananas
11 pounds of weight loss
  • 10 pounds of potatoes AND 1 pound of bananas

Visualizing how much weight is gone is always super helpful for me. Download the Keto Dirty free printable weight loss jar for a great visual for you to daily see how much weight loss you have achieved.

More on Tirezepatide

Last week I shared about the Mounjaro Coupon. Make sure to read this as this could save you significant money when picking up from the pharmacy.

We have created a helpful page dedicated to information we’ve shared about Mounjaro. We hope that this helps answer any of your questions!

That wraps up Mounjaro week 4. Stay tuned as I’ll continue updating you on this journey. Next week, it will be interesting to see if the Mounjaro 5mg injection will cause any increased side effects and weight loss.

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Mounjaro Week 4 Update

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