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Helpful Tips for the Zepbound and Mounjaro Coupon System Down Issue

If your Zepbound and Mounjaro coupon system down errors are keeping you from being able to use your meds, before you get mad at the pharmacy, read why this is happening.

zepbound mounjaro coupon system down

There is a new issue that is happening resulting in pharmacy rejecting coupons, not just for Mounjaro or Zepbound but for nearly all meds. Let’s dive in, learn why and what we can do about the situation.

Zepbound and Mounjaro Coupon System Down

Change Healthcare, owned by United Healthcare services as an intermediate between insurance, coupons and the pharmacy. In February 2024, Change Healthcare’s system went down due to a cyberattack.

Cyber Attack Brings Pharmacy Coupon System Down

This cyberattack disabled the use of coupons, including Zepbound and Mounjaro resulting in many of us being told the “coupon system is down.”

zepbound mounjaro coupon cyber attack

Change Healthcare has a system update allowing you to see what is activated. That said, check with your pharmacist as many of us are still having issues getting Mounjaro and Zepbound filled without paying full price.

Solutions for Coupon Issues

Not only are us consumers being hit with inconveniences and out of pocket costs due to this cyber attack, doctors, medical providers and pharmacies are also affected as payments are delayed for many services.

If you are struggling to afford Zepbound or Mounjaro due the coupon issue not allowing you any savings, here is what you can do.

Call Your Pharmacy

For anyone who has had a Mounjaro coupon for any length of time knows, there always feels like there is an issue when trying to utilize the savings card. This time, it’s not Eli Lilly changing the rules and it isn’t your pharmacists fault either!

Check in with your pharmacy and specifically ask the status of coupons being reinstated. Another option is to try getting a new Eli Lilly coupon.

New Coupons from Eli Lilly

Due to the Change Healthcare hack, Eli Lily is issuing new Mounjaro and Zepbound coupons that will process through another provider. While I have seen several community members mention that Eli Lilly has texted them a new coupon, this isn’t the case across the board.

download new zepbound mounjaro coupon

The new Zepbound and Mounjaro coupons have a different bin number than your last savings card. If you received a text from Eli lilly with the new card, your pharmacy will need this information in order to apply savings to your purchase. That said, I am hearing that there are some hiccups so make sure to follow up with your pharmacy to ensure that your savings is applied!

If you did not receive a new Mounjaro or Zepbound coupon, here is where you can download new savings cards for each:

Post Transaction Reimbursement

A new program from Eli Lilly: Post Transaction Reimbursement helps in instances where you pay out of pocket for a medication and then are reimbursed. There are rules and conditions for Lilly offers a Post-Transaction Reimbursement eligibility.

The idea being you pay out of pocket, and then are reimbursed by a third party company working on behalf of Eli Lilly. Remember to check all eligibility requirements to make sure this is a valid option for your circumstance.

Contact Change Healthcare

If you are unable to use the above solutions to resolve your issues with the Zepbound and Mounjaro coupon system down issue, contact Change Healthcare support. This situation was a result of a cyberattack to their system. While they do provide updates, this isn’t easy to understand for us common folk!

Stay Positive

While this situation is frustrating, remember your why! Don’t let a Zepbound or Mounjaro coupon system down error drag your health journey. Try getting a new coupon, talk to your pharmacist and be as patient as you can with this unfortunate situation.

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