Mounjaro News

The latest news on the break-thru diabetes and obesity treatment, Tirezepatide

New Mounjaro Coupon

Yes, yet another new Mounjaro coupon from Eli Lily's patient discount program. We are keeping you up to date with all the latest changes and ways to save on Mounjaro.

$25 a Month Secret Revealed

Ever wonder how some people are getting Mounjaro for $25 a month while others are having to pay the full retail price of over $1000? See if you are eligible for the huge Mounjaro savings.

What is Mounjaro?

Mounjaro is the brand name for Tirezepatide, a treatment for type 2 diabetes.  It is often off-labeled for obesity treatment as well. 

Mounjaro Memes

From the side effects to trying to get insurance to cover, we are sharing the most hilarious memes about Mounjaro!

The Latest Mounjaro Updates

Scroll thru and learn the latest Mounjaro news and Tirezepatide updates that you need to know about


Questions About Mounjaro

We've gathered up an ongoing list (now over 50!) Mounjaro questions and answers about all the things you want to know about Tirezepatide.

No Mounjaro Shortage

Swipe up to learn more about the end of Mounjaro shortages nationally, but what local shortages may still exist (and what to do about it.)

Latest Mounjaro Savings Card Info

The Mounjaro coupon that sparked a frenzy. We have all the latest details about using the Mounjaro savings card from who is grandfathered in to who can use it where.

Side Effects on Mounjaro

Wondering what the Mounjaro side effects could be? This varies per person, but let's dig in and learn from Avery what she's experienced with Tirezepatide for weight loss.

FDA Approval for Obesity 2023

Learn the latest news about Mounjaro FDA approval for obesity and why this would be a good thing for those with insurance.

Wegovy Coupon Savings Card

Mounjaro's competitor in the obesity segment is Wegovy. Learn about how you can save money if you and your doctor decide to go this route.

Snacks While on Mounjaro

We hear from our community that finding snacks while on Mounjaro is hard. We're sharing 50 snack ideas, perfect for those eating small meals and snacking through the day.

Learn More About Mounjaro

Swipe Up to see all of our Mounjaro coverage.  Learn everything from Mounjaro injections to how Tirezepatide works.

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