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5 Easy Keto Tips to Make the Diet Easier – Keto Dirty Podcast Episode 3

We are talking Easy Keto Tips, sharing 5 tips to help make the keto diet easier on episode 3 of the Keto Dirty podcast!

Check out our keto podcast – just in case you have no idea what we are talking about. We are focusing on helping busy people do keto!

Easy Keto Tips

You can listen to the complete keto podcast episode below and view the show notes of our picks for Easy Keto Tips

Keto Dirty Podcast Episode 3 – 5 Easy Keto Tips

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5 Easy Keto Tips

Here are 5 easy keto tips. These are things that if we do, we succeed doing keto.

keto tips easy low carb dieting

Something mentioned in the Keto podcast is that I have a family of 6. I have 4 kids that I have to feed, that don’t do keto. So I hope that the tips I talked about in the podcast help parents who having to cook both keto food and normal food for their families.

Let’s get on to the easy keto tips!

#1 Meal Plan

Download our free Keto Meal planner template. Meal planning for the keto diet lets you plan for the week what you are going to eat and what you are making the family.

meal planning keto meals

Planning ahead will also help you build your grocery list. Don’t miss our helpful keto grocery list to help you shop for low carb food items.

#2 Cook Ahead

Sunday are my cook ahead days. My typical purchases include a large package of ground beef, chicken breasts, steak or roast, bacon and sausage.

tips for cooking ahead of time

While cooking our Sunday family meal – which is typically half low carb and then the other half “normal and carby” for the kids – I start cooking other meats.

Cook Ahead Chicken Breast

I make half of the chicken breasts in the Instant Pot as a shredded chicken. The other half I seal and keep for later in the week, typically for a chicken pan dish which will serve both as a low carb meal and can add a carb for the kids.

Ground Beef

Unless I am making something specific like a low carb keto meatloaf – I cook the ground beef and store in the fridge. If I haven’t used in the first 3-4 days of the week – I freeze the cooked ground beef.


I typically keep a pound of bacon in the fridge, it’s one of my favorite easy keto snacks. Cooked bacon is also great for adding to recipes or throwing in with an egg for an easy keto breakfast idea.

dumb and dumber image about bacon
Excuse me, but did you mention bacon? Don’t miss our bacon memes!


Similar to the ground beef – I cook a pound and store in the fridge. (Make sure you label your storage container.) Throw in with some eggs and you have an easy keto meal.

keto egg sausage cheese breakfast recipe

Should you find at the end of the week that you haven’t used all of your cooked sausage, you can also freeze cooked sausage!

#3 Have Snacks Handy

Last week, in Episode 2 of our Keto Dirty podcast, we talked about easy keto snacks for on the go.

easy keto tips snack ideas

Make sure you listen to this episode for a plethora of ideas for quick low carb snacks.

#4 Keep Going

If you fall, pick yourself up and keep going.

The struggle is real but you are strong. You’ve got this. Don’t let little bumps in the road prevent you from moving forward.

push yourself because no one else is going to - fitness quote
Check out all of our fitness quotes

I don’t care how long you quit keto for, it is never too late to start again. It’s all about attitude and a can do attitude is a win. You can do this.

#5 Remember Your Why

Here is the book I recommended on this keto podcast episode: Start with Why by Simon Sinek. He has a series of books focused on WHY – start with why will get you focused on why it is you are doing something.

remember your why - easy keto tips

That something, is this. WHY are you doing the keto diet? No dig deeper. Let’s get real and raw and remember THAT. Remember your why. Keep your focus on the why.

You Got This!

We hope these easy keto tips help you in your low carb life journey. We will be back next week with a new episode of the podcast.

yes you can - easy keto tips

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