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We are delivering Daily Keto – your new favorite keto blog. Featuring everything you want to know about living healthy, the keto diet, low carb life and more. 

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Think of the Daily Keto blog as your diet online advice column for all things related to your low carb journey. Each week day, we will be dishing out advice on any situations you have in your weight loss and healthy living journey and answering the most frequently asked questions about the low carb life.

Make sure to join in on the crowd-sourcing fun. We are answering your questions, sharing awesome finds and dishing out advice about living that low carb life. Drop us a line!

Daily Keto Blog

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Which Lettuce Do I Use for Lettuce Wraps?

lettuce wraps lettuce types

Lettuce talk about Lettuce and Lettuce Wraps! You guys, I am all about the puns and with lettuce – its just too easy and crispy to pass up. But for reals, in all seriousness – let’s answer a question about using lettuce as tortillas and bread and dive into which variety to use. Lettuce as Bread Thank you Jesus for…

Keto Pancakes Recipe + Video – Yummy Low Carb Breakfast Recipe


Y’all, this keto pancake recipe is everything. We make a lot of chaffles around here. Everything from sweet to savory. With all this breakfast and waffle making, I was ready for some pancakes! With just a few ingredients, this easy keto pancakes recipe is LEGIT.  How legit is our keto pancake recipe? The entire family loves it, yes – the…

25+ Keto Side Dishes – Low Carb Sides for Any Meal!

low-carb side dishes

Keto Side Dishes – What To Make With Your Main Protein So you have made this awesome low carb protein, but here you are sitting trying to figure out WHAT ELSE TO MAKE. I don’t know about you, but to me – sides make a meal complete.  If you are trying to figure out what low-carb sides that you can…

How to Make Keto Whipped Cream

homemade keto whipped cream

Homemade Keto Whipped Cream Recipe – top your sugar free desserts with this easy low carb whipped cream. Just 2 ingredients needed, zero carbs & sugar-free!

What to Order at Buffalo Wild Wings – Keto Menu Options

buffalo wild wings low carb

Let’s check out Buffalo Wild Wings keto menu options! In our growing list of places to eat low carb, today we head to Buffalo Wild Wings to check out what keto food options are available. Don’t forget, here we do dirty keto – so if you are hard core, these options may not apply to you. Buffalo Wild Wings Keto…

Keto Chicken Soup – Awesome Low Carb Soup for Cold Weather

chicken soup recipe keto

Keto Chicken Soup Recipe – Because COLD Weather, Y’all! We live in the great state of Texas and well, it’s cold here folks. We are use to 90 degree weather and yes, I know it’s FALL – but it went from 90 to 50 degrees outside way too fast. Due to this cold weather situation, I am all about the…

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daily keto q&a

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