You guys, when we posted about chaffles – we had no idea how big of a deal they would be. Sure, we love a good low carb waffle – but you guys are blowing up Keto Dirty!

All Things Chaffles

Let’s Talk All Things Chaffles

Due to the crazy demand, we have simplified our chaffles and are bringing you it all in one nice and easy spot.


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Chaffles All Things About the Low Carb Waffle

Baby we are chafflin' - I can seriously say that I sing this 9 times out of 10 when talking about chaffles. There is so much to talk about and so many variations, we are just rounding up all the things here in one nice neat little keto blog post, just for you.

I feel like there should be a music video, but alas - I can't drink much alcohol when on keto so, i'll spare you for now.

Here is a compiled list of all the things in regards to Chaffles. We have the best recipes, toppings, memes, and more for easy viewing and making.

No flour, no problem! We have create a chaffle recipe that is flourless! That's right a no flour chaffle - perfect for those who either are out of flour or who are just flour-free. This EASY keto recipe for flourless chaffles (or aka low carb flourless waffles) can be mixed, cooked and on your plate in under 5 minutes. Let's get keto cooking!

The no flour chaffle recipe is for 1 waffle, just multiply to make more!

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The basic chaffle. Here is how to make it, a simple base recipe that is delicious and so easy to make. Who doesn't love a quick and easy keto recipe? We love hearing from our keto community on how much they are loving this recipe. Go ahead and bookmark this, this will become a staple.

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Sugar cravings be gone! We are helping you say no to the bad sweets and hello to a delicious keto dessert that you will love. Introducing the sweet chaffle recipe. This keto dessert is made in a waffle maker. The Sweet Chaffle is easy to make and requires just a few ingredients. The best part of this dessert keto recipe is that it can be made in a matter of minutes! Lets get sweet chaffling!

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Get ready to LOL! If you love silly humor and chaffles, these funny chaffle memes are what you need to see.

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So what is the best chaffle maker? We are showing you our faves for making your chaffles!

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If you ever have an avocado toast craving, we have got your back! This low carb avocado toast alternative will blow your mind.

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How are you chaffling? Tell us your favorite ways to make chaffles! Just leave us a comment. 

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