How to Make Fluffy Eggs

5 Tips for Making Eggs Taste Fluffy

Fluffy Eggs

With just a few simple tricks your eggs will be fluffy, light and tasty too! Here are 5 tips for fluffy eggs.


Mix the Eggs

Whisking eggs of course will help make fluffy eggs, but take it a notch up by mixing the. Use a hand mixer or stand mixer for 10 seconds. Not too long, though!


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Avoid Milk

Milk won't make your eggs creamier or fluffier, but will make them taste rubbery. Skip the milk. Try our sausage egg bowl recipe below.


Add Baking Powder

Add a pinch of baking powder to your eggs for maximum fluffy eggs! The baking soda reacts with the acidity creating air pockets/fluff.


Water Makes Steam

Steam those eggs for maximum fluffiness by adding a few drops of water. The water creates steam and the steam makes eggs fluffier!


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Cook in Butter

Gordan Ramsay cooks his fluffy eggs in butter. He takes the eggs off and on the stovetop as the eggs cook and fluff.


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