Keto Tortillas

Love Mexican food and on eating Keto? Here are the best low carb tortilla options that can be found at the grocery store!

Under 5 Net Carbs

Here are our favorite keto tortillas to buy at the grocery store.These are all 5 net carbs or less.

Carb Balance Tortillas

Mission Carb Balance tortillas aka Mission low carb tortillas offer a great keto tortilla option to pick up next time you are at the grocery store. Just 3 net carbs!

La Banderita Tortillas

Containing just 4 net carbs per keto tortilla, the La Banderita Carb Counter Tortillas are game changers. These taste just like a traditional flour tortilla.

Great Value Low Carb Tortillas

Great Value low carb tortillas contain 6 net carbs and are an affordable keto option. These are available at Walmart in the bakery department.

Lettuce Wraps

Looking to cut more carbs but still want a taco? Use a lettuce wrap as a tortilla. Click learn more to learn what lettuce to use for a lettuce wrap.

Mexican Chicken

Looking for an awesome filling for your keto tortilla? Check out our Mexican Spicy Chicken recipe!

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