Cream Cheese No Flour Chaffle Recipe

easy and delicious no flour chaffles

Cream Cheese No Flour Chaffle Ingredients

First, let's get together the above ingredients

Large Egg Cream Cheese Almond Butter Baking Soda Erythritol Coconut Oil Spray Waffle Maker

First Rule of Making Chaffles

Always spray your waffle iron with cooking spray (we prefer coconut oil spray)

How to Make Flourless Chaffles

Warm up your waffle maker. Make sure that it is sprayed with cooking spray.  Mix no flour chaffle ingredients together and spread on to waffle maker. Close waffle maker and cook for approximately 90 seconds.

Easy Peasy!

Flourless cream cheese chaffles in under 5 minutes! Now let's eat. Top with your favorite toppings, here is our favorite.

Keto Syrup

Our favorite keto syrup is Birch Benders Magic Syrup. Tastes like a light maple syrup without the worry of carbs.

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