Best Deviled Eggs Recipe

How to Make the Million Dollar Deviled Egg Recipe

From picnics, funerals to pot-luck dinners - the deviled egg is a favorite dish for sharing. Let's learn how to make them!

Everyone's Favorite Picnic Dish


hard boiled eggs mayo butter yellow mustard dijon mustard pickle juice salt pepper garlic powder paprika

Secret Ingredients

The butter and pickle juice are our secret ingredients that make this recipe WOW!

First let's hard boil your eggs. This is the main ingredient when making our best deviled eggs recipe.

De-shell your hard boiled eggs and cut them in half. Remove the yellow yolks and place into a bowl. Now, comes the fun part!

Next, take the egg yolks and mix with salt, pepper and optional garlic powder in bowl.  Add mayonnaise, butter, both yellow mustard and dijon mustard, then pickle juice and mix well.

Let's fill the hard-boiled eggs white with the filling. You can spoon the egg mix on top of the whites or pipe using a pastry bag or freezer bag. Garnish with paprika.

You did it! Now plate and serve. Hopefully you made enough, these are eaten quick!  Get the full recipe for our Million Dollar Deviled Eggs with the link below.


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